Urban Outfitters Gift Guide

I was asked by Urban Outfitters to create a gift guide! wahooo!!

To enter the me to you competition, comment with your nominated person along with the gift from the website you would like to gift! I will pick a winner at random on the 3rd of December.

Anna Sui Lipstick
Reversible bag black and ivory
Vivienne Westwood wallet
sold out – http://www.viviennewestwood.com/

Biscuit pocket mug
Starwars Tee
Red Qcamera

Speech bubble chalkboard
Unicorn onesie
Fuji film printer

Skull candleholder

My Outfit:
Velvet dress
Black converse
sold out – link to converse homepage

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Disclaimer: This video was kindly sponsored by Urban Outfitters. I thought it was a fun and awesome Idea. Some gifts were kept, however the idea was to create a gift guide using their rules. All opinions and views are my own however and I hope ya’ll have a great CRIMBBBOOOOO


Hanna Louise Kasin says:

I hope im not too late for this! I would like to give my sister Silvia a Impossible Refurbished ’80s-Style Polaroid 600 Camera. A few years back i  broke her Fujifilm Instax 210 and i still cant afford getting her another one:( She is the most awesome humanbeing in the whole wide world and she basically raised me. I love her to death so please let her get the most amazing christmas surprise of all time:D

LaniBooms22 says:

crosley record players have awful sound quality you can get much cheaper ones that are way better, you can’t go wrong with a steepletone 

Stephanie Sims says:

I would like to nominate my sister Vikki because she is the most wonderful person I know. She is so kind and caring and is currently training to be a nurse at university. I would absolutely love her to own this lomography Diana F+ Camera in CMYK so she can create some beautiful vintage looking photos of her time at uni as she loves vintage decorations.


OneBadBeat says:

Does anyone know who won this? I checked her facebook, twitter, instagram, blog and didn’t see anything : I think about this all the time! lol I’d be so happy if I won!

Lili Lightning says:

If I’m not too late, I’d nominate my wonderful girlfriend. She spoils me like crazy even when she can’t afford it and I know she’d love the Fuji Instax Mini 8 camera in white or pink. Love your videos!!

Floral Jassie says:

I nearly bought one of those lipsticks, but when i swatched it it was just nowhere near as good as a mac lipstick, and 8 pounds more x

Lily Evans says:

Id love to nominate my older sister Emma. She means the world to me and she is my best friend. Id really wish to give her a record player for christmas because she’s always wanted one. She has tons of “the smiths” albums and she just wants to put then on the record player and sing her heart out. Of course nobody wants to buy her a record player, and I just saw this video and thought it was agreat oppertunity to try to get my sister the one thing she wants

Nikki Sanderson says:

I’ve been wanting to buy my dearest mother bear a turntable for a long time, and christmas seems to be the perfect time.

Christine Lynn says:

I would like to nominate my friend Stephanie.  She is awesome and works hard, and is always there for me when I need her.  She is raising an amazing daughter on her own. She thinks of herself last and will go without if she can help somebody else.  I chose the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera to gift to her.  She has always been interested in photography, and I think this would be a fun way for her to have keepsakes of life’s little moments.  http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=27913557&parentid=A_ENT_GAMES#/

Kylie Harris says:

I would love to get my best friend Kat a turn table of her own, so she doesn’t have to bring her records to my house every time she wants to listen to them. :p

Isobella Mozzarella says:

what if your family watches this video, spoilers melon??

H3lloKayla says:

I would like to win the Fujifilm Share SP-1 printer,that you mentioned, for my sister. She is an absolute cam whore and this would suit her brilliantly! Also it’s her 21st Birthday 2 days before Christmas so if I won this it’d make her birthday & Christmas special :).

Sky Tilley says:

I love your hair!! The head piece is so cute!! I also love Urban Outfitters. Great video!!

The Advert Crew says:

I would like to nominate my crazy friend Becca. I chose her due to the fact that I want to give something back to her, since she is such a lovely person, not just to me, but to everyone. She has been by my side when other people haven’t, when I feel like nobody gets me. When I do the stupidest things or tell the strangest jokes, she either joins in or laughs along. So I chose the Polaroid camera mainly because she has a taste for vintagey (is that even a word?) items, and this was right up her street. Love you Becca xx


Drop_Dead_Daniella says:

Hey girl, has anyone ever told you, you and Emma Blackery look a lot alike?(: You are both so gorgeous!

Megan Rae says:

if its not too late, i would love to nominate my beautiful grandma who definitely spoils me way too much. She has all these vintage records stored away and she always complains that she has nothing to play them on so i would love to be able to give her the Crosley Cruiser Turntable in pink for christmas wooooo00oo0

Devilz DandruFF says:

Getting another Crosley soon!

tatiana mendez says:

how is that crosley holding up? I’ve been going back and forth if i should get one for months now bc of what people are saying about it scratching your records but, no one ever suggests a better one. I’m just looking for a decent record player to go along with my room. I won’t play it 24/7, probably just every other day. the turquoise one is so lovely and affordable, I’m stuck.

KIKI Meade says:

That headdress on my head ! Now.

Sophie Ellis says:

I’d nominate my brother and get him a record player, nothing like listening to death metal on a record… 🙂 http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/uk/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=5560435980781&parentid=TURNTABLES-SPEAKERS-EU#/

Grace Wennington says:

I would like to nominate my bestfriend Annie because without her i would not be in here she has helped me through so much and kept be strong over the years and even when I was at my lowest point she was there for me she is one of the most nicest people I have ever met and she always cheers me up and she’s always there for me no matter what and also she’s an amazing mammy to a beautiful little girl

Stevie Watson says:

I’d like to nominate my mum and I’d like to get her the Vivienne Westwood purse because she would love it.

Chantelle M says:

Just wondering.. Who won this? Lol

Laurbubble says:

I saw the turntable in the London shop the other day and stared at it for about 15 minutes. Looks sooo good! You picked some proper nice gifts! 

QueenPop21 says:

i would like to win the friends rose gold headphones for my best friend phoebe, as she really wants to get new headphones because she love jazz music and plays the saxophone!

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