REVIEW: Michael Kors Selma purse in ‘Luggage’ Review!!

A review of Michael Kors’ medium Selma bag in the colour ‘Luggage.’


J-Money Mokhtar says:

I just bought this for my wife through Macy’s they had it on sale for 159$! The large one

jbre0310 says:

Lucky you got a medium in that color. I was lucky enough to get a medium one in black with grommets and now know, medium is my size. I have a large one also but now im on a hunt for medium sizes in several colors but they are so hard to locate. lol

Rachelle Star says:

Congrats on your purchase !!!got the same a few weeks ago!! LOVE IT 

Bianca Castillo says:

You have the large Selma if you look the medium only has 2 pockets and the large zip on in the back and the large one has 4 pockets And the large zip one in the back of the bag

Princess Evelyn Gementiza says:

Hello everyone, I bought this bag from a family friend 18days ago. I used the bag for 5days total then just yesterday I saw the base of the bag strap (see photos) was unstitched. I dont bring/put heavy things inside. I went to MK store then the sales lady said that they’re not authorized to say if its fake or not but when I went to the muslim stores the sales lady said that it was a replica and she has one of the same cloth and leather. I havent payed it yet, so I must/want to know if its original or fake so I can give it back. If its original then I might say MK bags have a low quality. right? Please anyone that can help me with this.

Love&Heart104 says:

This is actually the large size. The medium has only 3 pockets inside. The large has 5. THey have another thats an extra large, its taller. 

Sarnaldn says:

I bought black hamilton saffiano satchel recently  and  iam thinking now to get  large Selma but in different colour than black . I think this would be the best colour to go for ! I am looking for a handbag for everyday use , my hamilton is little bit to small 😛  Thanks for review!

Bianca Castillo says:

I don’t think you saw it right then I work at Macy’s and the middle only has 3 pockets and the large has 5 i think you need to look a little harder next time

Vertebrae 135 says:

you should do a whats in my bag!!!!!!

Ana Hernandez says:

Is this the medium or large?? Cuz it looks like the Large but I can be wrong! Thanks 🙂

shuffle4shop says:

Oh…m this is the large size what you have. …I bought the medium one ans is just perfect! !

vickky49 says:

I fell in love with this bag thanks to your review 😛 Now I purchased it as well and I like it even more! xoxo 

Meo Vac says:

hahahha we are the same

Michelle Nicole says:

This is the exact bag I am looking to get!! I love it and it will be my first MK bag, besides a cheaper nylon tote I have. Lovely review, your beautiful!

Jessica Hartwig says:

Be happy girlie! You got the LARGE which everyone else has said! 🙂 We have the Large Satchel…the other is the North/South Tote…love your videos btw! I have O.C.D. as well and completely get it! 🙂 You deserve it! Enjoy! 🙂

Jtru says:

I still love this bag. Trying to save up for it. Thanks for the review and your so pretty.

ashleyatkinson says:

Oh my gosh your video completely made me decide to get this! It’ll be my first designer bag 🙂 so excited.

Thalita Pestana says:

Hi! How much is this bag? I want the same.

lrod092708 says:

Do you think luggage color can be used for all year round?

Marlene Zarate says:

i love u & ur bag but hate the annoying music in the back :/

fanceenancy says:

This is the large size I think. They make a larger size than this one that is taller but it’s called selma east/west large I believe.

Chris J says:

This bag and the color look so good on u, with ur skin tone and all! How do u like the bag now? Holding up well still?

CutieBear says:

Your bag is not medium selma, it’s large selma. The medium one only have 2 side pockets.

Terrica Louis says:

my medium doesnt have the pockets by the zipper and mines the medium

sara dominguez says:

i think this might be the large because on the side of the bag with the zipper pocket there are also the two lower compartments if you look up several other videos youll see that on one side of the bag there a two pockets and on the other side there is just the one zipper

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