My Review and Comparison of the Walmart Waverly Purses versus Vera Bradley

I got these from Walmart, here is my first impression!

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Angie Payne says:

I love this video! The first time I saw those purses at Walmart, I took a second look also. I touched one and it is much cheaper quality and feel than Vera. Like you, I am a huge Vera fan. I don’t carry anything except Vera. You are so funny! I knew when you pulled out that cardboard it was packaging! lmao. I love that you can laugh at yourself. I really enjoyed you comparing and showing the Waverly line. I know you were trying to be neutral, and fair in your review. However, a person in need of a bag and on a budget would get a better bag (probably) getting a nice pre-owned Vera off ebay. But I get the price point issue. I have been there also. Thanks again Stacy!

shedakat says:

Are you keeping those bags when your done with them ?

shedakat says:

I have some Bella taylor and Stephanie dawn bags, Vera is better but they’re good too especially the SD bags

Melissa Stewart says:

Cannot find the group on Facebook

LovingLife says:

It’s interesting that if you watch the sales and even Vera Ebay, the Vera Bradley can be super inexpensive.

shady Lnu says:

I haven’t had a chance to read Barbara’s new book yet.
tho I’m surprised to hear her say it’s a compliment { to have knock offs }
I remember in 2005 when Vera Bradley sued target over a print that was similar to sherbet.

Angie Payne says:

Oh-yeah, Every time I watch one of your videos, I always wonder if Barbara ever watches them. You are so cute and positive, I think she would like to hire you for marketing! =)

GottaluvHP says:

Hey Stacy,
Ive noticed in your videos that you only have patterns released by the corporate store. I was just wondering if you had any of the “exclusive” patterns (QVC, outlet, Dillard’s etc.) in your collection?

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