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Marc Jacobs:
Box Double Trouble:
Box Calf Mini Trouble:
Smooth Large Incognito:
Metalic Party Bow Mini Trouble:

Marc By Marc Jacobs:
Unsmiley Tote:
Metropoli Unsmiley Stripes Travel Tote:
Box Colorblocked Tote:


Alexander Mcqueen:
Tri Color Mini Heroine:
Studded Knucklebox Clutch:
Heroine Open Tote:

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Mai Russo says:

would you be able to lok at some vegan/ faux leather bags? <3

toocoolforu says:

Marc by Marc Jacobs is not the same as the “luxury” Marc Jacobs. Def not in the same level.

misshapensteedpa says:

Hi Charles~what do you think about padlock?

Erika Hoffner says:

Charles how do you feel about Dooney & Bourke?? My mom has some nice bags from about 10 years ago and I think they’re quite nice, haven’t really paid much attention to newer ones but I’m curious what your thoughts are on that company! Probably another entry-level luxury handbag?

Aurelia Hall says:

Can’t get over the gaudy gold chain on the Trouble. Would rather spring for the Box.

Shizuka Tei says:

Hi charles! Could you talk about Issey Miyake’s baobao bags? Im really interested in hearing your opinions on them! Love your videos!

Kaitaritz2013 says:

I don’t understand the unsmiley bags, they make me feel sad to look at them! Great picks otherwise though!

ingrify says:

I love your vids, have seen them all! What do you think about Givenchy Pandora, Chloé Paraty and the Gucci Bamboo bags?

Susazeu says:

How much tastes differ from one continent to the other! I’m more into hobos, totes and crossbody bags, but I can’t seem to find one that I like. I’m on the search for a Chanel mini and that’s it. I’m still searching for a thrilling bag. And btw, I love busy bags. Zippers, chains, hardware, what makes the sight interesting.

cupfcoffee says:

im o happy u praised the heroine coz im about to get it , thanks xoxo

Na_di Aa says:

What do you think of Furla bags?


Can you do a bag collection ❤️☺️

SusieQ says:

It maybe a bit late for this question, but what is your view on the Chloé “Elle” bag?

Alica Liebich says:

i just love chloe bags, like marcie and i have chloe paddington. and all new designs is just amazing 🙂

Samantha Gonzo says:

I really love the layout of this video !
Great input ! Love it !

muchomasquenada says:

LOVE your vídeos ❤️ could you do a “under 100$ bags” that you consider decent for the price?

Thahirah Taslim says:

I normally don’t bother leaving comments on anything but I’ll make an exception for this. I love your channel! Xx

Emma Philomena says:

You are such a great reviewer, your passion is contagious, you look gorgeous and your vocabulary is sharp. Love you.

Sara Næss says:

I love your videos!! Wanna buy myself a designer bag too sometime… Hugs from Norway. 🙂

Style Domination says:

I LOVE the Alexander McQueen Heroine bag – it’s my favourite on this list! I just bought one and I have never, ever seen anyone carrying it in my city (score!!). You were looking for a word to describe it and felt that “cute” wasn’t right. Maybe “prim” or “proper”? It’s so ladylike!!! LOVE. Great video!

Amanda St. says:

Do a video about bags for students please……really looking for a recommendation from a pro

laura lee says:

I would love to hear your thoughts on some of the high end bags websites.  They are horrible in my view, seriously Hermes is the worst.

Doll Bun says:

charles why say you love animals… and promote objects made from their skin?

Bee Field says:

Totally agree with the heroine its so beautiful. I never usually like black handbags but i bought it in black and do not regret it, the shape transcends colour 🙂

Kristine Merciales says:

Please talk about Sofia Al Asfoor handbags!

Emma Philomena says:

The chloe bags are real dope and iconic. I love them

betym1298 says:

Am I the only one that finds Charles’ vocabulary the best ever seen on YouTube?? Like every single youtuber describes things as “cute” and “amazing” but Charles uses a wide range of accurate words to describe precisely

Linnéa Gardstrom says:

Can you talk about Zadig et Voltaire? What do you think about the brand and their bags?

Karina Tang says:

Love the Faye!

Tabassum Rajput says:

LOVE your videos!! Hugs from Dubai <3

Ana Zandueta says:

You must be a psychologist.You’re pretty on point with Chloe bags.They are designer but relaxed and not really in-your-face.

Kenneth Lee says:

i love all your videos and listening to you talk hehe your fashion and trend advice is so on point <3

Adam Yves says:

Loved this video – Could you possibly do a “best designer mens bag” collection? Everything from Totes to Briefcases, I have my eye on a prada & burberry briefcase but i’m unsure which one to go for – I love both but Burberry has bad resale and Prada has uncertain quality as of late. I also love a Burberry cotton tote… SO many choices!

Zenia says:

Are you wearing skinny jeans beneath the white button down? 😉

Chris Ing says:

i just cant fall in love with Chole especially the DREW bag! i just dont understand why there’re so many fashion bloggers like that kinda round shape 🙁

Aaron Hammond says:

what about a Versace video? I never hear you talk about them

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