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Victoria Melbourne says:

agreeing with you on this. the rest of the fragrance collection is just as wishy washy. to me they are like a very expensive and beautifully packaged body splash from bath and body works.

shtupman says:

The dry down is the thing that sells. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks LV fragrances are just C students in the school of smell.

Kevin Mccoy says:

I’ve smelled plenty of cyclamen flowers, but never gotten a hint of fragrance (lucky if you do). My fave natural flower scent is the mock orange Genus Philadelphus. I have one in my front yard, and it smells just like Juicyfruit gum! I think florals are the hardest thing to get right in perfumery.

Danny Rodriguez says:

Beautiful as always! Wonderful video once again! I will check out this scent sometime!

The Luxury Hybrid says:

I remember going into LV and getting the whole presentation of experiencing the aromas on the ceramic keys for each fragrance, and not liking a single one until I reached Contre Moi, Matiere Nour and Mille Feux. I’ve since recieved samples of the first 2 mentioned, but I have been wearing Mille Feux since September. Now this might sound strange; I suffer from allergies all year round. I wonder if this affects the way I experience a fragrance compared to others. In all fairness I’ve also never have been a big perfume person. It takes a certain sent to really captured my heart. That being said, Mille Feux with it’s notes of leather and raspberry work wonders with my chemistry and I will be repurchasing. I hope by then they haven’t F***ked up the formula by then. Other than that, I’m not a very big fan of the LV fragrances.

Kiadora says:

Dear Dacob! :] Nice video. :] This comment is gonna be very off topic and controversial in my opinion, so I hope it doesn’t matter… But I must admit that I love controversy sometimes. :’D So… PERIOD. Menstruation. I hate when some people say “Ew, it’s so disgusting…” I mean… I understand it in some way, but I must disagree. It’s completely natural process. People are more disgusted by blood coming from some natural process than blood coming from bloodshed.. You know what I mean? Bloodshed is way more disgusting than period to me. It’s just incomparable. And I think this topic shouldn’t be viewed as something disgusting. It’s part of life. It’s natural. And, without menstruation /and some other aspects, of course/, the human race would never exist. And… I think that menstruation-shaming and women-shaming overal is nonsense.  What do you think about this issue?

Shauna F says:

I absolutely love this fragrance! My SA gave me a sample and tried to sell me on it. When I initially sniffed it, I was not convinced. I absolutely thought the scent seemed dated. It didn’t seem right for me. But I took the sample home and gave it a shot. When I wore it the next day, I was absolutely obsessed. I now wear it as my daily, signature scent and I receive so many compliments constantly– from both women and men. It just works beautifully with my body chemistry. Like it was made for me. It is amazing how perfumes can work so differently on people.

Daniel Hammond says:

I don’t mind if a perfume is obsolete, but I do mind if it is dull! I have not smelt the LV perfumes, but you have described ‘dullness’! I would be cautious about buying one. It is unlikely that I ever will.

David Moffa says:

Today I am wearing Superstitious Alber Elbaz par Frederic Malle.

Indolic jasmine, animalic musk, vetiver, sandalwood and a huge aldehydes note.

Chanel No. 5’s friendlier, ‘easier’ sibling. Try to sample that, Dacob! Cheers !!! <3

Dee_xx says:

Oh well.The bottle looks pretty in the photo you showed. Maybe it might smell yum on someone else? One less to try for me – it’s hard keeping up! lol XO

LV & More says:

I love the contre moi I bought the travel kit.  I only bought it because you can take it with you and you can buy the refills.  But you are right the scent doesn’t last very long maybe more of a wood and musk notes.

Kadelle says:

Whilst I love some of the other LV cents a LOT more, I do like this one! For nostalgic reasons more than olfactory ones. It reminds me of my childhood in the Middle East – we had a couch in the living room that used to smell just like it! Good times 🙂
But I 100% agree on the “wannabe niche” part .I got that too after first smelling it and feeling nostalgia. It dries down to mediocracy. (the only thing that sets this perfume apart from similar ones I’ve smelled before is the fact that it doesn’t smell soapy haha) I wish they would have made this scent more special & unique. It has potential! But for this “niche scent”, I am going to stick to little shops in side-streets and avoid big name wannabes hehe.

Bacall says:

Today I’m wearing Portrait of a Lady by Frederic Malle. Some of these LV fragrances have a strong stale ammonia tinge. You were spot on regarding longevity of which is criminally bad to the point that I cannot believe they could pass as edp?? The ‘desperate to be niche candy-edge’ is beyond lame because it is done so poorly here. Unless you are going to create a masterpiece why bother to waste our time?

invisiblegirl422 says:

Wow! Sounds like a hard pass. Perhaps they would have been better off creating one masterpiece fragrance , than a line of of scents that are merely “meh”. So disappointing when you spray a new fragrance and it is too reminiscent of others on the market. Xoxo!

Priyanka Elffrost says:

I’m in love with the “Turbulences”. Did you try that one? 🙂

Alex Olendorff says:

I think we can make a comparison between LV fragrances and their seasonal items: they are not loved like the classics. They should really be focusing on quality control and new ways to represent the heritage. Wonderful video as always, Mr. Dacob!

Sherika Glenn says:

I’d rather hear an honest review than one than an false-positive. I don’t know who would hate on you for your opinion, but I say keep it up! I love the fact that you mention proper word choice and vocabulary. It’s important that we stop correlating objects with negative traits. Thank you for this review.

LizintheATL says:

I bought Turbulences. I think I may have confused it with something else when I tried on several of the fragrances in the store. I can’t tolerate wearing it for long. It smells like something one of my mother’s friends wore in the 70s/80s.

Joe W says:

I find, in general, this fragrance series by Lous Vuitton is lacking. Too watery and conforming. It feels like something that is focus-group tested.

Robert Perricone says:

many yrs ago there was a company called the Perfumers Workshop…and..they did have a fragrance oil..Cyclamen

Wiam 98h says:

what’s your favorite sexy perfumes for women (20years old)?

Raye Martin says:

The only Louis Vuitton Les Parfums I severely enjoyed was Rose Des Vents. It’s an incredibly linear rose, but it tugs my heart strings for some reason. Chills! Matiere Noire smelled nice. Nice. Just nice.

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