WHAT’S IN MY PURSE 2016! | Mel Joy

I love you guys so so much and hope you enjoyed my purse video!! ♡
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yay u got a big hug :))
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What i’m wearing:
Shirt: Forever21

Thanks to Ebates for working with me for this video!


Maria Voznuka says:

Michael kors isn’t vegan

Danni Ji says:

which model kate spade is her wallet! i needsta know!

Daniela Altamirano Vega says:

Luv u

April Freck says:

the portable charger cable does charge your phone as well as the charger. i use it that way all the time. that’s why it has the cable.

Sabina Rafailoff says:

In your next video can you explain what a portable charger is

Gabriela Mora says:

You are so beautiful. Love youu❤

Gagan Kaur says:

From where I can buy it online pls

Ashley Mason says:

Let’s take a moment and admire her makeup it’s lit!!!!!

Sandra Bobovnik says:

omg Mel we have the same phone,can we be twinsis?

Sarah Sullivan says:

You are so pretty

That Girl Down The Steet Man says:

Cool please do an updated 1 for 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣ please please please

Taryn Cheng says:

I love your voice!!! It’s so cute. ❤️

Jacianna Gomez says:

you should do a house tour

Marina Mile says:

Makeup routine

Selina Smart says:

Where did you get your white cardboard from ?

Cheyenne Kistner says:

What purse is this? Anyone know?

Ivy Kopp says:

Love your makeup

Kate and Babes says:

i seriously love your chatty intros, so cute

SimplyAriel says:

Melllllll u were so skinnnyyyyyyyy o.o u look so much healthierrrrr now!!! Sending all my support!!!!!!!!!!?

Rachel Marie says:

If you have a lot of stuff. Do a what’s in my car!!!!

Melody Stubbs says:

WOAH OMG!! My names Melody too!!

sona rajan says:

you do know that you can put the usb cable thats in the portable charger in reverse and use it as a charging cable for your phone?

Kesa G says:

is she frm Hannah montana

Elsa Marquez says:

She talks wayyyyyyyyy to much

Diana Dambakly says:

Cute and inexpensive name brand purses!!!!!!! https://www.etsy.com/shop/BagUrBabe

Iule Lívila Morais says:

All these people on YouTube with fancy purses, and then there’s me with my $10 dollar bag from Kmart.

Jasmine Mejia says:

I’ve been looking for that purse. Was it limited edition? It’s not on the mk website or the Macy’s website 🙁

sophie helena says:

What lip color is that<33

Safi Munywoki says:

love the purse

Niaksha Shetty says:

a room tour and thiiiisss make up tutorial plss! u look soooooooooooooo gooooooood in this !!

Nickey Wonder says:

Loving that bag color! I will habe to put that on my bag lady radar!

Luna_Lei Gaming says:

your friend s name is my name too

Brynn G says:

where is this girl’s necklace from

Kate Skillcorn says:

I love your videos Mel!

Georgia Oosterveld says:

room tour and black and silver puff ball

Claire Martin says:

omg i have the same necklace as you !

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