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ChanelLV says:

DEAREST BROTHA! Just as life cannot be shoved into one phrase–the love for something material cannot be categorized into just materialism and insanity. Just as each of us have so many facets .. So do the things that mean a lot to us. Nothing is black and white. What we need to do is make ourselves happy and be true and let others think what they want to think. They need to focus on what makes them happy as well. Just as that day is my proof you know what day I speak of dear brother. I cannot explain this to anyone but you and maybe a few others. Nobody else would ever know, or understand… And you know what, I am ok with that. Brother I hear ya! <3 big big hugs! You are the superstar! Hehe <3

Mian Zheng says:

Leave him alone. This is the guy doing what he likes to do without harming anyone. He brings in content, reasons, history, philosophy whatever you feel justifiable to call. Who are you to tell do something better? He doesn’t charge you. He does not have any obligation to feed you with food for thought if your mind were mature enough. Even if your mind aren’t. But politicians are obligated to run a country right once they are elected. End of terms, if the outcomes are different, at least, they are inefficient or they are Liars/Criminals. Please go express your thought of this guy’s videos with no content making you insane, Zane!

Love Is Who I Am says:

My Golden Phoenix, this video alone has gained you a new subscriber. You expressed yourself in a loving manner. Cheers and a spritz of parfum to you. xoxo

PB PB says:

we need to send her (the commenter) a few bottles of the green monster! hah! would love to know what you studied in university my dearest love? xx oh i and i LOVE Vivienne Westwood in every way possible, that vest rocks!

Thadian Pillai says:

Exceptional, bravo. ‘Love and Passion’ and a profound integrity. Dacob, thank you for your challenging and thinking content; you are as rare as a blue giraffe x

Som_ Suwadee says:

I’m a material girl but not a label whore.I don’t love all labels, only certain ones.I always tell people that my parents raised me well with all the love and attention.So no I’m not seeking for attention when I flaunt my Chanel nor do I need approval from anyone else.People spend money on different things therefore they should not judge or wish anyone to crumble down because they make their choices differently than you. You are very strong at taking criticism and flip it around.i don’t know if u could stand it or stand up against it.That is why I never make any videos yet

Moroni Veliz says:

There’s so many videos of luxury hauls and unboxings on here but your videos stood out to me exactly for the reason that you bought a product because it has a deeper meaning and you explained that meaning. Your videos opened my eyes and like you said help us learn. Thank you for your videos and as long as you make videos I will watch them

equizikal says:

People might not realize just how great it ‘feels’ to wear niche… to have that ‘I made it’ moment. Masterpiece video!!

SharahHanna says:

I love how eloquent you are esp on expressing yourself, and how passionate you are. All the best dacob!!!

Daniel Hammond says:

No need to wash an outer garment every time you wear it, usually. Unless you have spilt something on it. Heaven forbid, on a Westwood original!
I agree with your thoughts on luxury goods. I recently bought my first Chanel (apart from perfumes). A card holder. I found excellent card holders from mass market suppliers for well under AUD$100. I decided to pay AUD$390 for a Chanel because I find it, as you say, ‘moving’. The perfect word. It is a link, not just emotionally, but physically, through a lineage which is, in its own way, as noble as Queen Elizabeth’s. This card holder inspires me to think of Chanel herself, regardless of whether she designed such a thing in her lifetime. (I don’t know if she did, but I think it unlikely, since cards were not widely used prior to her death in 1971.) Still, it makes me think of her. The other lineage which inspires me about this card is the manufacturing line. It is not ‘cheap and nastily’ made. Naturally, I cannot pretend to be a connoisseur of the best levels of leather manufacturing, but I do have some experience with the medium to lower end and I promise you, this card holder did not come from the lower end of town. It is Paris’s finest. So it inspires me. And it makes me think of the blessed hands, noble and skilled, which created objects for the people who believe themselves to be the best people from time immemorial until now. To me, with my notorious (among those who know me!) socialist streak, it pleases me to think that I am not the only consumer of luxury goods who stops to think of the hands which made my treasures, often unthanked and unvalued as they were.
Thank you so much for this video.


your videos are excellent quality, and your perspective is incredible , deep, and very spiritual, and super hilarious, I was laughing because you are so earthy (to the point, PASSIONATE, a lover of everything, bold) … many ways, “Franciscan” lol ! you really have a deep touch with living life and how everything is connected, I find your videos art. Because you have this great and deep insight into all of creation…….this is what I have noticed about you, very much a lover of nature. We need more people of you in the world, men who can show others the way, the way of love and the way of living life, to enjoy life, to be positive and to know that all of creation, from the earth worms to the biggest created thing are eternally LOVED, thank you Dacob for your time, your effort and passion that you put into your videos and that you share with all of us……”materialism” isn’t evil, its in fact a good….we are to love all created things, but at the same time remembering that we are also spiritual creatures….and this I have notice about you, you have a great understanding and mature insight into how they are both ONE. Thank you and peace !

Narelle Ravesi says:

Yes Dacob you do layer and your salt & pepper is magnificent,soooooo many of us love you dearly,Xoxoxo.

Suraya Sultanova says:

Hey Dacob , heard about the new channel parfume ? Can you please do a review on it ? Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Dee_xx says:

Two people look at a Chanel bag, diamond ring, original artwork, rare piece of furniture etc etc. One person sees how much it costs, and feels/thinks that if they own it their peers will think of them as stylish, successful and somehow better than…. The second person looks at those things and becomes fascinated with how they were made, who designed them and what the designers were thinking or what the artist was trying to achieve. I’m simplifying it but you get the idea. The second person has an artistic soul. Takes one to know one 😉 xo.

soloflyer1007 says:

nothing wrong with material things. i think you’re flawless. keep on being you!

kat b says:

Love your videos and your eloquence. Your passion for life comes across in  your posts. Thank you for making great content on your channel.

Austin Ernst says:

Dacob, your a wise & smart person. I’ve been watching your videos for a while now & I finally decided to subscribe to you. Keep doing you.

Rich Lux says:

I saw a video where you did a multicolor LV I hope one day you buy every single multicolor ever made that would be an amazing collection multicolor was my fave the white and black

Troll Doll says:

I did not like this video I found it very boring Zzzzzzz I Wana see Louis Vuitton and Chanel frndi Gucci come one. This is boring

Luna042682 says:

i saw a video yesterday those people went dumpster diving not only did they find a michael kors bag with not a scratch on it but also tons of perfume bottles and some of the bottles had a lot in them talking almost full including a few Chanel ones. Seems to be the rage in the usa i have not seen that in Belgium yet maybe because here trash really is trash

Alejandrita says:

“Stinky hoe” lol I’m dead

Lanier Smith says:

I’m catching up dear friend! You are amazing and fabulous! Your wisdom is layered and I hear many lives lived behind your words which built that wisdom which is greater than your years. Now let’s have some champagne!

Pans Garden says:

Love love love wish sizing was bit larger recently tho…. I feel the pain in that … Well done Dacob

Trina says:

Just live life in a way that makes YOU happy, love and live!! Thats all we are trying to do! I always love your videos like this and the way you end your videos so positively always lifts my mood! Hope you are having a great day (night?) Dacob! 🙂

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