Which LV Classic Bag Should I Buy?!?!

Hello! Thanks for stopping by! I get a lot of questions about which LV bag to buy first, here are my thoughts! I hope this help!

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Videos Mentioned:
Neverfull MM vs GM – https://youtu.be/ISguyrB7x7c
Speedy Bag Video – https://youtu.be/QH-Rx02TAiQ
Speedy Organizer Pros Cons – https://youtu.be/NmX2wWIJDnQ
What fits in Alma BB, PM, MM – https://youtu.be/4Ghe80h1R0Y
Alma MM Review – https://youtu.be/WNgjQo6-Foo

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Mary305 says:

I love your LV handbags. The Alma Damier . this my next handbag. I love the style of the bag.

ana torres says:

Hi ! I have a question what was the first or original canvas LV came out with?

Katie Peca says:

I have the neverfull MM in mono. I need all of these!

Irene Ozen says:

Would love to see a video on which canvas you would go with. I want a mono piece so bad but I’m scared of vachetta! Already have de and trying to decide if I should go with mono next or stick with de

Elizabeth Ramirez says:

Thanks for this video love it!! Which bag should I buy? I’m a mom of 4 and college student. I’m also a stay at home mom and on the go. This would be my first designer bag too. Thanks

KWShops says:

So it sounds like the speedy is a happy medium between casual and dressy, function and style. Thanks for sharing!

Samadhi Herath says:

Love your channel and that closet tour is awesome!

Darlene Tomlinson says:

great video! thanks for sharing great info! xoxo

Angelica Campos says:

Thanks always very informative. I haven’t been able to find the luggage tags or key fobs? Are these a perk?

JustMeAisha says:

Great video, as always!! Now waiting for the canvas selection video before I make my decision!! Thanks

Courtney R. says:

You’ve got me wanting all three….

The struggle.

Ada Solly Styling says:

Just found your channel. I have a channel as well and love fashion and handbags. Great video.

doodlebuga99 says:

I would LOVE to see a video on the different types of leathers and which is the best in your opinion. I really want to buy the speedy 30 but I’m stuck!!!!!

Joy De ruiter says:

How much is the keychain on the bag with your inital on it?

nautajv 98 says:

Love your bags! I am torn on the next bag I am getting. , and maybe your insights can help. I have a Speedy B 35, and a Speedy Totem 30 ( I also have a Duomo Hobo DE and Estrela NM in vachetta). I am so torn between a Speedy B 30 and an Alma MM (both DE print). It will be used as an everyday bag…Any suggestions? I love both of them, but sadly, can only pick one for now.

Brew Bear says:

Hi Amanda! I just received my first Louis for my birthday! I chose the Speedy 35 in damiere ebene. I’m getting a wallet this weekend, and I’m just wondering what you personally think of the zippy wallet retiro versus the zippy organizer. Thanks!

Hello Kitty says:

This is such a great video! You explained each style perfectly. I absolutely enjoyed watching it, Thankyou!!

lovelv LV says:

great video

Angelica Joy says:

Amanda have you done a video on the different canvas

Champagne Afternoon says:

I just love your take on bags – because I share the same thoughts 🙂

kushnardy says:

Love your video, very informative! Do you think the Damiier Ebene is a year round material? Looking to get my first LV bag and love that pattern but would it be too dark for the summer months?

Angelica Joy says:

Amanda I just would like to know did they hot stamp your speedy for free? I just bought one and they said I could only hot stamp directly onto the handle rather than the leather key holder…is that a special request?

The luggage tag for your Neverfull was that included in the bag or did you purchase separately?

Sorry for the newbie questions

Pattilicious 143 says:

How do you feel about mixing prints in your bags….meaning do you ever use your Mono wallet in your Damien ebene . I like both prints but I can’t afford both bags and both wallets at the same time.

Cynthia Chester says:

I totally agree – Classic speedy is my personnel fav. Plus I agree – love, loVe the Alma bag – so beautiful. I have 2 in the MM epi leather. 🙂 thanks for sharing. ❤️

KSBM A says:

Hi! I move around frequently and I was wondering if you have any tips on how to pack/ travel with your handbags? Do you put them in boxes and fold some one to make them fit? Or do you pack all your bags fully stuffed and neatly arranged in a box? Thank you for ready my comment!

ZoilaSolis says:

I love all three of your bags, i have the first two but the bandolier one. I agree with you on the look of the speedy, you can wear that with anything. But the Neverfull i disagree because when I am in dressy attire and I have on my MM Nevderful, it still dresses up my look. Especially if you wear like a nice blazer and a cute shirt with cute accessories and hair and makeup all done up, ffllyyyy;) yes ma’am lol. But the GM size which I also have would be a more casual bag I would say. Thanks for this video.

Diana Hernandez says:

I’m so excited to have found your video! I’m about to make my first LV purchase and I’m undecided between the Speedy 30 or Neverfull MM. I have a question about the Damier Azur canvas- have you noticed any color transfer onto it at all? I wear jeans most days and I’m worried there might be some color transfer issues. I would really love your input, thanks.

Xenia Endris says:

Hi love ur videos I just got the Siena mm I think is beautiful what do you think ? Let me know is hard u get obsessed with this purses. Thank u

Mile High says:

Can someone tell me if the Damier with dark handles are leather as as the LV monogram?

xoAngelicaF says:

I really want the alma bb de but now I’m thinking a Speedy or Neverfull only bc bang for my buck type of the thing I like all 3 but I really want the one that will be the most functional for my life.

Zamina Idris says:

I love i love how much you LOVE DE, da bom@!

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