Michael Kors Selma Review

Michael Kors Selma Satchel in Black with Saffiano Leather.

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Business card holder case:


Vicky says:

about how tall are you? I feel like the strap would be too long on me…

Yusra Saleh says:

Do u think u can fit a laptop or ipad 2

Danny says:

Thanks for the review. You are breathtaking . I am glad that you made the comparison between the Sutton and the Selma, because these are the two that I was debating on for as a Christmas gift for my mother. I had decided against the Sutton for the lack of a zipper closure and this review reinforced my stance. Did you by chance see the red cherry version? how did it look? My mothers favorite color is red so I will be getting her that one. What color purse/wallet would you pair the cherry version with? I was thinking black or beige.

kungkungx3 says:

Does anyone know what wallet shes using, it looks beautiful. Ive been trying to look for something like that but I never know what keywords to search for online!

Ginnette says:

Can you fit a MacBook 13″ in it?

LaughingIsMyPassion4 says:

She’s so cute and trendy!!

Terry Young says:

Wow… I’m a straight male and I watched that whole video because she is absolutely stunning! I think I would sell my corvette and take up knitting if she was the instructor. OMG!

GorieSaysRawrr says:

Is it big enough to fit notebooks? I’m considering getting one for school

liliana raygoza says:

Can you use this as a crossbody ??

Pretty Prudent says:

How very kind of you to show us what the bag actually looks like as you carry it on the body. Thank you  🙂

Lil B says:

check out my first video guys 🙂 (Michael Kors Greenwich bag)

JC Nicanor says:

Hello, that a very gorgeous bag.:) 🙂 I was wondering if that Selma bag is in medium or large? 🙂

kimchrysanthemum says:

it’s so beautiful! :,( I’ve been wanting it for over a year…I think it’s time to give in and finally get it!!


Hi did you buy your bag from Michael Kors Shop Online in FB! It seems your picture is being used to fool others that what are they selling are authentic MK bag.

olee Rivera says:

I have the large size and electric blue idk why but I feel as if they are downgrading on the quality I don’t think it’s worth the price. I’m not to happy with my purchase

Bam Bam says:

Could this bag fit A4 size files?  I just wanted to know because if I got this I would have to carry around those sized files neatly without creases, Thank you xx

littlelucy65 says:

I was about ready to order this in the large but now I’m reconsidering, thanks for posting!!

408california408 says:

why did you return your Selma?

Zahira Bte Mohd Isa says:

Heyy Gorgeous, Thnxs for the review 🙂 Im still considering … Would like to know if the sling is adjustable?

Elizabeth Andrade says:

I am looking forward to using this bag for school! Although, I am debating on whether I should get the Medium or the Large Selma because I do not know which one would be able to fit notebooks. If you can, can you please see if a notebook would fit into your Medium Selma?

Jemmalina Anne says:

Do you what the dimensions of the bag are?
On the Michael Kors website it has the length of the pocket and the straps however it doesn’t tell me how big to actual inside of the bag is.

Yusra Saleh says:

And large school paper

Brianna Houston says:

This is so off topic but I love the music you’re playing in the background.

Elizabeth Nikolaeva says:

Can you comment a link for the large one?

dasianewman says:


kimchrysanthemum says:

Hi! I’ve been debating on whether or not to get this bag for a year now and am thinking of finally caving and getting it. Just want to know if the bag has held its shape over time? Just things you’ve noticed about it since it’s been almost a year since this video was posted. I would really appreciate it!!

m2m1992 says:

very honest and straight to the point! 🙂

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