*REVIEW* Coach Quilted Parker! Comparison to Tory Burch, Michael Kors

The Coach Parker is all the rage right now! Can’t wait to take you on a tour of this stunning bag and compare it to similar bags by Tory Burch and Michael Kors.



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Thanks for watching! 😉


Mama Beech says:

Thanks to Simply Marbelous for the great question about the empty weights of these bags! I have weighed them and here are the results from lightest to heaviest:
1) Coach Parker: 1lb 5oz
2) MK Sloan: 1lb 6.5oz
3) Tory Burch Fleming (green): 1lb 7.5oz
4) Tory Burch Geo (pink): 1lb 8oz

I was kind of surprised by the results! The Coach is the largest and turns out to be the most light weight while the TB Geo is the smallest and turns out to be the heaviest!! I think this is because the chain on the Coach seems the lightest. The chain on the TB Geo is definitely the thickest and heaviest and it has outside pockets on both sides of the bag which adds to the weight.

Pinklady 22 says:

Love this practical review thank you so much

Duke Shahid says:

Where can I find that pink parker purse

Snowflake says:

Do you have any Henri Bendel bag in your collection?? Check out the 712 collection. I have been eyeing the Tory Burch Fleming but sort of on the fence about buying it after reading a lot of reviews from buyers saying that it scratches very easily. Can you give your feedback on that. I love the mk bag the colour is superb.

Elle23 L says:

Beautiful! It’s $600 in Canada unfortunately

Zohra B says:

What I have noticed and makes me crazy is all the lumps and bumps inside the top flap. Does it get worse every time you open and closes the top flap. Does the creases do disappear

Kit & Caboodles says:

It’s a cute bag, but I don’t think it is worth $500 at all.

Ly Char says:

They actually have that pink coach Parker bag on sale right now on the website for $297!!!!!

Coach Craze says:

Great review! And all of the other bags are beautiful, also.
The Parker’s interior fabric isn’t suede, unfortunately, but a micro fiber. Imo, this bag would DEFINITELY be worth the price tag and then some if the interior were actual suede. But then, it wouldn’t be nearly as lightweight and easy to clean.

Sergio Flores says:

Okay you sold me haha I want to croc one

zenat78 says:

I’ve been both dreading and looking forward to this video because I want that Parker sooooo bad lol Great review. I have the Parker with the rose closure and snake skin and I adore it.

symmetricalastic says:

Why didn’t you buy a Parker at Macy’s they always have sales

The LadyTopia says:

Does the top of flap part get wrinkle? And the leather easy to scrath/ wrinkle?

Kimberely Groves says:

Great review…is the chain strap on the Coach the same weight as the ones on the MK and TB models? Is the leather on the green TB model just as soft as the Coach?

Isabel Morales says:

Great review! Just wanted to mention that the inside of the Parker is actually microsuede! It’s a suede-like fabric material that is water repellent and lighter than suede 🙂

Becky Robinson says:

This was super helpful! Great comparisons. Thanks!

Iris Thoma says:

Love the Tory Burch green bag !!! I just bout a mk from Dillard’s it was 298 and bought it for 97$ love it , it’s got one trap holds at the waist line it’s brown and gold omg I’ve been using it none stop smaller bag

Toni D. says:

This bag reminds me so much of the Gucci GG Marmont mini top handle bag and GG Marmont small matelassé shoulder bag, love it!

Albi M says:

I love the C lock. I think I want one lol.

Albi M says:


ElenaRose725 says:

Ooh, the Coach Parker is sweet, however, I’d be so nervous about that beautiful, pale pink suede lining! Are you going to pre-treat it? Can it be pre-treated? I have no idea.

Oogle at Luxury says:

I could have sworn I’ve seen a Parker in the outlet online sale.. definitely not in that pattern though!

Your Dose of Beauty says:

What a great video!! New subscriber here!! Love this comparison!! I own two of the three bags you compared which I also have videos on and I been wanting to get my hands on the Parker!! Waiting on a sale though lol!!!

The MK Lady says:

Love the MK. The Coach and TB are nice too

Gladys Lugo says:

I love that bag… I already put it on my Christmas list… I love the rogue also… girl its gorgeous

Dale Beech says:

Sweet bag!

LisaB103 says:

Do you have trouble with the Parker staying on your shoulder? I really want one but when I have tried it on in the store, it wants to slide right off my shoulder. I’m wondering if it stays on better with some weight in the bag instead of the stuffing from the boutique.

SEWDimples says:

The Parker was available at the outlet. I was offered this same bag at one of my outlets, but I passed on it because I have the black version. Also, it is not actually suede, but a micro fiber that has a suede feel and look.


WOW… That is a beautiful purse!

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