Michael Kors Susannah Tote Review

Thanks to Melissa55 and At Home with Nikki for the great advice. I still hope I can eventually upload directly from iMovie again, but for now this will do.
I LOVE my YT community! Thanks for watching everyone!


BusyBeingJen says:

Hey, Teri!  I’m thinking about getting this purse.  Are you still loving it?  Hope all is going well.  –Jennifer

nelly Lopez says:

Omg loved your video i just bought this purse at tjmaxx $200 yay I’m so happy with it haven’t used it but I will soon.

Lisa Dem says:

Hi how has this bag held up has the leather gone too soft?

abyduvs says:

I love your video. Been watching it a couple of times even after buying the bag. Haha. I saw the bag at the mall and was amazed cause it looks like chanel gst. I didn’t buy it even though it’s on sale. After that, I’ve been thinking about it for days so I end up looking for it on youtube. Then I came up with your video. I learned from you that it has a matte and shiny leather. The bag that I saw has a shiny leather and what I want is the matte leather. Good thing i didn’t buy it because I’m sure I’ll regret buying it. So last week, after a month of looking at the bag on the net, I finally bought the bag on matte leather. I can’t wait to use it. Thanks for the info.

Fiora1951 says:

Thank you for the review!! Here’s my story… I’ve been wanting this bag for a while, I stopped by Macy’s to do a return and I starting looking at their sales, I saw this bag for 177!!! Good deal ugh??!! But also the Grayson satchel with the mid section quilted, it’s beautiful and reminded me of my absolutely dream bag the LV Bandoulier in the infini color, they also had the travel size bags on sale, (from 398 down to 156? Or 174?) after a lot of thinking I decided to get those 2 and this one on the back burner for a future purchase, however I came home and started looking for videos on this bag and found you!! You made up my mind and I was ready to buy, but now they were sold out everywhere!!!! After a few phones calls and visits to 3 different Macy’s all done last night and today, I finally got my hands on it! The last one in the store and no where to be found online, at least with Macy’s. End of the story I have my bag and I couldn’t be happier! Thanks for such a great review and the story behind it, I’ve been thinking about you all day when I was going crazy looking for it LOL …. And got it for 177!!!!

Tina Mail says:

your review has made me want this bag so badly! I looked on the website, but there are 2 options. I really can’t tell the difference. it looks like they used the same stock photos for both. when I’m ready to buy next week, I’m going to call them and make sure I get the right one first! 🙂 thanks for your review!


I’m exactly like you with handbags… I absolutely am a bag fanatic! When I see a bag I like, I google search and youtube like crazy just to see what the bag is like and how it looks at all angles lol.. Until I get it haha.. I’m glad you finally got to have your bag you’ve wanted after all these years!

Miss Katz Life says:


Relahvent says:

I just bought mine today, and its so soft! but i wanna ask why you took off the MK logo chain? :O

Sharon Simply Southern says:

My purse exactly like this arrives Wednesday!!!! I ran across your video somehow , first of all you are adorable in your persona so I subbed to you and I’m going to binge watch all your videos LOL secondly, I usually carry an even bigger purse if you can believe that by at least 4 in in the measurements than this purse, but it looks like it has a lot of room and I’ll make it work because I love quilted items as well…I’m going to also take the charm thing off I think it looks tacky , maybe if it were 1/4 the size it would be okay I’d rather have nothing…. my question to you is , have you ever cleaned or conditioned it? Since it is lambskin, I am not sure what to use… I usually use pure mink oil or Cadillac brand cleaning and conditioner is what was told to me by someone , but that was advice for all my other leather designer purses not lambskin….

Lori Wagner says:

Can you fit a small laptop in the bag?

Victoria Haneveer says:

I kind of skipped through a little because it’s a long review (and I just wanted a glimpse of this bag before buying) but I was wondering why you removed the MK which hangs off the side. I just purchased this bag (from Harrods, London) and am a bit disappointed that the MK logo hangs backwards unless I keep turning it around. It’s certainly an original bag but that is a strange thing! What do you mean ‘you want it more generic’ – just curious why.

gobeagirl says:

I am laughing so much over this! I am telling you, I am the exact same way and now my 18 year daughter has become addicted as well. My poor husband and our son as well now have to deal with the two of us over handbags. However, I must say they both just let the two of us go…… Congratulations on your gorgeous bag. Hugs LisaG

celestine gobert says:

glad found your channel you are funny

Renewed Gal says:

lovely purse..

Renewed Gal says:

lovely bag and review..i ended up buying a similar bag from ALDO ..

Keira Dash says:

Hello, I really love your handbag!! I came across this video looking at reviews for MK and fell inlove with this one! I have been trying to find it everywhere! I just had a bad experience purchasing one I thought would be it from amazon, but the picture had not been updated so they sent me the wrong one. any suggestions where I can find the same one as yours? I know its been a few years since they came out new but would love to find it! thank you!

Rose Morelock says:

Love the ring on your right hand. Brand please?

Randall Appell says:

you are absolutely right about purse obsession! I seen one on a woman and that was it! hooked! great video

LBlush says:

Hi TeriGigi! Thank you for the review. It definitely looks like a Chanel handbag and the leather is like butter. By the way, what is the song that is used as the intro to your video?

vini maskun says:

Hiii..love your video..i purchased Susannah on last Saturday…I wannted this since 2014…

Regina says:

Love your detailed review! Thanks for sharing! 🙂 Like you, I don’t wanna get the Chanel because it’s so heavy! And the lambskin version is too delicate.

sheila ohsheilz says:

I have the same bag. Love it

Nickey Wonder says:

Oh I am so jealous….want want want!!!

TheRadiohead77 says:

Can you do a review on this bag? Thank you.

Linda Lista says:

I finally got the same bag as you yesterday, 02-11-16. I never thought about getting a quilted bags until I saw your video, so entertaining and informative. I actually like my MK bag charm so keeping it on. Thanks.

Ghosty says:

I’m shopping for a handbag for my secretary. I was looking at LV reviews and there seems to be a consensus that you are paying for Brand name only – not necessarily quality. MK, on the other hand – seems to provide exceptional quality.

Anyhow, my secretary is relatively young – 22 I believe. Is this bag a good fit for her age? What size is the bag? Based on the little research I’ve done – there is a small, medium and large size.

Thanks for trying on the bag – really helps put size in perspective.

Priscilla Moreno says:

Don’t worry teriGigi am crazy two I love purses !!!

diamond princeza says:

wooow gorgeus bag

gansukh2008ify says:

Love ur story

Donna Rich says:

Do you still use this bag? If so, how has it held up?

Pink Vintage says:

I watched this last year. Just picked it up and watched it again. Cutest story ever!

Caribiengirl72 says:

I untherstand you I crazy to went iTS come to bags MICHEAL KORS

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