What’s In My Purse & Review: Michael Kors Cindy Large Dome Satchel | Summer Edition

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purple sassy says:

I love cross body purses and i liked that bag i thought your purse would be full to the top my go to item in my purse is sunglasses

Lindsay Allen says:

Great video and your hair looks great!!

Datkrazygirlfromva says:

Loving your hair!!!!!

Courtney Phillips says:

Beautiful bag! Thanks for making a review vid! Mine is coming in the mail soon and i cant wait to see it! Looks like it’s perfect to fit a tablet

Apelila says:

Hey Nicole this is such a great video. I recommend the Alma I have the BB size in DE I luv it so much❤️

Sexy T says:

very nice video, but how do you buy a Louis Vuitton handbag? I really want to purchase it but it cost so much it make me scared to buy it, do you think it worth the sacrifice and the money and yes I need your opinion please?

JMonique C says:

Just found your channel! I love this video! I had a MK domed satchel similar to this one. I purchased it as a test run to later purchasing an Alma.It was black leather and had the chain link crossbody strap. It was on sale at Macy’s for $150 last year which was a great deal but over the past year the chain link strap became annoying. There was a MK medallion hanging from the front that keep flipping around. Also the back side kept losing its shape. It was the most annoying thing ever. I was able to sell it here recently and get back almost 90% of my money back which I was happy for. I hope with the newer Cindy models MK worked out the kinks to the domed satchel.

aubrey crook says:

how do you edit your videos

Esther Senior says:

Great video. I like the lv alma better because the zipper unzippes.all the way to the bottom. Micheal kors is nice.

benjy rizza says:

I’m having trouble with a bag I’m buying. It’s stated as a Michael kors large cindy 100% anuthentic how can you tell it’s authenticity because I’ve seen two types of cindy bag one with the longer strap only and one with both long strap and the handles on the top is this correct is there those two different styles

SueLocd says:

I am soooo glad you got this bag!! I had been looking for a good review on it for ages and couldn’t find one. I have been so tempted to get a Cindy and I know that I can rely on your reviews. I have the LV multicolor Alma in the noir, but I haven’t used it yet and am considering selling it actually. It just got officially discontinued last week and, although I love the bag, I now realize that I won’t use it as much as I want to. I want to switch it for the damier ebene Alma, which I know I’ll use a lot. I’m really glad that MK now has a dupe for it and I will probably end up getting a Cindy as well in a nice color. Thanks a lot for making this video! xxx

Estefany Perez says:

I like this bag and I just got it in the navy color.I also have the Louis Vuitton Alma pm and I rather keep the MK and the reason is its much lighter and practical.All Louis Vuittons are so heavy.I have the speedy 30 Lv and gets on my nerves because it sags.I love all your bags.The saffiano leather is much better than reg leather.Keeps it shape.God Bless us All!

Alsalam labour supply says:

hi can you please make your entire micheal kors handbag collection please

SueLocd says:

I don’t really have a “go to” item in my bag, even in summer, but the one thing I am never without is my Chanel accessory bag in the smaller size. It holds so many of my random personal items like lip liners and glosses, feminine items, mirror, a few hair pins, paracetamol, etc. Just all of the extra stuff we carry as women. That is the one item that moves (as is) into every bag that I carry. I am also getting into the groove of switching out my bags more often. xxx

Georgia Doherty says:

Why wont u accept my instagram follow request?? 🙁

Summer Fashion says:

it looks like the kate spade cedar street maise bag!

Bibi Alasfour says:

Buy the Louis Vuitton alma bb is gorgeous

Katelynn Dinh says:

Can u fit a MacBook Pro in it

sharon barnes says:

Love your video great bag and so tried of MK. It is affordable for me than LV I just purchased my second bag so in between I will be using MK, RM

Kay Marie says:

Love his bag! I want it in a nude or navy. Your hair looks great !

Celita Guia Whittington says:

First, you look beautiful Nicole! I also don’t mind MK bags and/or accessories.  If I like a bag and it is useful for me I don’t care who makes it.  I am currently on an LV kick since as you mentioned if I don’t use it I can sell the bag/slg for close to what I purchased it for if not the exact price.  I would love an Alma one day but I want the BB in Vernis.  I haven’t quite decided on the color lol.  Have a great rest of your week and thank you for the video!

HK_ Nurse says:

My children are obsessed with you (especially my boys 8 and 12) they’re saying you are gorgeous, and love your look…I told them your to old for them…lol

Emily Creque says:

This is such a classic shape. Love it! It’s super similar to my Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise

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