What’s inside ALL of my bags?

A twist on the classic whats in my bag. LOL. Lets look at all the trash in ALL OF MY BAGS … haha!
VLOGMAS!!!! : http://bit.ly/1Ku8Mkp

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kerstin loidolt says:

hahaha i caught myself singing along to your handbag song 😀 looks
 like i know the lyrics!

cara follon says:

make up on point!

wimpykid4591 says:

can i know what’s the brand is the diaper bag??? love from sg!!!

Claudia Rose says:

The way you said water hahaha

CrystalBallon says:

I just spilled my boiling water all over me while watching

Ash A says:

What name is your hair color I’m in love

Melissa Geraghty says:

This one cracked me up! You’re such a character Helen <3

Carolina says:

omg that clip from your favorites song is gonna get it stuck in my head for the next two months again lol!

Paula Blue says:

Matt and Natt makes great vegan leather bags! One of my favorite backpacks is from them. It’s pink and I love it

Zelda 64 says:

Ahaha that’s so me. Like everytime i really want to use a certain lipstick, i have to search in all of my bags until i found IT !xD

anna barnardwright says:

I normally don’t watch what’s in my bag videos but this idea sounded so funny I couldn’t skip, always love the original videos from you Helen!

StephanieAlmighty says:

You remind me of Madonna for some reason in this video

dacastardust says:

My god Helen. Your eyebrows, your eyes, your face makeup, your hair, aahhhhh 10/10 xXxXx

Valentina Ludwig says:

Helen is so wonderful oh my god?? also her necklace is really fucking cool

NinkComPoop says:

Damnit, I wish I had thought of this when I was doing out my old handbags! Some of that stuff was just hilariously embarrassing :’)

kchoi says:

such a great idea hahaha

thelydiapolkadot says:

lol at the beginning all i heard was helooeverydhowyehtdogingtodeyy you spoke so fast! you crack me up. I love how you make content unlike anyone else!

Cinnamom says:

This was such a clever idea haha

Olivia Paige says:

Love this video idea!

Tanz * says:

I thought I was the only who let’s shit accumulate in my handbags lol

Little Owl Loves says:

Great alternative way of doing the what’s in my bag tag!

Elizabeth Star says:

Having a ‘pill purse’ is such a good idea! In every bag you need a packet of tissues though x

MDrmota says:

that whole bit at 7:59 about the loft holes? im so confused. what is a loft hole and why do you need a bigger one?

Naomi Carpenter says:

* finds passport at the beginning *
‘im glad i found all these lip colours’ LOL relatable

Greer Snyder says:

WHERE DID YOU GET THAT MATT AND NAT FROM!?!? It is sooo cute and looks like the perfect size and I’m tryina get myself one bc somehow I need another purse…

emily Stammers says:

I watched this drunk. It was very good

DenDen Time says:

Every time you referred to your items from L.A. I couldn’t stop laughing! *from Nor Cal*

Tea, Romance, Adventures... says:

love, love, love this video!! It is exactly why I adore you, you keep it real! Also, whilst your makeup has always been on point, your eyes have been particularly excellent of late – I need to know what you used in this eye look!!!

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