Vivienne Westwood “Boudoir” Fragrance Review

Hello! The ultra sexy and unique debut fragrance by the eccentric but FABULOUS Vivienne Westwood


missgigi says:

love this perfume and great review!

ouch110 Fragrance Reviews says:

great thanks! I may hunt it down and review it! 🙂

MrFilipFabulous says:

my actually question is can men pull it off?

Josh Phillips says:

LOVE this on Chris and wish we were all Fawns (as well as fish:-)) “oh Mr. Tumniss”

Chloë Nicole says:

So I found it on Amazon for a good price going to give it a go thanks to you. What about Naughty Alice ? reviews on that ? love your descriptions and videos . awesomeness

Tina Catwitch says:

Hi again! You can find al over for nearly nothing, think i cost from 2-8 £, sounds redicuisly cheap but it really smells like one million!
You can find it in both oil and with alcholbase! Its a bit lighter and not so animalic like VW B, but its stronger and last at least 12 hours! Made by Al-rehab brand! Best wishes!

Kenny Cisneros says:

Aaaaand you just sold another one! (Placing an order for this one as I type this!). Listen, (I just realized I don’t know your name!) Apparently this review was requested by someone and I find it fantastic because I have actually been thinking about asking you to review one for quite some time now (I will NOT respect anyone else’s opinion as much as yours), and that is Kingdom y Alexander McQueen. Do you think you could post a review on that one?

tonixx20 says:

Hi, Can you do a review of Vivienne Westwood Let It Rock or Naughty Alice? I saw a few reviews for these fragrances but is still undecided on whether or not I should buy them because the descriptions and reviews vary a lot and I don’t want to waste money on a perfume that I would never wear.  🙂 says:

This is on my list. My lengthy, ever growing list. . . of samples, because that is the only way I will ever be able to smell all the ones I want to smell. I will then choose from there.
I have a feeling I will like this but that the musk feel will make it feel like ‘not me’. I have a feeling I will interpret this as some other good smelling woman, if that makes sense.

ouch110 Fragrance Reviews says:

Haha oh no!! You don’t like it? That#s a shame. Well it’s very popular so I’m sure could find someone that wants it, or swap or something? Ah Naughty Alice, I haven’t tried that. I have a sample of Boudoir Sin Garden which I haven’t really smelled or tried properly but I will do! 🙂

1880nana says:

I love you ! I enjoyed your “honey-skin” review sounds like a particular , intriguing , interesting unusual smell 🙂 I’m waiting for the bottle in the mail I’m so excited .yay! Thank you !

Naa Aa says:

i love his perfume. i was recently introduced to this by a friend. i also watched Katie P’s video if it and had to try it. I waned to ask whether you have any of the bottle caps from an old bottle. if you do please message me please and thanks

Jennie Georgiades says:

I’m so excited! A very generous Fragrantician is decanting Boudoir for me! 🙂 I loved the “dirty honeyed rose” description…..hope I’m woman enough for it! Beautiful review 🙂

ouch110 Fragrance Reviews says:

You’re welcome. And thanks!

ouch110 Fragrance Reviews says:

Thanks so much. 🙂 I will try a few out. I also have my eye on Africana, but I’m not going to commit to a whole bottle. I’ll try some samples first. I may review them on here too. I’m not sure.

ouch110 Fragrance Reviews says:

Oh really? Where would I smell this? Scherezade is lovely!!

Jen dobing says:

Well I bought this after watching the review (bought samsara after watching another one of your). I was so intrigued and I absolutely love it! It’s definitely a head turning fragrance and it smells divine. I’ve been wearing it a lot more than samsara and Shalimar as I feel it has a bit more modern of a feel while still staying vintage smelling. Definitely unique!

Deb H says:

After seeing this review, I now own the vintage and current versions. Just rewatched this and I have to say that your description NAILS IT so hard! This is amongst my top 5 fragrances, along with Shalimar and Samsara and a couple by En Voyage. The first three on the list are entirely your fault!

Mary V says:

Just got it, it’s truly unique! It’s hard to decribe the scent but it’s unusual and very different from any other fragrance i own!

ouch110 Fragrance Reviews says:

Hi, it is marketed towards women but..anyone can pull it off if you have the confidence to wear it. 🙂 Give it a try.

RayArchangel says:

Thanks sooo much for your review, I think it was very informative 🙂
Now I really can’t wait to try this perfume, it sounds very special!

Tina Catwitch says:

Ooohh, almost forgot to tell you, i just watch one of your other reviews as well, the one about BPAL “Sheherazade”! If you havnt tried it so, there is an arabian perfume oil called “Nebras”, smells VERY similar to Budouir! Doesnt cost much but smells really great!

Tina Catwitch says:

Good hunting luck! Will look forward to that! 🙂 I was so surprised myself because VW B is one of my fav, you can read o lot of reviews about “Nebras” on Fragrantica! It has the really sweet flowery/vanilla scent and also a rich rose! Hope you find it and like it as much as i do 😉

Emzy Bizarre says:

Okay, I admit I was cynical about a man reviewing perfume, but you did an incredible job! You have sold this to me! I have just ordered a bottle! Have also subscribed. Would you check out my channel please? I am a newbie and desperate for some attention! 🙂

chantasy says:

Thank you for the review! I love this perfume and it has been my signature scent for years. I always describe it as a powdery, Victorian pearls and lace kind of fragrance, but yours is so much more accurate!

Delondra Williams says:

I just got this today, and I’m loving it. I was telling a friend that it reminds me of face powder. I think it’s the combination of rose and orris root that’s giving me the classic makeup vibe. But then it does have that “sticky” element, as you identified. To me, it is very reminiscent of cigars. I love how that tobacco flower note keeps the whole thing from going either too sweet or safe. It pulls just weird enough to keep things interesting.   Great review. 

Mountana Berry says:

Al rehab Nebras smells 100% similar to this perfume and it lasts far better

oh well, another Beautiful piece of work, thanks a lot  & cheers for the uploads
keep rocking.

ouch110 Fragrance Reviews says:

Yay! Chris what is this Fawn on the box for???

Giorgos Maras says:

Hey this one is on my wishlist and i really wanna buy it but i cant find testers… Is there a perfume similar to this to have an idea how is that smells ???

Alejandrina says:

I am very curious about this perfume, since I saw another video in which you mention it. I love the bottle and I guess the cap which is a “globus cruciger” could be related to religious iconography or royalty, but it is more likely to be a reference to the Harris Tweed company logo of Scotland.

Christopher De Gabriele says:

Yay! My favourite!!!!

Tina Catwitch says:

Hi!! Happy to assist you!:) I have som favs of the one you mention above and i would like to recommend you to try Balkis, its a sweet woody little thing, then the fruity lovely Maroccan Rose, the fruity fresh Sabaya and lovely quiet vanilla Dalal and ond called Gold, not on your list but i have a friend and it smells absolutely lovely on him, would say its unisex as well! Another fav of mine is from brand Al Afdel; “Ward al Taifi” a beautiful pure rose! Loved your Stella M, review, got absolu!

Emzy Bizarre says:

Well I got it … and I hate it! Ha ha! Thankfully I only ordered a miniature bottle. But I did also order Naughty Alice and I really like that one, so all is not lost in the Westwood department!

ouch110 Fragrance Reviews says:

Haha, well there’s no need to fear. I’ve been collecting perfume for years and years and I’m actually studying perfumery at the moment and will be qualified next year!. My knowledge is always growing so I hope to make my reviews more and more informative! I’ll come and check you out now and subscribe. Thanks for your comment. Let me know what you think of Boudoir! It’s very cool!

MrFilipFabulous says:

a question cuz i get mixed information, is this perfume unissex?

ouch110 Fragrance Reviews says:

Fawn!!! That’s it! 🙂 Love you both!

Tina Catwitch says:

Great review!! The sticker on my bottle are not centered either so i think its made with purpose!

ouch110 Fragrance Reviews says:

Hi! Can you help?. I am going to purchase 6 Al-Rehab perfume samples so I can do some reviews. I’m not really sure where to start. Of course I will get some Nebras but what others would you reccommend from these? (I don’t really care to try the male scents)

Al Fares
Al Nourer
Musk Maka
Morrocan Rose
Red Rose
Saat Safa
Tooty Musk
White Full
White Musk

Tina Catwitch says:

Yes, a little sample of 3 ml will last a lifetime, many of them are soooo heavy that even T.M Angel seems like a shy little fairy in comparisment;) Havnt tried Africana. Nebras still my nr 1 of these! Good Luck and i always looking forward for your reviews!:)

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