My Birthday Gifts!

See photos from my birthday night out:

Hey Chylights!

I really wanted to share with you the gifts I received for my birthday – I turned 22 on the 5th December!

In this video, I show things from the Vivienne Westwood purse from my mum and stepdad to the amazing skull and studs bag from my dad. I hope you enjoyed watching!

Please feel free to subscribe to my channel for all of my new videos – my next video will be a make up tutorial of the look I am wearing in this one!

Chyaz xox


melanie walters says:

Omg, seems like your dad knows you very well!. He must love you like crazy (:

Salinah Ayon says:

Happy Birthday! Am I late? ^.^

Chyaz says:

thank you 🙂 I have lost over a stone since the summer! xo

Sean Williams says:


ahelano says:

Cool! Happy Be-lated Birthday!!!!! One of my close friends’ birthday was on the 5th of Dec as well:) Awesome gifts!!! Thanks for sharing^_^

LauraLemurex ASMR says:

Llandudno! 🙂 Thats where I live, I shall go venture for this bag! 🙂

Chyaz says:

thanks 😀

Chyaz says:

Aww that is sweet, and thank you!! x

Chyaz says:

thank you sweetie! x

Sarah Magnier says:

Do u have a makeup tutorial for the look you are wearing?? It’s beautiful!! 😀
And Happy Birthday!! 😀

Danica E. Guevarra says:

aw my dad have the same birthday, happy bday love your videos. 😀

Chyaz says:

aww thanks 🙂 x

Chyaz says:

thank you very much 🙂 x

xXxGh0sTg1rLxXx says:

Ur skull bag is so CUTE

Alya Rami says:

WOW so you are Sagittarius too lolz

Lusi Lu says:

know *

Chyaz says:

I do feel very lucky indeed x

laollchen says:

Happy Birthday from Germany 🙂

kokorules21 says:

Happy belated birthday!!! 🙂 😀 😛

mowwsicc says:

Happy Birthday! 🙂 The necklace look so pretty!!!!

Tiffany Mak says:

Happy belated birthday, Chyaz! Sorry it’s late. 😛

Katie Poulton says:

What phone have u got I have been dying to no

Chyaz says:

hehehe 🙂

mich2014 says:

wow you are soo lucky I only recibe one present every birhday and is from my bf, my mom sometimes gets me something but most times is socks or leggins xD

daughteroftheelement says:

Btw you look like you have lost weight 🙂

Christine McCullough says:

you got such amazing presents, hope you had a lovely birthday! i also have one of those home made necklaces from Anglesey, they are so amazing and such great quality!x

daughteroftheelement says:

Happy belated birthday! 3 🙂 love ya chyaz

Chyaz says:

don’t worry!! Yes they are xxx

Yan Perro says:

Tiz is so sweet calling you muffin awww. Belated happy birthday 🙂 x

Chyaz says:

aww thank you! We mus be 😀 x

Chyaz says:

thank you lovely!! x

Chyaz says:

hehe isn’t it just? Thanks lovely! x

orihime yamazaki says:

When is your birthday

Chyaz says:

that is amazing, and I did than you! 🙂 xox

Chyaz says:

aw thanks lovely!x

Chyaz says:

aww Happy Birthday to your dad too!! x

Maliha Mahjabin says:

it surely is! :/
Happy birthday! 🙂

Chyaz says:

oh wow, awesome!! It’s from a little shop down a side street that doubles as a nail salon – I wish I could remember the name of it! xo

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