In this video I am wearing a Vivienne Westwood ss’16 vest and a Vivienne Westwood silver FLY necklace.

unboxing CHANEL GST XL (Grand Shopping Tote XL):

review CHANEL GST XL (Grand Shopping Tote XL):

CHANEL GST XL wear and tear after one year:


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Daniel Hammond says:

A beautiful bag. I am so sad that it is gone.

Mrs Grandberg says:


Dee_xx says:

What a lovely bag! Reminds me that there are definitely 2 sides to everything and not much room in the centre, speaking of politicians, har har. Seriously lovely though. Is it the camera, or does this leather have a bit of navy in it? Perhaps it’s the lighting. And Dacob!!!! You are the first person besides myself who is super super into the SOUND of hardware clicking. Yum! It is completely sensual and comforting, like the sound of moving a hard caramel to the other side of your mouth, lol. I totally get it!! Only heavy hardware can do that. Anyway, you deserve the love you receive on here, my dear, which has a lot to do with how open and loving you are yourself xoxo.

moomookitty 1923 says:

The Beige Claire GST was my first Chanel bag. It was the most affordable at $2,900 and the largest for the price. I also purchased it in black and the red that was produced right before it was discontinued in the U.S. In my opinion it’s iconic and classic, and I still can’t believe they discontinued such a popular bag. I love the squeaky chains on both my GST’S and my Classic flaps, it just makes it sound luxurious.

Valerie says:

The XL version looks beautiful. I bought the standard size pre-loved a few months ago and have been enjoying it a lot. It has started to crease a little at the bottom which is an issue I have seen a lot online, so now it’s taking a little rest. 🙂

Ginzaboy says:

Hey Dacob! One thing id like to see would be a fall/winter essentials for you, like what your favourite fashion pieces are for the fall, what trends you see, which trends you like that kind of thing. Just an idea! Love your videos. xoxo

Ambrose Joseph says:

Your weight loss looks great.

Jehuda Victor says:

omg thats a good point!! going to school with a lot of rich people is a pain in my heart because they to never respect their expensive leather goods. they buy them but they never clean them untill it looks really dull but in the making of that item worker works so hard for that item to look beautiful and rich people in my school never give the respect.

Osi Marvelous says:

This Bag is Gorgeous, like You❤️❤️!

Moroni Veliz says:

Agree with you about the sound the handles make. When I was a little kid I remember the first Chanel bag I saw in person was a GST and I remember hearing the handles and the leather when the lady set the bag down. My number one favorite bag from Chanel, so sad they discontinued and raised the price. Hopefully I’ll get one some day and I guess the good thing about that is that it’ll be an older model with better quality

Troy Smythe says:

The confidence to wear what you love without apology is a very attractive quality. And that bag is epic.

Narelle Ravesi says:

10,030 subscribers,Well Thank you GST XL for introducing us to the wonderful man that is Super Dacob,Congratulations Dacob our community grows,Love and Hugs, Narelle

Rich Lux says:

Have you been watching drag race all stars

MrMatt C says:

love you Dacob xoxo ,i wear mens and womens perfume , but i dunno if i could wear a bag like that , i have a mens bag though

Azei Alaiiya says:

darling ur so skinny

Alisha Ricki says:

What are the measurements?

Daysi Velasquez says:

love the bag

Ying Li says:

I bought Chanel PST in beige back in 2011… don’t use it much and don’t see it on YouTube much either

emer murphy says:

FU society!!You are so loved Dacob-interesting and original!

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