Michael Kors Bag Reveal

My first Michael Kors bag – love it!!


Grey_rt says:

Hi i got the same bag in vanilla color and brown!! I love it !!


Price ky h mam is bag ka

Mel Pratt says:

Enjoy! Pink will get us every time! Love your choice! The gold MK medallion is pretty too! ☺

Tyler Welton says:

Happy for you but my god that I can’t take Michael Kors’ blatant ripping off of Louis Vuitton anymore

sindu3 says:

Awesome video! Can you please tell me the name of the bag?

Dawn Rose says:

Love this!!!

BeautifulxPriest says:

Is this the medium tote size ? I found it at dillards it’s listed as medium tote but I’m not sure if it’s the same size as yours. Thanks for sharing.

Nikki H says:

Beautiful bag

Vet Tech Mom says:

OMG I love it !!! I’ve been on the verge of buying my first MK bag as well. I saw a haul the other day where someone found one very similar to yours (no pink handles, and no center compartment) at Marshalls (do you have that where you are?) and TJ Maxx had them as well for $99 !!!!! I’m going tomorrow and hoping I find one. It reminds me of a Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag (which I could NEVER afford) so I’m hoping for the MK one.

Danielle Salinas says:

What is the name of that color? Pink grapefruit? I wanted a wallet and it almost looks like that color

Trish says:

I love the colors, it’ll be interesting to know how you feel about it after you’ve carried it. Enjoy! Thanks for sharing!

connie gonzales says:


Lipsticklover101 says:

I have this bag but in purple I love it i got it as a gift on my birthday

Deborah Chapman says:

Beautiful video. Thank you for sharing xx

Diane Myers says:

Beautful Tote! Love your videos!   Off topic – you have wonderful eyebrows!  Jealous!!

Glitterbomb45 says:

You look really good in that blue and I’m loving the earrings! Thanks for sharing the new bag, it’s lovely.

angel4rmupabove says:

Is this medium size? Is this coral pink or tulip pink? Please let me know

My Amazing Girl says:

Love your bag! The color is omg! My favorite❤️

Laurie’s Harp says:

Nice Tote kitty, I like the rose color. I’m not too much into MK bags either. I need to be in love with it like my orange Grayson.

Brenda Hughes says:


surreal2009trueblue says:

Beautiful bag! Thanks for sharing!

My Amazing Girl says:

I have to get one just like your omg!

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