What’s in my bag – Louis Vuitton Speedy B 25 + bag review

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The hair tutorial is coming guys! But as per your request on instagram here is the what’s in my bag video first! 😀

Bag – Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere 25 Damier Ebene

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they’re websites that give you discount just for shopping! Here are some links to my favourite ones:
➭ CASHREWARDS http://fbuy.me/fBSRO
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It’s sometimes worthwhile signing up for both there are often different discounts on different websites so good to check which one has higher cash back.

here are some links to an in-depth video I made about the steps I take to buying a bag on the secondhand market:
➭ Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttOdywnJb-c
➭ Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsCTttpjh5U

➭ Brand JFA: http://bit.ly/2A5WHkV
➭ Brand-works http://bit.ly/2AvBUYK
➭ Atlantis-Tokyo http://bit.ly/2AwCLs5
➭ Kyounokura-japan http://bit.ly/2OsQGHe
➭ Brandoff: http://bit.ly/2A70AWK
➭ Gallery Rare: http://bit.ly/2OpNjkb

➭ camera https://amzn.to/2pUlxO4
➭ regular lens https://amzn.to/2Px8ld9 (or cheaper option https://amzn.to/2PwDXzr)
➭ wide angle lens https://amzn.to/2PyEssM
➭ mic https://amzn.to/2Pwbj1p
➭ vlog camera https://amzn.to/2Pxg7nn

I’m usually wearing a stack of two necklaces which you can find here:
➭ green necklace http://bit.ly/2PmKxbX
➭ coin necklace http://bit.ly/2pKB56Y


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dorothy okane says:

is you tube your full time job.

Nubee says:

You are gorgeous, I’ve been obsessed with LV videos lately. I sold my speedy 30, too big for me so in the future I think I want the speedy B25 on DE

leanne donnelly says:

loving ur videos … will u do ur set up in ur agend … that would b awesome 🙂

Elisaisms says:

Im about to buy my first LV bag in the speedy 30 damier ebene. And I’m planning to get it hot stamped. But if I discover a defect on the bag, will they exchange it for me even though the bag is hotstamped?


Its nice to see more aussies on YouTube

thoughtsofsaab says:

Omg i love ur bag & im a filipina studying premed hehehe love ur video!

Pap Pyone says:

So lovely to see a fellow female doc who loves this stuff! I’m curious what kind of medicine you practice? Are you usually in the hospital itself or in the office? You are absolutely lovely and I enjoy your videos immensely!

Squeaky Cheese says:

Do you still have this Speedy 25b Damier Ebene? If so, are you still happy with this print or would you have preferred the mono one? Am thinking about getting this one. Thank you.

Sophia Lam says:

Thanks for a great review! PS. you should buy clicky pens (without lids) 😉

Miss D M says:

I love your video! I love your beauty you looks like Filipina lady!

Locbutyful says:

I have it and love it.

minasaywhaa says:

Do you recommend storing the strap inside the bag or in a separate dustbag even though its treated leather?

Valerie Smith says:

Hi. Thanks for the review. Would the strap get softer after using for a period of time ? Because it’s stiff when it’s new. Appreciate your comment. Tqvm


It’s not hard to believe you’re a doctor except thr fact that you look really young but you do look like a doctor actually lol

jessatonic says:

Oh my gosh your light bill?!!! I live in California in apartments and my light bill is around four dollars! That’s because we have solar panels installed. That’s crazy!

Lisa Y says:

Love your videos. Was guessing your accent was Australian… and then you said it. 🙂 Thanks for the videos.

bagfetish says:

Is your eye pencil pale beige matte??

c sikomas says:

Hey June. It is a good investment because the canvas never dies, the zippers and hardware are great. They are work-horse bags. If you get an older one, say before 2008 they were different then, the canvas was more solid, I had two Almas back then, they’ve recently changed the canvas, and the zippers were thicker before, all the hardware has changed in the last years, as if before they were luggage-durable, extremely hard wearing. Now they tell me they were changed to make them lighter, but I wonder. What year is your bag? I am afraid to get a new one from the boutiques because of all the glazing issues I hear about. In fact, you had that issue with your wallet. I am not sure, but there are a lot of speedy’s being made in the USA these days. I am not a fan, but not an expert either. For me, I would get pre loved and made in France, as to me that makes the price worth it. I love all your accessories, and s l g’s. Very nice collection. The noir is my fav pattern, I have a wallet myself. It’s died now, lost it’s shape, but certainly lasted me and was worth it. I love that pieces such as yours can make one so happy and spending of our hard earned money – worth it.

Lindsey says:

This is the video that convinced me to buy my Speedy B 25! I got it in Damier Ebene too. I feel like it fits my lifestyle really well. I’m a teacher and the bag fits so many things and I loveeee how I can be sorta carefree with the bag because of the canvas. Thanks for this!!!!

KSBM A says:

hi i was just wondering if when you first got it, was the hardware not matching? the hardware on the zipper looks a little worn on mine even though i got it new

whoiscarenanyways xo says:

I’ve had the Josephine wallet since march and it’s falling apart on the sides. And I didn’t do it. What should I do?! Any advice

Rell Rell says:

Great video. Useful!

popinfresh says:

Great, thanks to you I have to buy this bag! Lol loved the video.

Princess Ginwood says:

I loved this video so much!! Thank you for an awesome review! I like your style, you’re a beautiful Doctor , who Loves Louis Vuitton, at the same time you’re so humble and funny. I like that you gave the other You Tubers a shout out, You are Truly a beautiful soul, inside and out! I just purchased my First Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 , I bought it Pre Loved it arrived yesterday and it’s in excellent condition , looks brand new. I Really enjoyed your video, you said you found a sandwich in your bag one time, I almost died laughing, that was Hilarious! I know how Extremly busy doctors are so At the same time it could have been true as you probally have to eat on the run. I’ve worked as a nurse so I know how crazy your schedule can be. Thank you for an Amazing video, you made my day, I subscribed and liked, can’t wait to see more of your videos!

Cam Tien says:

Ughhhh I love LV TOO! But can’t afford them yet ! But I go inside the LV store just to look and dream hahaha ! one day one day! Gotta work hard !

Lakisa Hearndon says:

I love it thanks for sharing

cryptofilipina Ph says:

great video!…. love the bag 🙂

vanitybybirth says:

I totally got my his handbag after watching your videos and I fell in love. Great review

Jane Michelle says:

Hope you got the Sephora eye shadow:) Yes, love coffee! I order beans from a local shop to support them & cuz they’re Good. Black Pearl and dancing Bear I think are my faves. Dark roast, low acidity 🙂

Lori Reichert says:

Bought the same bag last year, and I love it as well! You are so cute! I love coffee too and get whatever beans are on sale as well. 🙂

Pap Pyone says:

Do you prefer your b25 or the 30? I am petite (5’2” and about 110 pounds) and I am conflicted on which to get. I am afraid that I will not like the smaller opening of the 25. Do you feel like the 30 overwhelmes you size-wise at all? Thanks for your input!

Suzzet Redick says:

Where you able to get the Sephora cream shadow? I can send you some.

Sarah Griego says:

Do you have any issues with color transfers using this bag with your multicolor pieces?

amv240388 says:

i have the chanel 2.55 bag and i also use it every single day of my live!!!!! 🙂

YoKo JoJo says:

So Cuteeee! “Let me sip my coffee first” lol

Kiki G. says:

Where have you been all my life!? 🙂 Also, where did you get your sweatshirt!? It is too funny! xoxo

Jenn Theodore says:

Hey! So I know i’m super late in watching this video but I’m in US and those pencils are definitely available here. They come in shimmer, glitter and matte. If you still need some let me know!

Suzzet Redick says:

I found some is it colour number 5?

Dark at Heart says:

I highly recommend you purchase a ‘Fisher Space Pen’ It is fantastic to keep in your Louis Vuitton Bag as it’s leak proof! Nasa use them!! ☺ xx

Fitgirlz C says:

Love your necklace and top! Do you mind sharing where you got them from? Out of all the youtubers I think your whole look in the video goes best with speedy 25!!

Kim Sandoval says:

Are you still loving the bag ?

It's My Life says:

Awesome video! You should keep your pens in a cute plastic or vinyl type makeup bag. This will prevent leaks, the cap coming off of the pen and ink marks.

Yani A. says:

hey june! which organiser did you get for your speedy 30? the same samorga? was it in double felt or regulat?

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