Michael Kors Selma – Fake VS Real Comparison

Ladies! Before you get suckered into purchasing a fake Michael Kors bag, check out this video. I am showing you the dirty on the fake stuff and how it compares to the real deal!
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Poonam Malhotra says:

Very beautifully explained
Thank you dear

Marsha Anderson says:

New to your channel thanks for the tips I will b looking for now on thanks

Jet Vaughn says:

I could see the difference I own 2 Selma’s love them. Thanks for helping others who may need the info. Good job.

Catherine Martinez says:

what if you have a crossbody …I don’t know if it’s fake

adaM says:

if I want to spend money it must be a real purse , not a fake one. !!!! Im Care a lot if its fake or not during a purchase.

lovey hernandez says:

Who would buy a fake Micheal khors bag. They are affordable compared to Channel and Saint Laurence .

Perfume Bangladesh says:

It’s a great video to find out a fake. Can you please tell me if this site is legit or not

Catherine Martinez says:

like a really small crossbody

2008MrsKim says:

If you are judging your BFF, your not a good friend.

lauren kane says:

What’s the difference between the black or white tag inside the bag e.g made in Indonesia

Lakecia Reddrick says:

I noticed the fake immediately due to the stitching wasn’t a clean finish. I appreciate her trying to save folk who don’t know how to not waste their money unless they want to buy a fake it is their choice. However, I could care less what bag my friend is carrying and will not be looking that closely…LOL. As long as we looking good 🙂

Assyria Andry says:

Nothing wrong with having nice bags ppl are entitled to there own opinion

Amia's Kids Video says:

I’d rather buy a cheaper authentic brand name bag than spending money on a fake bag.

Berna Okumuş says:

thank you babe

Jamie Montgomery says:

You can tell right away by looking at the handles.

Abbigail says:

Some knock offs are just as the original bags just for cheaper and not overpriced as the original ones

MacDeny Mac says:

At 0:04 I already knew which one is real and which one is fake. It’s obvious and I don’t own anything from Michael Kors :’D

Debbie Duran says:

Thanks for all the great information!

Lovely Birdie says:

Thanks you so very much. This video really helped me understand. And helped others and I not get scammed.

Emi's 509 Flavors Aemi Sam says:

I got it right!


Did she say collar lmao

Melanea A says:

Thian video is not made shame those who wear a fake. It to help those who want a authentic handbag. EBay is loaded with fakes, not replicas. FAKES. People claiming an item is real and trying sell it as MK.

Duo Lin says:

There are all kinds of fakes these days. Some ones are almost identical.

Toocute Pebbles says:

If I can’t afford the original I’d never buy fake. I’d rather buy a no name purse and keep it moving.

Janet Lynch says:

I bought my purse at the Michael Kors store and it has a round MK sign that dangles.i know mine is real

มยุรีย์ กล่ําเสือ says:

very good

doremifasowhat says:

I don’t care for designer bags. I happily buy mine from target so I don’t feel guilty when something inevitably happens to it or my tastes change. But I could definitely tell right away that the one on the right was higher quality. Even just the hardware being more square and the way the one on the left looked less stiff. It would be hard to spot a fake but when they’re side by side there’s no comparison.

Anne Coops says:

I can tell the real one is the black one just by looking at it for one second. As I own many

Marco Carvajal says:

she’s a bitch

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