In this video I am wearing a mid nineties DOLCE & GABBANA wool jacket and a Vivienne Westwood silver FLY necklace as well as many different vintage luxury bags. Hope you enjoy the video and selection!

Here on instagram my LOOK for DAY 1: CHRISTIAN LACROIX mid nineties leather bag with 24kt gold plated logo plate:

and here a close-up of the nineties vintage Christian Lacroix leather bucket bag:

LOOK for DAY 2 – Christian Dior jeans denim bag from the early 00’s:

and a close up view of the Christian Dior Jeans Denim bag here:

LOOK for DAY 3 – 90’s GIANNI VERSACE bag:

LOOK for DAY 4 – D&G by DOLCE & GABBANA patent leather bag:

LOOK for DAY 5 – Vivienne Westwood black patent baguette:

LOOK for DAY 6 – CHANEL 2005 millenium bag from 1999:

LOOK for DAY 7 – Christian Dior Saddle bag by John Galliano:

LOOK for DAY 8 – DOLCE & GABBANA velvet animalier bag fw’96:

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Sara Hassan says:

Wow you have an amazing collection of vintage bags I really want to Join this revolution keep going yaaaz

Krista Young says:

I love that you’re into Absolutely Fabulous!

c sikomas says:

Heh Dakob, I totally support you in your initiative to go vintage. I agree that things are getting so out of touch, not only in price, but in quality. It’s so upsetting to me how the quality of Louis Vuitton has changed, for example, and also their ridiculous prices. For LV, I keep saying their handles have changed and their canvas and their zippers, etc., etc….some things are still so nice, but then you have to pay so much, its just getting out of touch for me. Do you realize most people don’t even enjoy a 3% raise yearly; but cost of living is going up 5-10% a year; the good times are over, and if there are good times in the economy, they don’t last as long, so fashion is just for the rich now and that isn’t right, or fair. So, in response I can try and find vintage…what company do you recommend to get good reliable safe vintage, and for me, I would like the Chanel Reissue…that is a bag I am obsessed with, so where could I feel safe in getting vintage, or do you recommend getting bags in person? Where did you get all your bags, what an awesome collection! Also, do you love the experience of getting/finding vintage over the thrill of purchasing new in the boutique, as for me, that is quite a rush!?? Fun vid. Thanks. c xx

Ana Romero says:

Im with you! They have been lowering the quality! so horrible i mean you used to get gold plating with chanel and now its brushed like wtf and they are so expensive now. im good! #vintage2017

wen weun says:

Thank you for the video. Super agreed with the downgrading quality.

Lisa Summa says:

Love it all!

Alex Olendorff says:


Christian Fernandez says:

freshair thats who you are

Jack Dean says:

Where do you go to buy vintage? I can only really do online as I live in a small town

Abhishek Gohil says:

love the fact that such beautiful art work was made and created years ago to be cherished for generations and by generations.

AnastasiaK says:

Louis Vuitton montsouris..the best vintage bag ever!

Veronica Lombardo says:

Ma…sei italiano? La tua pronuncia é eccezionale!

lukalmy says:

Thanks to you Dacob!! I am starting to look into vintage Chanel, but come across a few questions:
1. Which eras (can be indicated by serial no on authenticity card) are good? What I usually see are those starting with 18, 19, 20.
2. How many years does it take a lambskin Chanel bag to lose itbs “puffiness” (excuse my poor English).
3. When buying vintage, should I opt for safer colours (i.e. black) or go bold (e.g. white which can actually look pretty dirty)? When I buy new I still opt for black and red. But I actually want more red and white too.
P.s. sorry if u have mentioned these in any of your videos, if so, just tell me which one to watch!

Geraldine Dover says:

Wow! Every bag you showed us is gorgeous x


I love to see someone who’s focused on timeless, classic, beautiful one of a kind pieces. instead of focusing on the “trending” bag now that will go out of style before it hits the shops even lol. I just bought this black patent Chanel with laser cut camellias and the detailing and quality is just unmatched! if youre interested, happy to watch all your videos!!

Jody flanagan says:

You sound exactly like realtor Christophe Choo. That is a compliment.

EricaWeng says:

I purchased the dior bag 14 years ago in Japan. I can’t believe it became a vintage bag already. Time flys lol. I still kept it in my closet. Still Love it

Anna Rodnarine says:

Dear Dacob, where do you normally buy vintage? I completely agree with you. I am quitting now as well. Saw someone wearing the YSL bag which looked so cheap and poor quality. The price tag of $1800 and the look of not more than $100. As an Hermes enthusiast I feel terrible about the increasing number of resellers of Birkin and Kelly bags. I really feel they are contributing to degradation of the iconic, timeless pieces.

Dee_xx says:

Oooh those are very lovely indeed! Looking forward to seeing your outfits 🙂 Great idea of course! xo

smart person says:

I’m joining your revolution too! Love your vintage pieces!

PB PB says:

the last d+G bag is sooo sofia loren! great vid babe! merry christmas!

Szwena x says:

OMG totally agree with you. I adore vintage because they are often better quality and timeless x

Sigg says:

I 100% agree with the disproportionality of quality and price. I wasn’t born in the “golden ages of fashion” but I’ve read and seen enough of it’s history to form my own tastes and notice changes. I miss the bags and items that stood for something and/or revolutionized certain societal norms (chaenl jacket and 2.55 for example). Now I feel like pieces are made for the sake of quenching that growing thirst for the “yaaaas, work slay” mentality.

Glenda Holding says:

Totally enjoyed your video Dacob. I think I favoured the CD bag in black leather with beautiful CDs. No 1 saddle bag xxxxx

Black white says:

My parents just bought a vintage lv bag..hopefully its not too used

Serena Studie says:

I have never been into black bags but I am loving the black demin and the Versace one!!!

Christian Fernandez says:

freshair thats who you are

Sara Hassan says:

Wow, count me in

Daniel Hammond says:

Great selection. I loved the Versace, which is interesting because I often don’t like Versace. (He sometimes goes too far, I feel.) The Vivienne was brilliant. The way you were standing at one point, made me thing of Chicago in the prohibition era and gangsters hiding their machine guns in anything! LOL!

Baoyi Situ says:

Hey Dacob,
I’m struggling to between choose j’adore and hypnotic poison. Help me please ! x

greensun baked says:

Love it xox

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