How to spot a FAKE Marc By Marc Jacobs Bag

Hope this helps you guys in your quest for beautiful bags! Also these fake handbags were spotted at a Crossroads in Costa Mesa, California.

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Anon OneThree says:

That is a real Hillier. It’s an older version with colorful cotton lining and the old hardware, which is why the shape is different. The Hilliers that came after have the name engraved on the ring like yours but also on the clasp. Starting in 2011 they started making the lining out of nylon rather than cotton twill, which is probably what you noticed on the ones in the store. Also the magnetic clasps are now metal as opposed to covered by leather. The absolute newest Classic Q linings were nylon but in the same color as the bag, as opposed to the scrambled letters. The tags inside vary from season to season as far as what they say and whether there is a white tag as well with color code etc. the different lines usually have different hardware and clasps, which is why yours don’t match. I have 24 MbMJ bags and believe me, I know all the things to look for, and things that have changed over the years because I have been buying them since 2009. Rest assured, yours is real.

Anon OneThree says:

And season by season, the leather quality changed. I noticed that the quality went down after the prices went up in 2011-2012. What you need to look for is stitching, the pleating, the proportions, the spacing of the letters in the lining, the size of the medallions (Hillier design doesn’t have them), the font they use in the gold imprinting inside, whether the screws on the logo come out or are all one piece (they should come out), and the brand of the interior zippers. And now I’m done lol

Anon OneThree says:

And also if the Hillier you bought feels hard or plasticy, it’s probably just dry because they haven’t been making bags with that hardware since at least before I bought my first one from Saks in ’09.

Ann Penn says:

that’s not fair! I would have thrown that fake bag at their faces!

Alexandra Cascante says:

What is the name of the black bag?

christmas9lights says:

I really don’t know how to but I am pretty sure you can buy them at a department store

pinkLyfe12 says:


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