MINI-HAUL: Lush, Vivienne Westwood, Topshop, H&M



Becky TheWallflower says:

I love the outfit snippets. xD

mgitm10 says:

lol happy to help 🙂

kiaranah says:

I’m so glad faux leather has come back in cause I bought a really cute mini skirt for a nineties party a couple years ago but always feel a bit too weird to wear it out because it IS scary for some reason. But now my friend has one too, I feel free. Freedom.

Amy Johnson says:

I am so ridiculously excited that you know where Poole is since it’s near where I live :3

Katie Versluis says:

This video has the distinct pleasure of being the first to legitimately not show up in my sub box at all. Thank goodness for Twitter keeping me up to date.

a333 says:

could you also show your topshop shorts when they come? (also since you mentioned clueless i’m on this emma addiction so i’ve watched clueless and the actual emma movie and read the book multiple times the past couple months)

KT Eff says:

Oh I didn’t know the wearing leggings as trousers thing was frowned upon. I do it all the time. Oh well, thankfully I don’t really give a toss either. I think it looks awesome 🙂

Jaq Avery says:

Lex doesn’t wear leather, I’m pretty sure.

oliv3691 says:

I too am on board the Leggings can be worn as trousers boat! Except only on weekends because I don’t think I could pull off that look at the school where I teach. You never know though, if it was stylish enough I could probably get away with it. Basically this is me saying I need to go out and try to hunt down those Zara leggings! 😛

Saskaphone says:

Are the Zara leggings thick enough that you can’t see pants through them? Because I’ve been wearing two pairs of leggings at the same time recently to save everyone the trauma of seeing my underwear, but it’s kinda irritating and uncomfortable :/

DarcieandNina says:

ok i laughed like ten times too hard at 4:13

cricketbat08 says:

you look amazing in this. 🙂

a333 says:

No I haven’t, but it’s on my to-watch list! I meant the version with Gwenyth Paltrow that’s not really that accurate but is still super cute. I grew up on the Pride and Prejudice BBC miniseries though!

Sofia O says:

I have those zara leggins-trousers-whatever and i adore them! I was a bit sceptic at first because i am all about skirts and dresses but those leggings are just sooo confy and I can wear them everywhere.

DukeofYar says:

That bag is gorgeous and fabulous and amazing and everything. And you might just sell me on people being able to wear leggings as pants.

Chloe Xu says:

Ur so cute lex !! lol the vivienne westwood bag is a bomb!! so cute !!

Jess H says:

you look a bit like evan rachel wood in this video

Lex Croucher says:


Sara K says:

I like your hauls so keep doing them!

mgitm10 says:

Can you wear the bag cross body if you let one strap all the way down and the other all the way up? That would make the move-iness a feature

Isobel Andrews says:

Hawt shorts.

Zed says:

How much was the bag?

Angel77777771 says:

It would be pleather.

Sansa Holmes says:

Love the bag! Very cute!

NoNoNWO says:

Nice gear.

Jaq Avery says:

I will be so damn happy if you do a vegan lip products video. Seriously. I have so much trouble finding good lipstick.

Ekaterina Ilushkina says:

The end bit ♥! 😀

Katherine Rumley says:

the dance at the end cracked me up hahaha

JP Williams says:

LOVE the shorts. I just got back from H&M, now I really wish I’d bought some! I’ll have to go back.

hannahyep says:

that bag is magic

HarrietTwelveThree says:

You’ve also convinced me I need the faux leather skirt I had convinced myself I didn’t need.

Andi Kennedy says:

I love your hair in this video, did you curl use a curling iron or? help me copy you pls

Louise G says:

The dance at the end :’)
Please don’t apologise for doing hauls! Hauls are actually some of my favourite fashion/ beauty channel videos. I really enjoy seeing what you’ve bought 😛

HarrietTwelveThree says:

I used to live in skinny/straight leg jeans but after six months in Lanzarote only wearing shorts they seem too constricting now so my winters are also spent in leggings. Those Zara ones look awesome, might just get a pair. Speaking of lip products what are you wearing in this video? I need some more lip colours.

. says:

she doesn’t wear leather

Chickpeasarenice says:

She actually says in this video that she doesn’t wear leather…i believe that it’s really important to her not to use leather and she is a cruelty free product type of woman.

salamander jones says:

holy cow Lex that bag is amazing…!!!

Bee Kate says:

i meant faux leather, in the video lex refers to it as leather just bc its easier – i did the same.

Jaq Avery says:

Oh, unless you mean faux-leather. I should really watch the video before commenting.

KillerPandaJr says:

Oh, have you watched BBC’s Emma miniseries from 2009 with Romola Garai? It’s one of my favourtie adaptions!

Angela Robinson says:

Love that you support cruelty free! I think its so hard to go 100% cruelty free, just because its so hard to find brands that are natural and animal friendly. I pretty much wear Urban Decay like all of the time now.

lydia merida says:

You are so glamorous looking. Love your lipstick

Adorienn says:

Could you do a video on how to choose flattering clothes? I’ve watched so many videos, but still don’t get it.

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