Hey loves, this is probably one of my most requested videos! Everything mentioned that I could link will be listed down below for you! enjoy!! xo

JEWELRY IM WEARING: http://www.shopccluxury.com
Virgin Mary pendant http://bit.ly/2C3ofEp
Gold bead bracelet with star http://bit.ly/2EcKHgh
Gold Pearl http://bit.ly/2ERq22v

SIGNE http://www.signecollection.com

PURSE http://bit.ly/2sgp0uh
WALLET http://bit.ly/2shCuGb
Essense mascara http://bit.ly/2si67Hw
Tom Ford Bronzer in gold dust http://bit.ly/2Ewmsxf
Charlotte tilbury face powder in medium
Sugar sugar gloss http://bit.ly/2shCTIH
MUFE 100P http://bit.ly/2EqQ6Um
Fenty gloss http://bit.ly/2Evhq3W

Snapchat: ToniSevdalis

My sister’s YouTube Channel

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vivivixen09 says:

Get the gucci !!!

Rina Mak says:

Essence has great products!!so underrated

sasssykasiee says:

I hate the patina but I love the monogram, I hate that my speedy 30 has a dark patina now and I hate using it so I stick to my speedy b 25 in the damier ebene.

Hayley Coates says:

Love my pochette xx

Mel says:

That nude LV bag screams Toni. You should totally get it.

Roman and Mar says:

dream bag!!!!

Ally Louise says:

ummmmm this makeup look…you look like a bronze goddess beauty queen…if this isn’t up on your channel it needs to be !!!

Ve.O says:

That bra looks so comfy! Lol where is it from?!!

Kasey Lynn says:

I feel the same way like it’s leather and it’s meant to be used. A bag like this will last you yeasts because it’s classic

alexy abercrombie says:

you look like cardi b when you turn to the side/ your profile 🙂

BEAutifulkiss21100 says:

Yay! Finally . I want to get the pochette metis . And ppl keep on talking about the defects

Summer Glau says:

Are you that insecure, that you have to carry all that makeup wherever you go to cake your face.

Megan Silva says:

I’m with you on the patina thing which is why everything I’ve bought from LV is in the Damier ebene, I just got the gucci marmont in white and I love it, it’s just really really small so I don’t find myself using it as much as I would like!

Taylor Lynn Hansen says:

I’ve had my pochette metis for about a year now too and the only thing that was breaking down on mine was the sealed trim that coats the perimeter. Idk how to describe what I’m referring to but I think you’ll know… I took it in and they redid it and now the bag looks brand new again. it was just starting to crack and slightly peel where the top folds over. You bag looks lovely, that girl was jealous of you XOXO

Gigi A says:

The leather does look great❣ mine is still light,,,I wonder why it won’t patina yet ??

Erma Cee says:

You look like a young version of Kim k

Anna Sa says:

The bra !!!!!! Where is that from ??

xoAngelicaF says:

Girl you sound just like your sister lol

Brianna Tabor says:

I’m glad to see that other people have as big of a Louis addiction as I do 🙂

Aiden Perez says:

Love this video! Living for your makeup! And also living for the prada cahier shoulder bag right now, so edgy and effortless…

Alana Esshaki says:

okay wait WHERE is that bra from!?? it looks so comfy

Sonia Ramos says:

Did you tell the girl to go shove her opinion where the sun don’t shine?

Janet Roberson says:

Hello toni

Erma Cee says:

Haha that little white charger thing looked like a birth control ring

Mary Jenkins says:

I love the fresh leather also! Lol

Homira Farzayee says:

I hate that when the leather patinas also, I have never heard anyone else say that besides you so I’m glad I’m not the only one lol

Marissa Rock says:

Lookin good girl . Love ur videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Your bag looks great!! Idk wth that girl was talking about .

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