*REVIEW* Michael Kors Large Sloan in Cinder and *WHAT FITS*

I’m so excited to share my First Michael Kors purchase with you! A large Sloan in the color Cinder. Let’s talk about pros and cons and what fits inside!



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Thanks for watching! 😉


LuxxLady says:

This was my first MK bag too!

myPursesuitOfHappiness says:

Great review and congrats! It’s a beautiful and elegant bag and I love that color especially with silver hardware. It looks great on you. Enjoy! Xoxo

agp sezwah says:

Hi I just want to ask where did u bought your nice bag.. can you please send me the link? Thank you

Jessica Lazarus says:

I actually really like that one as well! And I’ve never been into MK either. It’s a little more casual then your Tory Burch but I feel like it could also be used as an evening bag as well. And love the colour too. I’m loving all the grays right now.

keekee 38 says:

Love the sloan bag! On my list with RM MAC and RM Love bag! Then I think I’ll be done for a while

Joshie Michael says:

YAY for your first MK Bag! Say NO to outlet stores they are inferior quality products. Check into the MK Collection line also… I’m obsessed with the Italian craftsmanship! xxoo

ElenaRose725 says:

That’s a beautiful bag. I know what you mean about Michael Kors. Although I’ve found some of his bags to be attractive, I’ve never felt inclined to take the plunge and purchase one. As you said, many of them are too flashy and I don’t find them as classic as other bags or as well made … or something. I can’t put my finger on it. I’ll keep looking, though. I think he has at least two different lines. BTW, I REALLY like some of his clothing and that’s a possibility in the future.

Keisha Pie says:

Bag twins!!! I have the Sloan in black and I completely agree with your review. I used to have a rather large MK collection back when it was really popular. I’ve since sold all except 4. However, none of my bags were flashy. They were all leather with minimal hardware. As with Coach, the retail and outlet bags are totally different…❤️

Dana Richerson says:

I liked MK until the wallets started cracking at the seems and the leather was rubbing off. I sold off my entire collection. That’s when I became hooked on Dooney.

Ingrid Fitz says:

This is a lovely bag, I think it’s very you in terms of size and organization. The color is so neutral it’s great. But I agree that closure is not so great, actually it would be a deal breaker for me. But it’s so gorgeous and cute on you!! Keep it!!

Albi M says:

I like the closure on the Minkoff inspired Chanel flap bag more. I like the color, does it have a name?

ClosetHunter says:

His organization pockets are the best!!! He really knows how to put in pocket systems

Thrifter By Design says:

Love the color! Very pretty bag. TFS

Ange LovesDooney says:

i purchased a MK clutch a few months ago.. haven’t carried her yet.. enjoy

The Varied Mommy says:

I hadn’t wanted a Michael Kors either. However, now I’m interested in trying a few new designers and styles so I love this video. I just purchased my first two Rebecca Minkoff bags and they are on their way. This bag is one I think I’d like to own. It’s similar in style to the RM Quilted Love I just ordered but different enough I think….. I think… I think I can justify it maybe. LOL

Jkaye World says:

Beautiful classy bag! Love the color. It looks really great on you .

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