Michael Kors Selma review

Hi everyone! This is my first video, I really want to become a part of the YouTube bag community, and just help anyone decide whether to get this bag or not. Thanks for watching, let me know what you think!

This is the medium Selma, in the color blossom!

Current retail: $298


Mayah le says:

I bought the same bag in the colour ‘cinder’ yesterday, now I want to exchange it for a pinkish one… :S

Dawna Chant says:

Pretty bag

Alyssa S says:

I have the Selma stud cross body in the colour cinder and I am just in love with it❤️

Jenny Ng says:

Really love this bag , I have the large size and the medium size , but the medium one is better , even I take it go out for shopping or school , very useful love it so much , sorry for my poor English hahaha .

Miri ARMY says:

just me or he looks a bit like nicholas laws?

glitterandbows12 says:

Love this video !!

MsMariacharity says:

love, very helpful…only wish is that you could have tried on the bag…otherwise THANK U!! 🙂

Maddie McKay says:

You really know your stuff!!! What is the Michael Kors bag that has the separate compartments? I thought that was the Selma

Alicia Garcia says:

Love this bag recently got the ava and I am thinking about getting this bag or the hamilton, great review I love the bag lovers who can buy from all different bags and do not discriminate against the high end and low end happy to find your channel!

Minks4All says:

Great video babe!! You’re a natural :)) Congrats on your first video Xoxoxo

Ethernica Gape says:

nice bag, but WAY too expansive for a handbag who’s gonna finish by deteriorate as any other bag.

Amanda Berube says:

Hey Gavin!! I love the videos that you have made so far, I’m pretty sure that I’ve watched everyone of them! It seems like you have stopped Vlogging though & I was going threw the people I was subscribed to that no longer have my attention but I couldn’t allow myself to unsubscribe from your channel. I think that If you keep making videos you will make it to the top! keep going you have a natural talent! OH & by the way I have this bag & its amazing haha I bought it after watching a bunch of reviews on it and there is only like 2 people on youtube that have this color bag! xoxo

Nerds Rule The World says:

Loved ur review doll♥️OMG love ur nails!!! Are u from Orange Country?

coco allen says:

i just subcribed to your channel,love your review on this bag and i decided to buy it myself love pink <3, btw i love your nails so unique and cute couldnt stop looking at them the whole time u was talking 🙂 much love

Vivian Foster says:

MK no longer gives you the box or the dust bag. That’s been my experience sadly.

Aufa Dyandra says:

I came across your video while searching for MK selma bag review… I’m thinking about purchasing my first MK bag… And your video is really helpfull and clear. Keep up the good work

Skylar Wang says:

Where did u get the necklace? It looks so pretty.

Gaby Reyes says:

I loved this video you’re amazing keep making videos!
I just got a Michael Kors bag for Christmas. The person who got it for me got it at Macy’s and I don’t know if its real. Mine is like 3 toned and the inside looks different. Help me

LoveToStudy LoveTheSchool says:

I am so sorry for this question, but are you girl or boy?
Because you sound and look like a boy, but your accessories are just like girls have

Meg Dizon says:

Gorgeous bag! Love the color and Selma is one of my favorite styles, but I purchased the blossom color in the small Ava satchel 🙂

Elyssa Stevens says:

After watching your review about a year ago I went and bought this bag so thankyou for clarifying its features because I love it 🙂

Nerds Rule The World says:

I am 510 and I was considering buying this bag I had it in the large however and I wanted the medium because I felt that the large was just bulky hitting my hips a lot I wasn’t going to use it as a cross body but more of just a shoulder bag do you think it would be suitable is resting on the shoulder

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