WHATS IN MA BAG ?!!?!!?!?!?!
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Charlie Jay says:

Hi Helen, i just wanted to thank you. You have changed my life and i want you to know that. Being a young teenager it’s hard to have your own style because people constantly judge and make comments but after watching your videos i have learnt that it doesn’t matter and that people’s opinions shouldn’t dictate on what you choose to do and what you choose to wear. I have always felt that i have to follow the crowd and trend but after discovering you, I realized that i have a choice. You also taught me that you don’t have to stick to one particular type of look, you can mix it up and just go crazy. Thank you because if it wasn’t for you i’d still be lost in the crowd <3 xxx

rosie mae says:

Legit so happy to find the can of coke Helen hehe

Lucía Rodriguez says:

I need the bag in my life its so beautifu!! ang HUGE! <3 <3

Helena Crothers-Villers says:

I LOVE your eye (and all of it really) makeup!!!! What colors did you use?

Jenna Bournie says:

Your hair, the lighting, the background-PERFECTION!


Your bag is beautiful, making me want to shop around for a new bag ahah.
I also have a WHATS IN MY BAG VIDEO (Louis Vuitton Speedy 30) on my channel ALSO I have a GIVEAWAY going on anyone wants to check that out!

tilly davies says:

love your makeup in this!

TRSjulie says:

I would love a link to those sunglasses if possible!!!!! Thanks, much love!

DeadStar90 says:

i’d love to own a little something from vivienne westwood someday, i love her brand so much <3

Carmen vdk says:

I couldn’t find this bag anywhere on the vivienne westwood site, does anyone have a link maybe? I love it and I really want to buy it!

Caitlin Amber says:

Helen you’re incredible ♡ had my eye on an VW anglomania for a while and this one is beaut!

Lauren Oberlin says:

I LOOOVE that H&M phone case and might have to hunt for it! I also love that pill case – do you happen to remember where it’s from? Seems like a weird item for me to want to hunt down but… I WANT!

katja knorr says:

Regarding your anxiety, do you not hava any medicine especialy for migranes? Ibuprofin is for normal pain I thought? My doctor gave me pills which are insane and if I take them soon enough the migranes go away so fast! (I go blind too) sorry I’m from germany 😉
I just thought to have something that helps so well would help you feel more safe?
In germany the kind for migranes are called Naratriptan. Maybe this helps you xo

MeganTheFierce says:

Please do a glasses about your sunglasses collection! I love your style and I need some new glasses for summer xxx

Mina Marwell says:

Hey Helen, 🙂 i ve been watching your videoz for maybe 2-3 years and last night when i dreamt that i live again in UK, had meet you up for a coffe..:D hope you enjoeyd it too:D im keeping my fingers crossed for you and Mathew, hope that everything with the wedding and a new home of yours will be just perfect..:) sendig hugz:) and THANK YOU for all the advice, confidence, and energy you share here with us:) for me, you are the BEST on YT..<3

kunstmieze says:

OMG! Helen, you look amaaaazing, loving the make-up! <3 You're one of my favorite Youtubers and i loooove to watch your vids! Lots of love form germany <3

Monica Montano says:

Wow! Your EYE GAME, I need to try that.

Ella Mckay says:

lol my bag is full of shit

Claudia Rose says:

Helen I have Uni tommorow so early and i’m meant to be asleep… and then you upload this! :'( <3

Kathryn Elizabeth says:

aw helens love you! you are so beautiful, funny, down to earth, just amazeballs. love the bag!! xo

Unicorn Girl says:

You look ABSOULTLEY stunning in this video Helen!

Patricia Ashwood says:

May I have more details of this Bag please? Name of Bag? Size? Cm/ inches?

Chicgeek 85 says:

Im a new subscriber and just want to say i love you! you’re so honest x

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