Vivienne Westwood FLY mystery REVEAL

Vivienne Westwood FLY mystery REVEAL

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TheHalloweenRose says:

is it really sterling silver? Most of the Vivienne Westwood jewellery tend to be made of palladium, pewter or brass. They mostly only have a silver or gold coating. That’s the reason why most of her jewellery get the green patina. I really would like to buy some earrlings, but due to the material I’m affraid that it won’t last long :/

Pans Garden says:


Kay K says:

Hey sweetie, I’m back from my trip. Oh my… gorgeous fly necklace & it’s interesting to know the story behind the dung fly; hate them but somehow I’ve always been attracted to it’s iridescent green colour lol…. xoxoxo

SharahHanna says:

I always learn from you! Never thought of it really. ❤️ from california

ChanelLV says:

THat is truly fascinating Dacob! i really loved this review and necklace. and where we usu are so turned off by flies, the necklace brings forth a beuty to them. Just like anything there is a beautiful side to them! And just like everything– there is a fine example of the cyclicity of life. Thank you for another great video Dacob and I hope your day is great! perhaps relax your feeties at some point in the bunker garden and watch the flies?! Oh by the way, Litltle Chanel M is sitting here next to me and says hi. she is currently resting on my WHITE scarf trying to be pristine. She will be meeting Lanier and Farah on Sunday but she wanted me to send a big kiss to you! <3 xoxoxoxoxo

Simon Hollis says:

Nice to her what your voice sounds like now. Think Vivienne Westwood is just about as big as the corporations she goes on about. It’s a money making firm now and she’s sold out I reckon.

LaChainedeVaime says:

Très intéressant merci !

Daniel Hammond says:

I have a horror of insects, especially cockroaches. Flies – the real ones – are more an irritant than a source of horror, but I don’t like them. Having said that, I do like your necklace and I was fascinated, as always, by your thoughtful review.
Thank you for the film!

Dee_xx says:

Well, so much comes to mind. While I’m not a fan of most insects, I know they all have a key part to play in nature and keeping our planet clean. I do also love the aesthetic of the beauty of decay! I understand that, from something simple that is distressed to the beauty of architectural ruins….. a faded wall that holds decades of different colours…
Anyway, Dacob, as usual, in all things fashion, you are the fly on the wall, and the first to send this important info our way!! xo.

Guillermo Fregoso says:

that is such a cute neclace ,it’s so dainty

P C says:

Wow Super Dacob…the symbolism of the fly for you is deep and amazing.. Do you think that was Vivienne Westwood thoughts as to why she made this piece? I wonder what her story was? Fascinating!

LaChainedeVaime says:

love your culture

Lanier Smith says:

“No flies on you”, no longer applies. For now you have a beautiful Westwood fly all your own. Love it and love L’histoire de la Mouche Merde. BIG HUG coco coco coco

Zaida Rivera says:

Love the fly necklace but not the real ones lol. Xo

Gianni Veyron says:

You’re like so beautiful. Love, love love your videos.

Drouin Johnny says:

I try Chanel #5….but I a not sure about it…I end up with a simple of it…but I continue my research….the length of the necklace is perfectly fine to me…have a nice day ?.❤️

Rae Maria says:

Is it weird to say that you have really nice fingernails ?!? I couldn’t help but notice when you were doing the close up of the pendant haha! I’m so happy that you know the forensic use of flies Dacob! This video has such a wonderful message <3 Thank you for being the wonderful person you are!

Sarah Force says:

I love how you always take it to the next level and go so intellectually deep! Also loving that watch? you’re wearing. It sort of reminds me of stacking Swatches on my wrist in the 80’s…

edward gurango says:

Interesting story and insight! That fly pendant looks finely detailed. Nice!

Drouin Johnny says:

Wow….so beautiful…very masculine…love…very good taste….can I say that Love your style…❤️

Alex Olendorff says:

“I have been shopping”. YES BITCH!!!! ME TOO!

soloflyer1007 says:

Lord of the Flies

Narelle Ravesi says:

Dacob,l Love this fly,forensic science fascinates me,it’s an insect that drives us crazy but one that has such an important job to do and l like you see the beauty in “ugly”great video,Xoxoxo.

Ultimate Unboxing says:

Love you, cheers for the amazing future! Loved the info – ‘live & learn’ :))

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