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I also occasionally go through my handbag collection and clear out what I am no longer using. I sell on my @luxesales instagram for those interested : )

Bag shown: LOUIS VUITTON Montaigne BB in Monogram $2,260

Other LOUIS VUITTON items shown (all in monogram LOL) –
Toiletry 15
Mini Pochette
Mon Mono Passport Cover
Clemence Wallet
Sunglass Case MM

Necklace is also LOUIS VUITTON

Any other questions feel free to ask on social media or in the comments!

This video was NOT sponsored. Everything was purchased with my own money. Thanks so much for watching : ) Love you guys! Thanks for sharing something I’m passionate about (even if it’s silly)
It means a lot to me.


okbex says:

love your videos holly ^_^

Heavy Gravityy says:

do you prefer this over the speedy?? loved it btw

Sophie Lawrence says:

what kind of camera was it cause the video still looks and sounds great

Alexis Maria says:

Love the hair! x

Gina Marie says:

ive been subscribed to you since 2011 & i really value your opinion on LV & the highend luxury bags. i feel like youre super informed & really know what your talking about regarding the items you purchase & i also love how you research them prior to purchasing. i love these vids for when im looking into purchasing something new from LV in particular! <3

Maricel Bayot says:

hi holly! i love how honest you are w/ everything. LOL…love all your purse videos.

DanakatTV says:

The bag is so cute! I was hoping you would do a what’s in my bag. I appreciate how your reviews are always specific and detailed not just OMG I love it blah blah blah….

snailovesyou says:

Hi Holly! Thank you so much for this great review! This bag is definitely on my radar now.

I was wondering if you still have the Gucci Dionysus bag? If you do can you please do a review for that bag? I keep debating whether or not I want to get it and your input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

amy sultan says:

HI holly

Kelly Chung says:

“you look in and you just have a wallet, and you’re like… what am I doing” THIS IS ME 100% lol

chandler t says:

I never really liked the look of this bag for the same reasons that you had mentioned in the video. But, the way you have styled it and the smaller size has totally changed my mind. I wanted the pouchette for my next bag but dislike the clasp etc, so this is perfect! Great Video

Brittany Pondexter says:

I loveeee this bag! I’ve never bought a LV bag but I want this one! ❤️❤️❤️. That shape is my favorite.

LoveLeigh says:

I’m obsessed with this bag, on my wish list now! Have you checked out LV’s new perfumes/cases?

szy1440 says:

You can always send you’re camera body in to the manufacturer for repair .. they may even give you the option of a refurbished one. And your lens is still good .. so you don’t have to replace that. I have the Montaigne, also .. I have used it as my everyday bag for the past two years and I just love it!

Amanda Haak says:

Very helpful video! I’ve been trying to decide between this and a speedy b 25 for months!

Linda Chen says:

What necklace are you wearing? It’s so cute and dainty 🙂

Elixir Polish says:

what salon did you get your hair done and who was the stylist? The blonde shade is SOOO good with your skin tone! they color matched you sooo well esp for asian hair/skin color. Please share 🙂

n.a998 says:

you look so bomb in this video holly literally slaying the makeup and hair! so glam love it

Maquillage Nude says:

Love! EVERYTHING MATCHES haha~ I love this new direction that your channel is going 😀 I was starting to feel like YouTube is oversaturated with makeup…; as much as I like makeup..

Becky Nelson says:

Such a beautiful bag! Wow.

PuccaNGaru 15 says:

Thank you for showing us your new bag. Question: I have the mini Fendi Peekaboo and it seems like a similar in style in my opinion. The one thing I don’t like about the Peekaboo is that if the bag tips over (say, in the passenger seat of a car and if you stop suddenly) everything falls out. I am in between the Montaigne and the Speedy B 25, but do you find the bag has spilling a problem? Thanks again!

Nickey Wonder says:

Oh so nice, I never knew LV made this bag in mono. I want the one in emprinte leather noir!!

Korean Katie says:

God you could sell ice to an eskimo! Here I am saving for another purse and then this wasn’t even on my radar. Now all of a sudden this has to go on my list! lol! Thanks for this video! I’m sorry about the camera. 🙁

Punkylolita says:

Aww so sorry about the camera 🙁 :(. I hope you enjoy your time in Arizona! I love your handbag videos, you’re always so straightforward, blunt and honest, I really appreciate it.

Patricia Droddy says:

Beautiful bag! I myself personally prefer a cross body bag.

Melanie Jo Montoya says:

Hi Holly I am so sorry you dropped your camera.

Sonia Yang says:

Always love ur videos! 🙂 What r ur thoughts about the mini pouchette? Would u recommend it?

Cheryl Green says:

Nice video and sorry about your camera

ikixazz23 says:

It’s a monogram party!! And I totally want a toiletry 15 now… lol

Cheryl says:

Love this bag!!!! Excellent review. Look gorgeous as always!!

Georgia Kaounis says:

I loved the video. Love that you are pragmatic about how you like to use your bags

Salma M says:

wow u are soo beautifuuul

Alisa Tran says:

Will you be doing the lv rant you previously mentioned?

Bridget Fitzpatrick says:

Thank you for your videos. I find them very helpful.

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