Marc Jacobs $45 Mystery Bag!!

This is the $45 Marc Jacobs Mystery Bag!! It was an intense experience opening it not knowing what I’ll get! I hope you like it!


Shrawani Joshi says:

Heyy, great collection, I’m happy that products you received are amazing 🙂 i liked the eyeshadow color, it’s different 🙂

Linda Skidmore says:

I didn’t get this one. That is a gorgeous nail polish. The lip products are pretty too.

Amy Stokes says:

Beautiful color

Nicole Flint says:

I had no idea they had mystery bags!

Linda Skidmore says:

Mark Jacobs is a great brand. I am glad you got colors that you like. Sometimes you never know with mystery boxes.

Amy Stokes says:

That’s a pretty pink lipstick

Asia Monet Wright says:

I didn’t know they did this !?!? I’m with you lol don’t send me nudes! That pink would look so good on you! The eyeshadow is such a pretty color …. what is the retail value? Curious

Dominique Hubbard says:

Hi, did you buy this on Cyber Monday?

Eat Live the World says:

“I’m never doing another mystery bag again.” HAHAHA laughed out loud. Thanks for doing it for us. I don’t think I’d ever have the guts to.

My Rockstar Daughter says:

the products are just the nail polish..the lipstick…all 🙂

ankit sharma says:

I would like to gift this mystery box to my wife.

Jacob Lee says:

I would share this with my wife

c-a-li LLC says:

Two day shipping is real quick. I like mystery bags so much! Do you think it was worth the $45? Would you buy all over again? Your eyelashes are on fire though, I may have to buy this week!

Liv Beauty says:

Isn’t Marc Jacobs the best?!! I love his make up! One of my favs. And love his nail polish!

Keturah Caldwell says:

lol the little please before you opened it was so cute and funny. love it!

Tamara Dungan says:

I used to be against nude lipsticks on myself but now I kind of enjoy a darker nude, especially if I have dark eyeshadow on. I still don’t find the very light nudes flattering on anyone. Looks like you got some pretty nice stuff though!

Katbox360 says:

I’ve never tried marc jacobs makeup. Is there a brand you would compare it to?

OnyiiTV says:

Glad the profucts turned out amazing and you are not disappointed.

iGot Lyrics says:

interesting, I didn’t know Marc Jacobs had mystery bags, seems like you got some good stuff too

Cody King says:

Great video!! I love surprises!!

Nikki Charlton says:

Very cool! I love Marc Jacobs products!

Amy Stokes says:

I really love that mystery box

Sports Stop With Deondre' Branch says:

Why are so many people hesitant to use the nude lipsticks ?

Momina bhatti Vlog says:

The packaging was really good , that pink lipstick was awesome , looked so pigmented and the shimmery ice blue eye shadow was to die for , lovely products

Amy Stokes says:

Sliver nail polish would look good for New years eve

Jit Roy says:

The products are nice. The Lipstick is good, colour is beautiful.

Summeron 1418 says:

This is so learning a lot about beauty products.

Chasing The Odd Shaped Ball says:

that’s so cool you got that collection for a small cost! In Japan they do something similar with clothing

AB BOR says:

As every time that i watch your videos , even though it’s not my center of interest, I can say that you really master what you’re doing Rasha 🙂 keep it on.

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