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What I’m wearing (makeup):
❤ Lips:

What I’m wearing (clothes):
❤ Top:

Camera I used in my videos: Canon EOS 700D / Rebel T5i
Camera I use for Vlogging: Canon Legria Mini


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Crystal Jackson says:

I feel like you just three every high end makeup product you own in that makeup bag, because why would you take such random products around with you throughout the day

B Abc says:

thanx for video. i have inspired Givanchy handbag and very happy for have it. i always have the same though like you that if I can’t buy a designers bags I will never ever buy any fake because it’s illegal. thumbs up for you, and your bag seems so beautifull I love the colour to much.

Caroline Pritchard says:

How’s the wear and tear on this bag now lovely? I want to order it, but worry it will fall apart xx

surreal2009trueblue says:

Don’t let negative comments get you down! Do what makes you happy!

Jon Crawford says:

I don’t believe in fake or inspired bags, but your reasoning is gold!

LOVE INA_이나 says:

What a fraud…. lol…

Beth Kenna says:

Have same color in gold and love it!

Debbie's Life says:

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Mergez guitz says:

I bought mine too but I’m not using it not because of the quality its just the color, i think they send me the wrong color, my bad

VR Mom of Four says:

Thank you!! I have similar style by Teddy Blake which is the same style. It was $500 so you’re absolutely right. It’s NOT a fake, I don’t even consider it a dupe. Definitely not a fake. I too am against fakes. I did a video about my bag & discussed issue. Appreciate sincerely your video!!!

Eva S. says:

Thank you so much for the hint that something like “go send” exists. I was wondering how to get some things amazon just wouldn’t send to Germany and now I know! I would be interested in your (and others) experiences with it. Again, thank you, good to know!

Sileana72 says:

I’m so happy I found your video! I loved your bag so much, I went and found them on Amazon and got one! I plan on getting a few more colors in the future. I love the style of the Birkin but can’t see myself spending copious amounts of money on one. I love your channel so much and I am really in love with my new bag! Thank you!

Yunchao Niu says:

What he color of ur bag

KS072010 says:

I own most of my handbags/purses from Ainifeel! They have such great leather quality products!

muhlissuh82 says:

Designers copy other style of bags all the time. If it said “Hermes” and it’s not an actual Hermes, that’s whack but this bag doesn’t.

Loren Pemberton says:

oh my gosh I love the pink inside 🙂

karla amaya says:

Good lord you don’t have to defend your purchase

Heather Breazeal says:

Omg! Beautiful bag! I literally just went and ordered the same one after watching this video! Great video!

kristina mendoza says:

It’s a nice bag I have the damn color but I for one don’t care if it’s a real,replica, inspired or fake buy what you want it ain’t like nobody going to walk up to you and be like can I see if it’s real or not

Caz Ed’s says:

I’ve just purchased this bag in the exact same colour. Annoys me when people say fake as a fake is one that says Hermes and is not. I just love the design and colour. You have a new subscriber xx

Jodyco1 says:

I agree on the fakes it is just a leather. At with no name love this bag!

Kathy Coleman says:

I loveeeeee the bag. Beautiful

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