Marc Jacobs Handbag Review (+ Mini What’s In My Bag)

I know you probably think I’m crazy for posting another handbag video so soon after my last one, but I wanted to share with you a more sophisticated, “toned down” bag from my collection. This is perfect for work!

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Thanks for watching guys!
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MissVivM says:

I’ve been wanting to buy a Rebecca Minkoff MAC bag for a while but couldnt decide on the color. After watching the video you made i fell in love with the color almond… It arrived today and i loooooove it! 🙂

kazakhbaby2002 says:

I have a pooch and a pouch. love your videos. I love your makeup and happy outlook.

Bag Obeans says:

That is a beautiful bag. I just bought that bag in Maroon. It holds a lot! Very professional. I don’t understand why you don’t use the side pockets. Why buy a handbag, if you don’t use all the bag? The side pockets can hold the flat things, like your note books and small bags. I put my phone in it for extra security. You may want to put something else in those side pockets. The tissue will deteriorate, and become lodged in your handbag zipper. Then you will have a real mess. Nothing like tissue paper caught in zippers. It can make or break a bag.

Kale SwissChard says:

Ridiculous that this particular tote is sold out everywhere. Disappointing 🙁

era fina says:

I have a Marc Jacobs bag that is worth $500 and I got it for $30 at Goodwill. It has a lots of room, the leather is outstanding. And I wear the bag everyday.

VivaLaPink1 says:

Pouch is a funny word lol

Izia Zachariasen Line says:

I am wondering wether to get one or not for school! I think it´s so pretty, but I don´t know if it´s to small to carry 2 or 3 books? Would you recommend it as a “schoolbag”? Thanks in advance:D

SuperSweetgirl007 says:

Great review I have the Marc by Marc Jacobs Columbus satchel it’s in a beautiful rosy-brown think the colors called mushroom. I also have the Prada safiano and I think that Marc Jacobs does a really good job and you’re right the Prada is totally over priced, luckily I bought mine preowned and saved a few hundred dollars. But considering the price of the Marc Jacobs versus the Prada I think you did a much better job with the Marc Jacobs! And no I will never get tired of your handbag videos because I’m handbag fanatic

mrstlc68 says:

In my opinion you can never have too many bags, and I love bag reviews it helps me to decide if I like something and look to purchase in the future. It’s also nice to know that someone else has an addiction to bags as much as I do!! 🙂 When my husband catches me looking at bags online he will say “Purse Porn again huh?” He thinks he is sooo funny!!!

Sylvana Kela says:

Can you please do a room tour? That room looks gorgeous! LIKE THIS SO SHE CAN SEE IT! 🙂

Glenda Huebner says:

Love the purse!  I’ll be going through my pouches to see how I can organize my purse better.  Thanks to MsGoldGirl I’ve found your channel.

memosfromgrace says:

This bag is also similar to the “Pippa” bag by Modalu that I purchased on a trip to London..loved it so much got one in brown and one in black..clearly I’m also addicted to purses

Jen Willard says:

Love the bag!  Where did you get that awesome sweatshirt?

Marnie Goldberg says:

I cannot believe I’m just finding your channel now.  I love this purse, and now I’m also going through my collection of “pouches” to see what I can use to make my large bags more manageable! 😉  But first, I need to catch up on your 140+ videos!

Catherine R says:

It’s never too early to talk about and show such a classic bag!

Sue Elshnawany says:

It is so pretty i love the pouch 🙂

G Kilroy says:

Never too soon..!!!! Love it…your POUCH Is cute.. 😉

April Walker says:

Didn’t know about the watches but knew about cameras and purses, I love it too because I’ve never seen most of purses you have! Either I don’t get out much or you have a very unique style that I like very much! I saw video when you got that bag at ulta!! Like how you used it!!

VictoriaSecretLover1 says:

I’m of the strong belief. A girl can never have enough handbags. And love to regularly change my bags too.

Tatjana Ivanovic says:

No such thing as too many bags, while we are on that subject I think you should make collection video. Love your pooch! And yeah I know it’s that “pouch” that matters.

shenalee8 says:

Love handbag videos!!!!

Theresa Speicher says:

Love the bag! You should do a video every time you change bags and call it “The bag I’m using now”.

Healthandbeautygirl says:

love your pouch! lol

Lynne B says:

I purchased this bag from 2 years ago in black & grey and ur making me love it all over again. Thanks!

xylianator says:

The small pouch is adorable! 😉

Fidan Zeynalova says:

Hi, what about your naked3 giveaway??

hapaidol says:

I’m a handbag person too! Yellow. Orange. Green, etc….gotta it all!

Alyssa Hope says:


Isotta Usuelli says:

I love your way to do the bags video 🙂 thank you for sharing 🙂 And by the way…Love your pink Pouch 😉

fortinbra lothar says:

I wonder if you can list what you have on your face in your videos.  I love the way you wear your makeup.

amy sultan says:


Quangone says:

did your bag come with a dust bag?

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