In this video I am wearing an archive Vivienne Westwood Pirate Shirt with squiggle print and a Vivienne Westwood silver FLY necklace.


JEREMY SCOTT Basketball Bag FW15 review

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lots of love!


Dr. says:

Thats adorable:)

Keely Nelsen says:

You are a quirky dude and I really enjoy watching you.

Rich Lux says:

You said He i thought cookie monster was A gIRL A chain smoking old woman sounding voice lol

Stephanie Chaotic says:

i love it <3

Victoria Melbourne says:

Lordie lordie lordie…

Troy Smythe says:

That’s awesome. And a Cookie Monster clutch would be welcome anywhere. That Scott basketball bag is super fly.

Glenda Holding says:

Your rite Dacob. Sometimes we do get anal with designer bags and in long run all comes out in wash. Humour is made up of diamonds Xxxx

Ginzaboy says:

Hey Dacob!

Great video. I definitely agree that price is irrespective of how much I enjoy certain pieces, you can have just as much fun and style with a low cost item than a high cost item. Just curious, I feel like the fashion bunker has really taken on a personality of its own on your channel, with the community of commenters and your so thoughtful responses but also the physical fashion bunker. Would it ever be possible to do a fashion bunker tour? See some of your archival pieces, how you store certain things? Even just what design architectural elements you have? I would love stuff like that. Thanks as always Dacob. xoxo

Pans Garden says:

Pirate! Luve

star Watcher says:

Congrats on 10’022 subs… many many more dear..

Rich Lux says:


ItzArloGames says:

Grats on 10k

Lanier Smith says:

Oh I love it!! or I should say HIM. Big HUG and a cookie too. coco coco coco

Victoria Melbourne says:

Lordie lordie lordie…

Trina Botner says:

Awwww the cookie monster bag is so cute!! How fun is that!! : ) Ive been so busy lately I need to catch up on your videos dacob!!!! <3

Moroni Veliz says:

I love how playful you are when it comes to fashion and this bag/video shows it. Thanks for the reminder to not take ourselves too seriously, needed that and congratulations on 10K subscribers!! 🙂

Osi Marvelous says:

Congratulations for the 10K! I’m proud to be a Part of it!❤️! Great Video!

Professer ht says:

Nice and fun , where u get it ? , i could use it to hide my stuff in my student flat haha

Rae Maria says:

Dacob– SHIRT ON POINT! <3 Haha Cookie Monster will never get old. Much love from Canada, Dacob xo

mzezeful says:

wow! Thanks Dacob, love this video!

J. Boadi says:

What a beautiful video Dacob. So refreshing to watch your videos. I was wondering if you speak any other languages other than english?

LaChainedeVaime says:

so lovely

Narelle Ravesi says:

Dacob your story of laughter is precious and “Your Laughter”is a true gift to all that are so fortunate to hear it,XOXOXOXO .

ATLAN says:

Salve 🙂 You said to always think about things that give us joy and make us smile. Well You give me joy and make me smile fow sure!  So here’s thinking of you! 🙂 Cincin. 🙂

yellowjacket says:

Amazing video Dacob! , just beautiful, so nicely put, it made my heart warm and I also remembered similar moments and those really are the most precious ones, and you need to cherish those for as long as you can. Also I was just thinking about your white Vivienne Westwood pirate shirt because I lovee that one and this one is divine too.

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