Review: Michael Kors Signature East/West Tote and Wristlet

All items were purchased with my own money for myself FYI.

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I think wristlet has been discontinued.

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Cindy Yang Lee says:


Cindy Yang Lee says:

No way! This bag is very low maintenance and the canvas doesn’t pickup or get stained at all. No color transfers from jeans. I’m just sad that I accidentally marked the leather strap with a blue pen 🙁 The canvas is really soft but durable and doesn’t get dirty which is why I loved and used it so much. If you wanted to clean, simply wipe it down with a warm rag or baby wipe. It’s definitely one of my favorite bags so I’m still a little sad that I gave it away to my older sister LOL

Cindy Yang Lee says:

Check it out at Macy’s! That’s where I got it.

T Y says:

Great review. I’m getting this same bag but in brown. Thanks for the awesome review on this bag. I love it 🙂

Cindy Yang Lee says:

Thanks! I only have 3 large MK bags, already given some away to my little sister. Did you find my second video of the other bags?

AY Q says:

I got the black one 🙂

Cindy Yang Lee says:

Ah! What a dilemma.

Kelly Gulino says:

It’s PVC, not leather.

iiJeeneefer says:

I can’t decide on which color ugggh!

Cindy Yang Lee says:

Not really because there’s that middle section where you can zip things up, yet it’s a tote so you can easily slip things into your bag with your personal stuff securely hidden and zipped. I loved it and am still sad I gave it to my sister but since I like to share ….. 🙂 hope that helps

Cindy Yang Lee says:

Hmmm, I don’t know if it will fit your macbook then. Mine is 13″ and fits perfectly (not too tight or loose).

Hannah Shirk says:

Oh definitely! Thank you so much! I was torn between like 4 of the colors in this style but I think you helped me decide!

J9Pilates says:

Hey! Sry I know you recently answered this but I just ordered this bag and it should arrive soon. Most ppl who have the vanilla bag and the MK sales rep said its low maintenance as far as cleaning but I recently saw someone’s video that said it gets dirty easily…ugh. I just want to see ur thoughts as far as someone using this on a daily basis…Do u still think that it doesn’t get dirty easily?

Miss G6 says:

What color is your bag and wristlet? Is it tan and white?

Cindy Yang Lee says:

Ivory, it matches the handbag.

T Y says:

Just found you and subbed. I really enjoy your vids. Love the mk bag; been thinking about getting this bag. Thanks for the great review. Btw, can you do a mk bag collection? Thanks 🙂

T Y says:

Yeah I found the other vid of your mk bag. I love them. You have great taste in mk bags. Thanks for the review. 🙂 looking forward to more vids from you.

Cindy Yang Lee says:

Thanks! The brown? or bags can be sisters! I have a friend that just bought the brown one too.

Cindy Yang Lee says:

Not necessarily the color but some of the lettering is starting to wear down near the corners. It doesn’t get dirty easily, but I wipe it down once in a long while. OMG I once spilled an entire can of soda on the inside!!! So sad, but I flipped it inside out and rinsed it really thoroughly and left it to dry over night — good as new.

Cindy Yang Lee says:

It’s nice but not fit for 3″ books – really kills your shoulder. I did use it as a school bag for a while and just carried my larger books in my arms. It works great as a work bag. Fits my documents and laptop perfect, but I eventually gave it to my sister thinking I wouldn’t need it anymore since I bought an LV. But my new bag’s not a tote – such a pain! So now I’m using one of my other MK totes and it’s way too heavy. This one is much lighter and more stain resistant. Miss it.

Melissa Florez says:


Angil Green says:

love your bag, I also have many michael kors handbag review, check out my channel

Cindy Yang Lee says:

It’s pretty stain resistant and I’ve had no color transfer from clothes.

Cindy Yang Lee says:

No way! At least not my personal experience. Trust me! Low maintenance very easy to use and clean if necessary… but don’t go and purposely rub things on it LOL

Cindy Yang Lee says:

I have the Gansvorte Tote in the cloth material and it’s fairly stain resistant too but not as much as this canvas material. If that helps.

Hannah Shirk says:

Oh okay awesome! I think I might buy this bag in NYC this Friday and I’m pretty set on getting the vanilla color! Also, I heard that if you’re wearing like a dark colored shirt that the dark may rub off onto the white color and stain it? Do you find this to be true? I was thinking about getting the MK stain repellant spray just in case

Cindy Yang Lee says:

Yes, sorry. It is a canvas with real leather handles.

l ex says:

do you really like this bag? i have the steve madden Bmaxie bag right now and i feel like that bag is a little too big. i’m only in 8th grade and all the other girls wear satchels and stuff. i really want this bag for my birthday, so would you recomemend it?

Joaquin Silva says:

Only leather on your bag are the straps:) it’s canvas

Cindy Yang Lee says:

Nice! I have since given this bag away to my sister. I do miss it though!

lemontea128 says:

ahhh!! I am having a dilemma ..I can’t decided between this vanilla one or the brown one..

Cindy Yang Lee says:

OMG, you’ll love it! It’s fairly vanilla and it really doesn’t get dirty. Very low maintenance, I think. Post pics or make a vid when you get yours!

Cindy Yang Lee says:

Thanks! No, I purchased it separate but it’s also MK.

Cindy Yang Lee says:

I really do. It’s a nice everyday bag and it doesn’t have embellishments that will go out of style. Just nice nude canvas. It’s very easy to take care of and low maintenance. You could carry a laptop and folders but it does get heavy, and the zip pocket on the inside takes up a little bit of space but lets you stay organized and keep things safe. You should really go check it out in the store at MK or at Macy’s first to see if you like it.

chokey17 says:

Hi! This purse is so cute! =] I’m debating on whether I should get it as well.. I noticed you said you’ve given it away but when you had it did you find your things felt too exposed sometimes? I’m really paranoid since I’m constantly commuting and my bag is often behind me tucked under my arm. Would love your input!

Christine Wilkinson says:

Hi, Where did you find that wristlet? Thanks!

Cindy Yang Lee says:

thank you!

natasha Trevino says:

hey can you do a bag or wristlet collection please! I loove your videos you and I have same taste in bags☺

T Y says:

I’m so in love with this bag I can’t stop watching your review on it. I love the vanilla color but I’m just afraid of it getting dirty. I’m getting my MK bag next weekend and I can’t wait.

mangopeachx33 says:

love the bag i have one but bigger version. did urs come with a dust bag?

namelessnelly says:

Really cute bag! I’m still debating on brown or vanilla 🙁 Do you think this bag (vanilla) goes with all color outfits??

Cindy Yang Lee says:

Yes. I think so.

Cindy Yang Lee says:

It was available at Macy’s for a short time.

Hannah Shirk says:

Has the color worn out a lot? Like have you spilled or had any dirt get on it?

Cindy Yang Lee says:

mine didn’t come with a dust bag…. maybe because I got it at Macy’s?

bzzztobee says:

love your Mk scarf! do they still sell it at the mk store?

Cindy Yang Lee says:

Hmm, I have no problems with it attracting dirt, but keep in mind it is a nude/soft colored canvas.

Juke Box says:

I loved the keyring on the MK wristlet – did this come with it or did you put it on yourself – if so, wheres it from!? Thanks, great video! Love from england 🙂

tina. says:

Did the bag not work out as a school bag? I was thinking of buying the same tote to use it for school.

Cindy Yang Lee says:

I think so, it’s such a neutral color.

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