What’s REALLY in my handbag! | Louis Vuitton Neverfull | PoppyD | Handbag Review

*Spoiler alert* Loads of old receipts.

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Sweet Tea says:

You are not a messy person. I really enjoyed watching your video. Your handbag is beautiful. Thank you for sharing 🙂

Nickey Wonder says:

Its some type of comfort knowing whats in someones bag lol Love your bag.

Kac4 KLHC says:

The bag is 1260 usd

LouisVuittonCoffeeLver says:

I love the patina on your bag!!!

Alison Denny says:

I can’t believe how small your purse is !!

tracymcc78 says:

Like you I’ve had the neverfull for around 9 yrs and although I hv both the monogram and the damier ebenne I use the monogram about 90% of the time and love it now more than I ever did with its soft, worn in look. Best designer handbag I have ever bought and I’ve definitely had my money’s worth out of it x

Ellen De Greef says:

That is A LOT of stuff! Would the 4head stick help with migraines? Obviously in combination with medicine because you know, migraine is a bich.

Vani D says:

lol love! i do carry an agenda because i like to write things down, but that receipt pile looks about right lol! awesome!

Poppy Dinsey says:

@ Peter T – I know! I can’t fathom how men cope without big bags. I guess you are usually blessed with pockets that actually serve their purpose, but it’s not like this much nonsense could fit in pockets – even in utility trousers! The twins thing is going to be mad and tending to one whilst another cries will definitely be a learning curve, but I’m told they get used to it pretty quickly (on account of the fact they have little choice – hah!) and I’m trying to tell myself it’s probably easier than having a toddler and a newborn. And yes, the type of twins we are having can definitely be one of each gender – in fact that’s the most common combination for our type of twins. (Two placentas and two sacs). I am going to try and get a VERY unisex bag for nappies and things so my husband can hold it as much as possible when we are together. I don’t fancy having a handbag and a nappy bag, I think my handbag will have to scale down considerably! x

abydavies says:

I love your level of concern with the lack of lip balm in you bag! x

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