purse: http://m.target.com/p/women-s-solid-mini-belted-tote-pink-merona/-/A-50066445
→WHATS ON MY IPHONE 6S: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFQS6MZWpjs

→LIFE HACKS YOU WILL ACTUALLY USE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmD0K-8XzVA

→POWER OF MAKEUP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5H-9IxVwdQ

faq ↴
camera: canon rebel t3i
editing: final cut pro x
social media?: none at this time! (i have an instagram account but no pics/don’t have the app!)
age: 16!

business email ↪︎ arielbecker27@gmail.com for sponsorships n such onllllyyyyyyyyy ☀︎☼
if u wanna chat email me arielisthename@gmail.com

i often use Gabrielle Marie and Crispy Editing Hacks transitions and titles so thank you to them!! ☽♡

i looooove u all!!!


Maloriee Bearr says:


miatrapani says:

legit first min into the vid i was about to comment that you look exactly like kathleen lights and then 4 seconds later you say you love kathleen lights…..creepy? creepy.

Annie Tran says:

I love your purse it’s so cute

insertacoolnamehere says:

Target doesn’t sell this purse anymore.

Brandyi Ramirez says:

I like how she’s says maybe you won’t subscribe and that’s okay hahaha

Melanie Delgadillo says:

“we dont wanna buy anything from Michael kors”
pulls out michael kors wallet her mom bought from there

xbryannaheartsbeautyx says:

I love your purse!

Janae Chacon says:

I love love love that in the beginning of the video she says she has her license in her wallet and then she says that she don’t have her license yet

it’s me kyla says:

what’s the name of the micheal kors bag ??

Ordinary Tia says:

Johnny’s pizza

Kymberly Marks says:

She sound like she spoiled tbh

Pat Stewart says:

I love your coin purse could you please put a link for the site? Thanks

Natalie Suhr says:

how old are you

little sparkles says:

I’m like her because I watch what’s in my purse and I care to love you your so beautiful and you are sweet

chassidy beinlein says:

you look young to have a driver license not trying to be rude i love your you tube channel

ashlyn.m.parriman says:

How old is Ariel?

It’s SHAKISHA says:

Is that purse a good quality purse?? I might get it

Mythical Creature says:

Wait so how long have been 16

lea makdessi says:

love it

smol peaches says:

U look 12 or 13 oldest would be 15

jonathan grice says:


Ariel Ervin says:

my name is ariel to

Alexa Marcelo says:

You look like another version of maddie ziegler # star shoking

Denisse Chávez says:

I like your personality, hope keep the right way to make more videos like this one you looks so sweet and funny !

Nevaeh Wilkerson Ilovewayne1 says:

Our roed

Ivanna Miranda says:

She said Michel cores like 20 times

aa yyy says:

“Like my mom and I don’t want to buy anything from MK” *says in a condescending tone as if MK isn’t good enough for her* *pulls out MK wallet* ???

little sparkles says:

You should do a video on how to organize your purse because your purse is so so beautiful and I love it so much and how to do a makeup tutorial because your makeup lookes asome love you

Isabel Solis says:

My bag is from jcpenny for 20 on sale

Angel Roak says:

I got the Same purse as you and I love my purse I Use it everyday

katherine harley cp says:

You’re great! you’re so real. Great video. I peeled my acrylics off after they broke once. It was so painful they do get really weak

Unicorn Lover says:


florecita flor says:

It,s my birthday

Hajah Phillips says:

when she showed her wallet one of the things she said was her drivers license then she said she doesn’t have her drivers license

Damnsheezy Y says:

You’re so prettyyyy

Alyna Santana ( Student ) says:

Ur so

cici vazquez says:

A wallet then a small wallet and a lipstick that’s all she had in her purse

Sarah slime boss says:

do u have your own car now

Adventures With Me Anirah Thomas says:

U think u cute u think u pretty u look like a bojie ant

Diamond Gurung Family says:

Wait a second before you said you have your driver licence and now you’re saying you don’t have your driving licence and you’re driving with your mum what the heck how could you forget so easily that you have driving licence or IDK

life of peyton says:

4:50 she says she IS 16 EVERYONE QUIT ASKING

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