Look for Less – Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Tote

This is a review of the Michael Kors Small Jet Set Travel tote which is an alternative to the Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM.

The MK tote is comparable is size, made of coated canvas, treated leather handles and trim. Currently retails for $198 but can be found on sale. Although it looks small, it is comparable in width to the Neverfull MM and can hold quite alot.

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princessn12391 says:

Very helpful! Thank you for sharing all the details & comparison! I really want to get the michael kors medium travel tote in white 🙂 I wanted to as you though, do you think the thin straps will hold up :/ ? I am planning to get mine for summer time so I can just throw all the stuff in there but I am afraid if my bag gets too heavy the straps will break. Please let me know your opinion! 

Emmanmillie says:

I have the lighter brown (beige with brown writing) mk tote with red straps- I love it! All my bags are lv and Tuesday morning had mk for half price so I bought my first and I can’t believe the details on the bag for such a good price

Balmain Beauty says:

I really like this comparison. Firstly, I prefer the MK and the reason being is I think it’s nice (though I’ve only seen the bags online) also I can’t afford and would be too scared to carry around an $800 LV bag which would cost $1250+ here and the small or medium travel tote would match my MK wristlet. Thanks for this video. I’m a new Subscriber.☺

Aireeuhl H. says:

How do you keep your bags from sagging?

Kelly Tran says:

Thanks for replying!!! Is there any chance you have the Michael Kors jet set monogram for macbooks? 🙂

Hanee Tranová says:

its not canvas, all logo michael kors bags are PVC

Brooke Stongebridge says:

Both bags are fake, real Michael kors bag have the charm on it without the beige thing behind it , just the gold MK, the interior of the bag has ‘MK’ written all over it real bags have ‘Michael kors’ written all over it

Kimberly Giang says:

Where did you get the small tote for mk?.

xantoniax2012 says:

Heya Bjtaylor02 just to let you know there’s a user by the name of Sunny Yu using this video with links to a replica site in the description box

Brigy B says:

I just love your videos. and of course all your bags!! im currently investing in a speedy

erilove says:

I love your blazer

gssik1234 says:

if you look inside the bag, where is this handbag made ?

forthrloveofbags says:

Hi I was wondering if you got my last msg on how it would look with your tassel if you hooked it on the side buckle or top handle if it will slide or

crysholman says:

People have stolen your videos and so they can sale on their replica sites please just search YouTube under replica michael kors and you will see your videos with their names

Kelly Tran says:

Hey BjTay, i saw alot of websites that have michael kors bag on “sale” they are like 50 percent off and such. It seems so sketchy.. What do you think?

Loris Ayoub says:

My dream bag…I wanna cry 🙁

M Face says:


Prinxess Saenz says:

i really like your reviews. you always did a great job. now i can decide which one i will buy. coz other reviews they will just show the bags but will never model as you do. Thank You so much. hope you will keep it up.

Kimberly Giang says:

It is really hard to find the small tote . I called every store and they don’t have it at all. They have the same bag , but the zipper phone pocket is different. I like yours it’s original . The other new bag has mk print all over it. They don’t have the one that says Michael kors est print on it. Please email me. I need help finding it. I tried searching and calling in, but no one seems to have it.. So bummmm.

g4genes says:

Is small bag light when empty?

Hilda Rivera says:

Thank you I really enjoy it. I love your bags you look such a nice lady.

MissperfectIvy says:

Do you have any tips on how to clean the shoulder straps? I’ve had my bag for almost 2 years now & I use it everyday as a work tote.

Maira says:

So would you rather prefer the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM or the bigger size Jet Travel Tote of Michael Kors?

deyanira nuñez says:

Como y donde puede
Comprar réplicas mk

Kimberly Giang says:

When it’s rainy, wouldn’t it get dirty in the inside?. Like water gets into the bag . The outside is fine cause its leather. I’m worried about the inside.

forthrloveofbags says:

A lot, thinking of ordering same the same tassel for my black MK travel tote but not sure if it will look right , thx 😉

jaylenlashawn says:

Hi, BJ. I always hear you talking about your tiny work locker, what do you do, what industry do you work in?

aggs bz says:

Where are MK bags made? Just wandering. Thx.

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