What’s In My Michael Kors Dressy/Sutton Tote + Review

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London Naughte says:

Target makes you pay for bags?? I’m happy none of mine do. Nice video.

Pamela Farrar says:

I love love the color!

Jennifer Lo says:

Love the sunglasses, great video!

Cindy Lin says:

Can books and folders fit in this medium size dressy tote? Or a larger bag will do better?

Rachel Ramirez says:

You are too cute! I always enjoy watching your videos because you make it entertaining for example how you hold up the bag to show us the stuff as you were taking them out, you were struggling but it totally made the video! Lol! It’s almost 2am, I can’t sleep and my husband just asked me why was I laughing?! Lol!

Dawn says:

I love this bag! Is this the large sutton or medium? I need it!! 🙂

dksdpfls says:

I saw this at my local Michael Kors outlet. I tried to look it up when I got home and got super confused because it looked exactly like the sutton tote to me…so I guess they are the same bag?? geez why did they have to give it two names…

coachette08 says:

Totally love your videos.  They are so helpful.  Do you prefer the sutton tote over the selma and is one heavier than the other? Thanks.

KimmieHD says:

Lol I love how you actually showed us the bag as you’re taking out the stuff. I wanted this bag but I wanted to see how it works before getting one. SOOOO glad you mentioned the iPad because I didn’t know if I could put my iPad in there. Thanks for the great review.

jessica palazzolo says:

Awesome video! Love this bag. Do you have it in the medium or large!?

Angelina says:

You’ve totally convinced me to buy this bag 🙂 I was going to go with the hamilton tote but I couldn’t decide if it was too big. After seeing the sutton I think it’s a perfect fit for me.

tori0083 says:

I’m loving this color. Now, would you wear this bag year round? Because I know if I go get this bag in this color, I’m gonna have to use that baby more than just spring and summer lol.

Sasha GB says:

Thank you so much for this video. I purchased the small size and not the medium size you have, but I was looking for a bright handbag and couldn’t find one I really liked at an okay price. If I hadn’t seen this, I honestly never would have considered Michael Kors.

ann marie Eaddy says:

I love your bag and I love pink have an nice evening from marie

pippy 35 says:

okay i am thinking of getting this bag but there are 2 pink colors raspberry vs fushia which color would u say is brighter? thanks in advance

Rosa Puspasari says:

is that medium size or large size? thanks for answering 🙂

swt8nglaggie03 says:

Love your videos! Just wondering if you still use your MK bags now. I have been wondering about their durability over time.

Jessie DuQue says:

thank you for your video, love that Sutton bag.  Did you say your key cle is Last King Key Pouch?  I tried to find your unboxing but couldn’t.  I am interested in that pouch, can you confirm the name or link to your video?

au2fann says:

i really liked that you showed the bag as you pulled stuff out of it. gave a different view..thanks!!

Kaitlynn Sprinkle says:

Is this the medium or large? I love the pink btw!!!

Felicia108 says:

What size is this?

Clarissa Jackson says:

Gorgeous bag!! And you are so hilarious and entertaining

jihooniel says:

Hi there 🙂 I really enjoyed ur review! I got mine in small size for the same color today, and I was wondering if u had any issue with staining on the bag from jeans or any other clothing.. I know that the saffiano leathers are durable and stain resistant but I am not sure about jean stains

Lori Greco says:

You are so natural and way too entertaining! I love your work. keep it up. I’m about to buy one, but sooooooooo confused about black or sapphire. Any ideas?

Low Tolerance Lady says:

” Bare with me, as we do this together” Lool the way you looked and said that, ahh you’re too funny man.

Tami TKDGal says:

hey I’m a subbie and I’m really enjoying your bag reviews. I think I want to purchase this bag or maybe the Selma.  It will be my first designer bag.  I was also looking at the coach Crosby crossbody bag.  Have you seen that bag? What are your thoughts on it 

Bag Obeans says:

The dust bag is a new design. The S.A at Macy’s told me that it was so popular, they are getting stolen out of the handbags. ..

Livelovebehappy says:

Hi. Does it sag in the middle when you put a lot of things? Luv ur bag!

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