Whats In my Purse?! Angela Roi [Vegan]

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What am I wearing?
Dress: Forever21
Necklace: Forever 21

thank you Angela roi for sponsoring this video! 🙂


077 Di says:

You look good..from where the top you wearing?

braapsnowdirt1 snopro says:

Was that a upper and lower Michigan tattoo I saw

Lesley R says:

Hi from Tampa fl

philippies says:

when are you cutting your hair!?

Ashley Stoyko says:

honestly I’m going to miss your long hair but so excited to see the change!! I love your bag and I love you! 🙂 so happy to see another video and you inspire me to do good with youtube. also, still so excited to see your tattoo video!!!

Olivia Cruz says:

I love Coldplay and Noel Gallagher. Literally Oasis is one of my all time favorite bands. Also your videos are awesome.

Sonia Rayis says:

Where is your necklace from?

Lexie Lea says:

girllll I just saw Coldplay too and they were CRAZY! the sets were amazing and those bracelets were so cool?! hope you had a great time!

Stephanie Boo says:

Oh my gosh!! A youtuber in Michigan! Where in Michigan ???

Phoebe Grays says:

what’s your top? It’s so comfy! 🙂

Dana Maz says:

i love you taytayyyy

Lisa T says:

Lovee!! <333

image carolynn says:

Haha I’m such a dude when it comes to carrying purses. I only carry a wallet around with me!

Sherry Smith says:

I’m not ready for the short hair! I love it so much long cause I just subscribed last week :/

Chloe Seabourne says:

I wish you could get Angela roi in the UK

Crystal Spitzmiller says:

So gorgeous!

Jessica Taylor says:

I’m so earlyyyy

Alexa Stropoli says:

I am REALLY enjoying your channel so far!!

Elizabeth Ann says:

I might have missed it, but where is the wallet from?

Jasmine Alyssa says:

Am I the only one curious about the facial she got?

Rachel Marie says:

Taylor! Please tell me where you got your black hoodie from in your past videos. Pleeeease

Kaitlyn Lehman says:

What camera do you use for vlogging??

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