In this video I am wearing an early nineties vintage CHANEL jacket, Vivienne Westwood World’s End cowboy square T-shirt, Y-3 ss16 long reversible shirt, CHANEL fw15 bracelet, CHANEL 1985/86 gold plated cross necklace…

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2.55 REISSUE size jumbo – black distressed calfskin – SHW
unboxing: https://youtu.be/bsy-0urEydo

GST XL (grand shopping tote XL) – black caviar leather – GHW
unboxing: https://youtu.be/Dm8fexg5DYE
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SMALL TIMELESS CLASSIC – black caviar leather – GHW
unboxing: https://youtu.be/y4w0Pp8p7ME
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what fits inside?: https://youtu.be/lKtLhMk-MDw
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WOC (wallet on chain) – black caviar leather – GHW
unboxing: https://youtu.be/LQCJHBdnTRY
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2005 BAG – brown suede SHW
unboxing/review: https://youtu.be/T3a3iLGYn_4

2016 CRUISE – black chevron distressed lambskin – aged GHW
unboxing: https://youtu.be/VXPar3dskvo
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FW13 extra mini – black lambskin – aged GHW
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white says:

Omggg the ending was marvelous!!

Cameron Nazareno says:


Keila Telphah says:

More content. Talk about other brands as well, unbox other brands, even though Chanel is your favorite. I think it would help with subscribers.

michelle haywood says:

such a great video! you and your mom are fab – she is quintessentially chic, her eyes are beautiful and expressive, as are yours! thanks for sharing!

So Coco says:

I love a supportive mama!

Alex Olendorff says:

You and your mother have beautiful style!

fstopsong says:

SO CUTE! I laughed so loud when you and your mom tried to coordinate the “happy birthday Chanel…-er Coco.” The side commentary was the cherry on top LOL!!! I love your videos and have been BINGE watching them all! <3

David Moffa says:

Enjoy time with your Mother, Dacob !
Wearing No 19, today. <3

Phellip Fonseca says:

Dacob, whats your SnapChat?

Maya Maria says:

Hi there Dacob! I discovered ur channel not so long ago and I love ur videos! I also noticed that you keep ur private life away from the spotlight( e.g ur location, where u from) which I liked about you, and right now u r slowly opening the pages of your book by showing us ur beloved mom! Waahhh! I love it Dacob ! She is a sweetheart! Ur mom must be so proud of you!

Rae Maria says:

Dacob you’re adorable haha! I totally imagined you with a glass of moscato at the beginning of the video and then you whipped out the champaigne. Stay sassy haha <3 You're mom is so cute and her hair is ON POINT!

JoJo T says:

Hello also to your wonderful and stylish mom! Moms are best. 🙂

gurinder nagra says:


Chris Eastcoast says:

Cheers to your mom for being a great sport! 😀

Carina Bianco says:

I like it so much!!!! you are so great! the best! and happy birthday Coco, kisses from Argentina

yellowjacket says:

Her birthday should be a national holiday. We should all raise our glasses to coco, and cheers to you two, xoxo

Mrs Grandberg says:

Omg. Mom is absolutely adorable ❤️❤️❤️

LaChainedeVaime says:

il y a des gens qui regardent de France? 🙂

DubsMood says:

Oh, her hair is soo cute!! 😉

Lanier Smith says:

This was simply cocomarvolous!!!!! Happy Birthday Mademoiselle!!

Issa X says:

Your mom <3 so adorable and cool at the same time.

PB PB says:

was waiting for bday vid! xx

Sarah Force says:

So nice to see you and your mom dressed in CHANEL finery. Looking forward to the unboxing!

Narelle Ravesi says:

Hello Mummu Dacob,how wonderful to meet you and l must say you are a tremendous mum to have raised such a phenomenal son,Happy Birthday Coco Chanel,Xoxoxo.

Dee_xx says:

Oooooh you two are making me thirsty!! Salut et bon anniversaire Coco! xo
p.s. your mum is sweet too 🙂

yomama bear says:

Your mum is lovely xxx Happy Birthday Coco xxx

Ann De Moor says:

Ooh you two are so sweet together!! Sante to Coco’s birthday!! Xoxo

Caterina Iona says:

Cheers Dacob. Your mom is really sweet and so elegant! You must be very proud of her and she must be proud of you! Enjoy this day and I will definitely watch your photos on snapchat 🙂

Lara van Berkel says:

What a cute and fun video Dacob! Your mom looks stunning

Cameron Nazareno says:

absolutely its Coco Chanel Day

CHEM Reviews says:

Perfect guest for the occasion!! ❤ By the way, your mom’s haircut reminds me of Vidal Sassoon’s iconic haircuts ✨

Jehuda Victor says:

omg im so excited for you dacob!! hopefully u reached 10k soon!! ive been watching u since the very beginning of your video and im in love!! anw happy birthday Chanel

How can a train be lost? It's on rails. says:

yaay jacob you have a beautiful mom ! 🙂
Happy B-Day Coco xoxo!

Tanny75YT says:

Your mom is so sweet. Say hello to her! Can’t wait to see what you get. ☺️

Linda C says:

So sweet for your mom to join in your video . Happy Birthday Chanel ! Dacob , are you still going to do the perfume unboxing ?

Kay K says:

Hi sweetie, your momzi looks divine & she has a certain aura that makes people feel very comfortable & at ease. Cheers to COCO & to you too, onwards & upwards with merry more subbies to come!!! xoxoxo.

peter corcoran says:

Hi Dacobs mum , lovely to see you x

LaChainedeVaime says:

Wonderful mother, she has sweet eyes

garry martin says:

Bon anniversaire Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel ( Coco )

LadySusan Jane says:

An early congratulations ✨☺️

PB PB says:

you mom is beautiful! she’s French, eh? still trying to sort out your accent sweetheart! I’ll get there!

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