Finding yourself and quitting a job. Why I quit and how to get over it. Pros and cons. Also included: thoughts on depression, mental illness and society.

In this video I am wearing a D&G by DOLCE & GABBANA faux fur jacket from fw’96, a Vivienne Westwood WORLDS END mountain hat and a Vivienne Westwood silver FLY necklace.

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lots of love!


Paul Hegarty says:

Best of luck in your life sweetheart. You made some videos that really resonated with me and helped a lot.Thank you so very much.xx

Geekanoids says:

Great move Dacob … it’s always good to keep on moving out of ones comfort zone.

Jennifer McCray says:

You look fab ! I wish I could find my style like you . So amazing !

Hennamarie says:

You did the right thing. I did the same thing 6 months ago! ITS scary to quit something safe, but sometimes its the best <3

Jennifer McCray says:

I appreciate and know what you are going through ! Continue doing videos and stay honest . Love that about you .

Tracy Graham says:

You have a beautiful soul, it shines!

Summer Danea says:

It sounds like you where really committed to your job to the point it was over taking you. It’s good you took the step to put you first. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do for your happiness the hell with everything else. I work a very demanding job and so many times I wanna say just Eff it! I know the feeling of coming back from holidays your fine a home but as soon as your back its like auugghh I’m back. Good for you enjoy your time off a new job will come in due time.

Ann De Moor says:

I can only say thank you from the bottom of my heart sweetheart for this video!! Big hugs xxxx❤️❤️

Drouin Johnny says:

I am in the same position..for 1 year…so difficult to turn your life around…the future is uncertain..the question is what i wants in life..the most difficult question of all time…I am with you…xoxo

Rich Lux says:

did you quit your job for youtube ?

Alexandre Bioluxe says:

Love your video, I just graduated from my master degree and this is exactly how I feel coming back from New York City on november 1st from an internship in Garment District in Manhattan, in jewellery design to my parents home in a village in France is now a big battery rechargement and looking for a job is requiring a lot of patience of me too. Wish you lots of luck in finding what is making you waking up happy every day yourself o(^o^)o

Geraldine Dover says:

You are so brave. I am sure good things will happen for you. Also, just want to say you look fabulous x

CallmeCalypso says:

My new favorite quote, ” Sharing more does not make you more vulnerable, it makes you stronger”. Thank you, Dacob. I couldn’t agree more. ♥️

Adrian D. says:

Your outfit is so bad in this video :/

Robert Perricone says:

of all the reviewers that i check out..you are the most “human”,funny,articulate and have a romance w/words……aside from being completely informative and warm…You share from the heart always…….great things are arising for you in your journey………..hugs…Bob

Irannis Nieves says:

me encanta tu prrsonalidad tu vas a salir de esto y seras mas fuerte .Dios te bendiga

Joan deeren says:

Well Chanel is getting quite a reputation. Several SAs and some people I know that work for Chanel said Karl has to go including those in the shoe dept. I was told that the fit of chanel shoes/boots are getting worse and have gotten worse over the yrs. Many people can no longer wear their shoes the fit is so bizarre. They have told Chanel & they don’t care. There was a whole table of shoes sizes 6-8.5 for sale over a week later. People looking in 3 chanels and dept stores, only 1 person bought a small item. Dead! Some SAs said the quality is going down. Several SAs said “Don’t buy chanel, their quality is down the drain! Stay away!” I didn’t realize how bad the leather was. I really looked. chanel’s leather is like plastic. Horrid. I was told that Dior is getting their leather from the same place that Hermes does. That’s why they got so expensive. Do you know how the Diorissimo bag’s lock is? I really don’t like a magnet for a lock. Not secure for me. But the leather is supposed to be really good.

Spencer McCarthy says:

beautiful on the inside and out! keep it up, Dacob! ❤

Antonio Ferrufino Loredo says:

It was not dramatic at all, very serious and to the point. I told you before your number of suscribers don’t make justice the quality of your content. I imagine that is a reflection of the sick society you talk about in this video. The masses prefer stupidity instead of quality, unfortunately.
Enjoy this time you have for yourself, I’m pretty sure you’ve earned it 🙂

Zane Torgane says:

Wow, my guru, you are so smart (so true about blocking yourself into structures)! And i’m jealous how fresh you look and feel now. When i quitted my job/the matrix i was deceived to death and depressed, it took at least 5 years to recover (multiple phoenix moments) and to gain my personal power back. I wish you all the best in your new begginings! This is now my favorite video from you (together with dior sauvage review).

Cluefan8452 says:

Great video Dacob. I truly appreciate this video because I am also going through the process of finding myself after experiencing burnout in my own career. I now that this is a fashion channel, but I don’t think you should avoid making videos like this since life is a balance; we can have in depth discussions/ideas in addition to enjoying great fashion, and other things in life.

Emily Pound says:

You are such a sweet soul and I hope you find the career of your dreams soon. I have no doubt you will be successful, I can totally picture you working in some incredible art gallery in Paris or wherever else your creative and gifted talents can shine. I’m also appalled by the growth and success of shallow Youtube channels and I totally agree with you when you say it is our society that is sick. I felt terrible that Shelly Duvall’s illness was paraded around and considered entertainment by many and I hope that she gets the help she needs. I always enjoyed her too. I am so thankful that despite the barrage of drama and superficial Youtube channels that someone like you is here to spread the message of kindness and compassion and love to others. You are amazing! 🙂 xo

Anna N. says:

Quit my job recently as well. Feels marvellous & liberating. Sending love from Moscow, dear Dacob.
Carpe diem!

Lacey Noel says:

I really wish you lived closer, I have a feeling we would be really good friends. <3

ForeverFragrantKid says:

Dearest Dacob, i wish you peace, rest, and healing. I pray the New Year brings you many, many wonderful surprises and blessings! Here’s to taking care of yourself (your whole being ). Cheers! ♡

Stanleydragonjr says:

I worked for years for a family who people would trip over themselves to be in their favor,the health insurance was good and I liked the family they were nice to me,as long as i was what they wanted in their lives and until they had a movie made about them .I understood the reasons to downsize,so when I was told I would no longer be working for them I was kind of relieved,there were so many fake people and I knew it while I was working for them,the family did not do the right thing by me in the end,because they are used to getting what they want,I was shocked. The amazing thing, is that people think they did,so work was hard to pick up after I was let go.
I agree 100 percent about the search for yourself.
I always gave 100 percent,never ever took a vacation,really never and they offered kindly ,never asked for a pay raise,or time off,I was so used to seeing people ask them for money and take advantage of them I never wanted to be part of that group of people.
My phone was always on,and my answer was always yes,no problem. my pleasure.
I have a different job now,and i am missing the health insurance tremendously,that was my biggest comfort.I have seen all types of people and how they treat and use people at all levels,it is quite amazing at what different classes think of each other…….I agree on finding oneself..I work in industry where that is so important,because you can get easily torn down
I wish you were in NY right now I would love to take you for coffee
I know who I am,It was hard for a bit,because It was what others wanted me to be, you are going to be fine as long as you remember who you are deep inside.
Take care I wish you all the best

JennyTalkss says:

Can’t even imagine how hard it was for you to quit. Wishing you best on your new path. Hope you still continue to do YouTube and interact with us. Totally love to interact here. Find your heart and be happy. All the best, make your luck dear. Hugs n kissses.

Joan deeren says:

btw Every boot and shoe is for sale at Chanel. At the dept stores as well as chanel. I thought the fit was getting worse since I have a few pairs of shoes. And on top of that, you cannot believe what’s left over even after the sale both for clothes and shoes. I have never seen so many shoes and boots for sale at the end of the sale. I guess nothing fits. And the fit is getting worse and worse. Boots were a little tight, but I could go up a 1/2 size. Now the fit is bizarre. For example, I’m finding that I can’t even get into boots you can’t open and the toe area is very large in lenght and the shoes/boots are narrower. I’m seeing tons of women w/boxes all over and they leave w/o buying a thing. Now I know why. karl’s making the fit even more bizarre. He has to go. Coco said “if it’s not comfortable, it’s not luxury!” So thanks karl for making junk!

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