Michael Kors Large Selma Bag Review


Hi! 🙂 Thank you so much for watching. This is my review of the Michael Kors Large Selma Bag in Navy. I adore this bag and think it is absolutely stunning. It is the perfect bag to take to work and look professional, but it also is very modern, fashionable and young if you’d like to transition it from workweek to weekends. Let me know your current favorite handbag in the comments below!

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Eshoo Ali says:

It’s on sale right now on their website for $217.

Maryam Maya says:

Very nice! How much it costs? Thanks!!!

CharliMarieTV says:

Thanks for this review! I’m currently trying to decide between this and the Hamilton tote…

Kalani H says:

If anyone is interested in seeing a review of the Michael Kors Hamilton bag  in peanut I have one on my channel! feel free to check it out.

meow meow says:

i like this bag so much since it reminds me of the prada saffiano tote and birkin bag! and its much cheaper

Katie Bird says:

Do you think that it will be able to handle books in a4 format everyday ?

Oli3009 Oliver says:

Is this navy gold Colour ?

loi nguyen says:

can buy it in Viet Nam?

Ellie S says:

omg your cat is so magestic…I just want to pick it up and snuggle with it!! haha.  thanks for the review…love the bag.

kimchrysanthemum says:

Hi! Just wondering how the bag has held up since 2013. I’m debating on whether or not to get this bag, and have been wanting it for a while

Thuy Duong LE says:

Does anyone know if this large bag fit a 13inch macbook? 

Therese Wärn says:

That bag is so beautiful! I’m going to New York in january and I really want to get my hands on a black Selma satchel, but I just looked it up on their website and they only had it in olive and grey. Do you know if the selma bag is something that they have all the time or is it like limited edition or something?I don’t really know how this works because I have not purchased anything from Michael Kors before. I’m going to buy it in the store if they have it! 🙂 

bubusteph says:

i cant decide to get this bag in navy blue or pink >< love ur review! 🙂

Gabriela Gos says:

Does the computer Mac 13 fit in this bag??

Kookie Dough says:

So intrigued!

Najihah Ramly says:

gonna get this for myself 

Kookie Dough says:

How would you fold the sides in? I’m

Michelle Nicole says:

Great review! I really want to pick one up! I was just afraid of the weight of it. As long as it isn’t as heavy as the alexander wang diego, Im good! :p 

glampurpleglitter says:

I want this bag badly

GaGaFan68 says:

Just bought mine online in black!!! Can’t wait to receive it! I will do a review on the handbag if anyone is interested.

Allison S says:

If you guys carry a lot of stuff, use it as a school bag etc. Don’t get this bag because it can get very heavy. Also, the way the staps are put on, one end on each side of the bag…makes the bag kinda lopsided when you carry it with the strap. I love the look of this bag but it just wasn’t very practical for me! So I returned it. Just a heads up for some of you. 🙂 love the navy and olive green color though! Whoever decides to get it.

Alexandria Vaun says:

Great review!  I have the brown Selma Stud and love it!  New Subbie here<3  XOXO

SuperCurlyGurl says:

They actually do..I went to check them out yesterday and the SA showed me that the sides do fold in 🙂

bluupp says:

Thank you for the review. Just to add… I’ve came back from a MK store. They have the silver and gold option for the selma bags. Personally gold matches the colour more in my opinion.

cnew1592 says:

Like your vids have you done a bag collection video before??

Truly Melly says:

Would love your opinion- I’ll be buying this bag soon but not sure on color. I wear a lot of Abercrombie-style clothes. Would navy blue or the camel brown look better? I’d pick brown but navy just seems more classic to have….

Nancy Pian-Pian Liu says:

LOVE YOUR HAIR? tutorial? lol

kristy huynh says:

Hi!how to get a right hand bag size….cuz i am confused by medium and large size of this handbag…i intend to buy online so both of medium and large size are very close…i am 1m65…my cloth is in size 10…
Hopefully…i could some advices from you

Lost Alpha says:

Thank you so so much <3

Billy James says:

Doing a summer job to get this yay

Jesus Espinoza says:

Did it come with a dust bag

kthrdrgz says:

Is it strong enough to carry a 13 inch Macbook?

Helene Sofie says:

Does a 13 inch macbook fit into the bag?

Janjira Le says:

just got one in Navy, thanks to you!!

TaetheCypher says:

may i ask you.. Where are Michael kors handbags made and manufactured? thanks

Josie Gabriel says:

The Selma is one of our most popular bags at Michael Kors. It’s clean, chic and elegant! $358 for the large and $428 for the tall large size.

Linda Daniels says:

The navy colour is so beautiful! I recently bought a Luggage Hamilton (also a stunning bag) and now I try to buy the Selma in navy soon. Omg, MK bags are gorgeous. I think the Selma in dark dune is also beautiful…

anissa ben says:
lulu2003 says:

The grey bags comes with silver hardware 😉

thechicidentity says:

Hi, i’m a Michael Kors employee and I think as a young professional our Hamilton, Selma, and Jet Set totes would be great they’re all made with Saffiano leather so that adds a touch of class and structure while they’re silhouettes make them perfect for a girls night out and they’re big enough to fit folders and a laptop. I hope this helps and remember stay chic, jet-set, sophisticated, and luxurious.

Lucy Ding says:

u can send michael kors bags to get cleaned?

salamattamalas says:

I got the reddish  one , I love it

Stefani Egunes says:

I love this bag and I am debating between Navy and black> 

Yung L. Nguyen says:

How heavy is this? Is it lighter than the large Sutton?

Minou Snijder says:

Hi! I love this bag but i can’t choose if i want the medium or large.. or the dressy/sutton in medium or large.. what do you think is the best?

LeeROBD says:


Yasemin Ozturk says:

thanks a lot this video helped soo much <3

jason would says:

whats the difference between the selma and the sutton?? im confused as to which one to buy the wife for xmas and is the mk badge on the sutton real gold? HELP im a man haha

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