MICHAEL KORS HAMILTON Handbags’ Review & Comparison

Michael Kors Hamilton Handbags’ Review and Comparison

So this was my mini review and comparison between Saffiano leather and regular soft leather of Michael Kors Hamilton handbags. I hope you guys will find it helpful for considering and deciding which one you would go for. Thank you for watching!

♡ MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Large Tote (Luggage Leather)
♡ MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Hamilton Saffiano Tote (Lime Green & 2 Toned Black/White)

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Greenough Eveline says:

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Rachel Neely says:

This is almost asmr worthy!

Bianca Castillo says:

Does your lock on your bag has scratch

Miranda Jacob says:

Thanks for the video! I also want to order something with aliеxpress but don’t know how to choose sellers. How do you think this seller will not disappoint? http://goo.gl/G2KxlJ ?

LunaSalvatore26 says:

i love Michael Kors i am following somebody here on youtube who is the biggest anti MK possible but am gonna keep collecting them just as much as other bags i got 3 jet set dupes, a real blue wallet and a real small Selma same blue from the wallet and now this week i will add a hamilton to it

avanoelle2805 says:

I like the structures one

avanoelle2805 says:

I like the stiff leather, the slouchy leather looks sloppy

Jasper Spinks says:

i have buy it from http://www.mkstoreonline.com. This bag looks great and is very fashionable.I get so many compliments with this bag 🙂

Bess Diana says:

MICHAEL Michael Kors Womens Jet Set Travel Tiger Stripe Medium Tote buy from http://www.michael-korsoutlet.com/

Wanda Wilburn says:

I have four of the Hamilton Bags and love both the soft leather and the saffiano

TVS KiD says:

vậy mà nói làm tiếg việt

Hans-Petter Torgersen says:

Thank you for this video. You made my choice so mutch easyr :))) Great video!!!

dani238159 says:

Cool. Yes you’re right, the saffiano is way heavier which can be annoying, but overall the bag is beautiful. I’m going to purchase one in the soft leather next 😉

Khanndi84 says:

I am definitely getting this bag. I was so confused about the different leathers until watching your video. I like the soft leather. Thanks. 🙂

Lux says:

Thanks this video really helped me! Just purchased a black soft leather one and I loveeee it 🙂 xo

Jasper Spinks says:

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dani238159 says:

Does the leather soften a lot? I kinda want it to 🙂

polonimacaroni says:

Thank you so much! This is very informative. <3

Karla T says:

Have you tried using a rolled up pilates mat between the handles to make it circular again. That might help but only leave it for a couple of days.

Bianca Castillo says:

I also take good care of my bags I had to return one of my bags because the lock was all scratch they gave me a new one at Macey’s that’s why I love that place to buy my bags you have to have the real receipt to exchange it I always save them

Martha Lorena says:

Perfect! Thank you so much! I was needing to see a comparison.

VictoriaSobocki says:

Hi! 🙂
Those are some pretty bags. Would you consider the Hamilton large tote heavy to carry? Does it fall off your shoulder?
Best regards, Victoria from Copenhagen

Victoria Mueller says:

Can you post a link to where you got the Hamilton tote in luggage with soft leather? I can only find it with saffiano leather!

Gabriel Serra says:

I purchased my mom the soft Hamilton pink ostrich Hamilton Michael Kors bag it’s super soft but super slouchy though I was wondering if there was something maybe we could put on the bottom to make it a little stiffer

Maisfresserful says:

Great review, thanks! 🙂

iLuuvvCookies says:

First! 😀 and hi!

Rachelle Jacques says:

Here is a good site with nice handbags

L Scott says:

I just bought the luggage in Large North South Tote from Macys. It’s a beautiful bag but HUGE. Your’s doesn’t look as big since it kind of slouches down- a look I much prefer. Was your Saffiano luggage colored leather Huge when you bought it?

Elena Daniel says:

i really like this video i have the soft leather bag and its slouchy i was worried lol but now i know its ok. 🙂

Lilliana Vittoria says:

are these bags very durable?

Jaimie Peyton says:

@Victoria Mueller: don’t know why I couldn’t reply right under your comment thou, so I post my answer here, hope you can see it.
Now I went back to MK website and I couldn’t find the luggage one either with soft or saffiano leather 🙁 but I believe it should be available in any MK store because a MK associate assistant once told me that luggage tote is a MK original handbag and it’d never be on sale or out of stock thou. Hope you can find it!

Cinema Handbags says:

Liked your video – thanks. Just reaching out & connecting with a fellow handbag lover.

Heudy1407 says:

Hello, I’m french and I want to buy the Michael Kors Hamilton Large Tote (Luggage Leather). I don’t speak really well english so I wanted to know if this bag is like the two others or it’s a different model ? Because I think that it’s more loose and I like it. Can you give me the exact name of this bag please ?

Emma H says:

If anyone is interested in seeing a review of this bag in peanut I have one on my channel! feel free to check it out.

ToyKids 101 says:

is the saffiano leather bag hold it shape or crease a lot? i reaaalllly love the saffiano but i saw some girls bag loose all the shape and have soften a lot and lost the shape of the bag…

dani238159 says:

For the saffiano leather I meant

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