In this video I am wearing a Vivienne Westwood unisex DESTROY sweater from ss’16




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lots of love!


Viclx Lclxxi says:


Love VivWest says:

Great way to start my weekend, thanks Dacob for another super(dacob) video.

For this show and the his first show for VW they released a ‘capsule collection’ to buy now right after the show, at select stores and online. For all her heritage and history it looks like the brand of VW is moving with the times along with the rest of the fashion industry where everyone is trying to find the next strategy to keep us buying. However I continue to enjoy having time to take in a collection and keep going back to it thinking about the pieces I like/want and giving myself time to absorb it.

Gold label or AK for VW as its now known will always remain collectable, I am forever scouring places to find past season pieces. She manages to keep and develop themes, shapes and cuts each season so in my opinion you can wear something from the current season with something from 10 years ago or one of her classic pieces eg a pirate top and it will still look good.

I think the elephant in the room that I have heard no one talk about is this streamlining for her lines last year and this year is to bring the brand/company into a position for AK to take over eventually. He is the creative director for the brand and has been responsible for the MAN line for many years (this is soon to be defunct along with Red Label) and known just as Vivienne Westwood.

shtupman says:

I thought I was a bad person for liking skirts on men Thanks for validating me! Love the consistent use of wallpaper-ish floral prints and drape anything well, and I’m on board.
Absolutely correct on sizes in production. I have a friend who works for Virgin Atlantic (She designed their current uniform) and he really has issues with a 32 inch waist being actually 32 inches, ladies dress sizes not being true to form, etc. Plus he says his junk is IN YOUR FACE due to the tailoring (answer to the next question is “no, he isn’t.” ) However, like you said, Vivienne loves her penises!
Loved a stroll through the line with you!

Andy305 says:

Dacob excellent video as always, i feel like andreas is experimenting what works and what dont but still good i will love to see what’s next,
And also a question maybe off topic but , what do you think about comme des garçons/rei kawakubo and what are your thoughts on her met exhibition?

P C says:

Super Dacob thanks for the review on Vivienne Westwood…I remember the punk rock era and her part in that movement…I also saw a documentary about her and I was touched to find her so down to earth and likeable. She is definitely not a fashion diva but she is actually very hardworking and approachable to the point that when people see her on the street they blow kisses from their cars and shout how much they love her… 🙂 I have to be honest though it’s hard for me to understand her concepts although I do respect her talent. Would you explain more in depth the concept behind the piece your wearing if you have time? Thanks a bunch!

Alex Olendorff says:


invisiblegirl422 says:

As always, I like to watch the video of the show before going through the slides with you. Gender fluidity at its best! Look 41…oh my! That color! I do love the faded tapestry looks throughout the show. As for the paint splashed garments, I saw enough of that in the 1980’s. I also did not care at all for the shoes/boots with the mustard yellow laces. Different colored laces, I would have been fine. Some really gorgeous pieces, but for my body type the over oversized ones would not work, or maybe they would, since I am wearing palazzo pants today. lol. Xoxo!

Sam H A says:

Hey Dacob:) kuddos for ur effort in posting daily quality videos:) love ur destroy sweater! Wow Vivienne Westwood collection is one creative dramatic show ! I love looks 34, 41, 44, 45, 55, 62, 66 and 69:) what a difference between this and the dull Dior show:/ Sellable doesn’t have to be safe and uninspired.  xoxo

Pans Garden says:

Maybe split screen so we can see with u xx

Kadelle says:

I really love the classic looks (27, 34 & Co) which are more wearable.
The “creepy dog” comment made me laugh out loud! Hahaha so on point xx
Thanks for the review. Viva la Vivienne – and Andi! 😀

Brian McQuain says:

what is the term I kept hearing cocut? cokot?

kkoun says:

Love this look it goes very well with Austra- 43 song!

Denny Chasteau says:

Have not been on your channel in a while, been making that me schmoney……. missed you, d Jesus look is fab on you.

Ryan Laurence says:

Have a 6 travel day ahead of me tomorrow, will definitely be saving this one for that (:

Cat says:

grow the hair out my dude looks good

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