Whats the Deal with Marc Jacobs

So lets have a talk about Marc Jacobs…. What happened to the “Marc” line? Why? And what was the point? Do you think its a good idea that he stopped that line? Lets talk about Marc Jacobs….

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ankimbo says:

I think Chloe has a cheaper brand.

Fun Luxe says:

I just purchased my first Marc Jacobs bag, the Marc Jacobs Wingman Tote, and I love it. I’ve become more interested in the brand since purchasing my tote and I really haven’t found another bag or SLG in the MJ or the MBMJ lines that interest me. I’m hoping that the consolidation of the houses will bring more interesting designs!

shels gyal says:

I loved MJ when he designed for Louis Vuitton. I only have 1 Marc piece and it’s a summer cotton tote bag. Good luck on your search

Shannon C says:

I own several bags from Marc Jacobs. I have three Antonia bags, two LG single flap bags, one small single flap bag, onee double zip Stam bag and a LG Hobo and they are all of excellent quality and craftsmanship. There has not been any designs that has really caught my eye in the last few years so I can’t really speak on his newer line and I’ve never owned any of the Marc by Marc stuff because I disliked the busy interiors.

Mikki M says:

Never was a Marc Jacob fan just didn’t appeal to me

Lisa Walter says:

I’ve never been a Marc Jacobs fan. They never appealed to me. I’m not sure that the line will ever an iconic luxury brand like Chanel and LV; that timeless appeal is not there in my opinion.
Thanks for the topic and the forum Nickey; I enjoy your channel.

Victorious One says:

I might try the perfume, but I have never tried a handbag, yet. TYFS! Thumbs up #11

M J says:

I guess each brand has their own strategy/

FYI, Coach made Coach 1941 recently as their “higher price” line. I don’t know how it’s working though but it;s basically leather overload. I do love their overly embroidered leather jackets.

Michael Kors has a Michael Michael Kors but if you look at it, they look like MK, I mean, the bags only have Michael Kors stamped on the outside unless you see on the inside it’s really Michael Michael Kors. So, people have that “attitude” that it’s Michael Kors not Michael Michael Kors cause of what;s on the outside.

This is where Marc Jacobs has his problem. MMJ is supposed to be his lower priced line, but the line’s personality is edgy, young, and hip. So basically, MMJ is a “teen line” not necessarily have to be lower priced (even though it is). If it’s supposed to be young, the price should be something that the young can afford. The designs are super edgy that obviously the older, can afford crowd will not be attracted. Their bags have M A R C J A C O B S written all over it. MMJ has good bags mixed with their gaudy bags.

Marc resigned from LV to focus on his main line as he wants to have an IPO for it. The way for him to work around is to show just a Marc Jacobs line. The new Marc Jacobs line will be designed to hit from the uber expensive to the contemporary affordable. He still has those Preppy backpacks and nylon backpacks but removed those letters. Instead, just putting “Marc Jacobs” and the price is the same as MMJ (like what MK is doing). He still has an expensive bag line. He has a St Marc bag which literally is just a small crossbody bag for 1,900 dollars. He will just have one unified line that hits all the price range. I like the new line now. I love Gotham, Recruit, and Madison satchels and the design is minimalist. Just a Marc Jacobs New York written in gold foil. I think it’s working. I just think he now has to control the “outlet” one. If I were Marc, I’d still have the MMJ in production but just for the outlets. Putting Marc Jacobs New York on there is risky.

This is the complete opposite of Donna Karan where the DKNY lower priced line is outselling the Donna Karan collection luxury brand so when they combined the two, it was under DKNY. But, the price actually increased considering the quality did not. Sorry for the long reply. 😀

ankimbo says:

I love his perfumes and recently tried his lipsticks and they are very nice. I am yet to try his new line of bags. I don’t have anything by the old contemporary line.

Fashionable Lena says:

Marc Jacobs did not stop making contemporary bags. They merged the two brands. There are still bags with a lower price point and some that are very expensive. With that being said, I purchased a Marc by Marc Jacobs bags two weeks ago at the Bloomingdale’s outlet. I own from both labels, and I love both. The leather is gorgeous, and I don’t see them on the streets. Unfortunately, none of the new bags have appealed to me. I did want the denim backpack, but spending $600 for a backpack is out of my comfort zone.

Michael Kors doesn’t design the MICHAEL Michael Kors line. He designs his runway line, Michael Kors Collection. As you may know, those bags and clothes have a luxury price tag. This delineation is wildly successful because the clothes are pretty classic. Marc Jacobs has not been as successful, in my opinion, because his clothes may be a little too edgy and fashion forward. The bags are also a bit pricey for what they are even if the quality is good.

To be honest, I don’t think many consumers see Marc Jacobs as either high end or luxury. He really needs to figure out which he wants to-luxury or second tier (like Rebecca Minkoff) be. Riding the fence in fashion usually doesn’t work out too well.

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