What’s in my bag || Louis Vuitton || SPEEDY 40 || Review

Hello everyone! Thanks for watching!! Xoxo

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Authentic127 says:

Love your nail polish. Can you share the color?

Fashionistaera says:

absolutely love the bag!! so gorgeous!! http://www.fashionistaera.blogspot.com

Franny Rogers says:

What brand is your purse organizer? Love your bag!!

Lea & Lady Bug says:

Yay! I just got a speedy 40. I would love to get the monogram one some day. I had never considered it before I saw yours. It’s adorable. The 40 actually works perfectly for me with my newborn. I can’t fit my stuff in the 35. Thanks so much for sharing this video.

VR Mom of Four says:

Great colors in the bag! Thanks for tilting the camera down to see into the bag. I’m pretty sure all new model Speedys now have the zipper for the little pocket. I think it’s great that you made the bag work for you! It’s a big bag but it can be used for overnight & diaper bag. I mentioned in another video too that I have Original Club organizers…similar to Samorga but cheaper & faster delivery. I think for the same thing in quality but it’s much better in terms of price & speed of delivery.

katherineanne says:

dying over this bag

JJ 65 says:

Great video! I have to say I was expecting a lot more in your bag for having 3 kids. I have one and carry almost the same lol. Also, I had to mention that you do not look like you have 3 kids. If you have any diet or exercise routine I would love to here it! Have a great holiday!

Ashley Gillespie says:

I have a speedy 40 that I use as an overnight bag. I wonder if you might consider it as a luggage piece- the personal monogram is perfect for that! That way, you can feel justified if you ever want to downsize for another everyday speedy! 🙂

Kelly Mackay says:

Which do you prefer out of this bag, your all in and NF mm?

sandra capers says:

So that bag is gorgeous. Gorgeous. And looks very good on you all 3 ways. Congratulations.

BUGN says:

I love the Speedy 40 on you. That’s what drew me to your pics on Instagram and then followed the link to your youtube. Everyone gets the 25 or 30. ~ All the newer models have the zippers, if you see a speedy w/out a zipper on the pocket it’s an older model. HTH 😉 ~ XOXO

LouisVuittonCoffeeLver says:

Great video. That bag is freakin massive so I’m surprised that it doesn’t look insane on! I really love your color choices! That interior color is beautiful

TheRealNubian says:

No regrets after buying the bandoulier; to me it’s the smart way to go when buying a Speedy. Nice bag, enjoy.

Jessica Peach says:

Hi , just wondering how the bag is going with the mon mono part . Have u had any chipping. I have always wanted to add a mon mono but have been unsure.

Ingrid Rijnders says:

Lovely bag!!

Natasha Harper says:

I have thought that I would want this for a mommy bag as well. It seems huge! Do u think u would ever get the 35? I have the 30 and have a few videos of it too. After getting the 30, it made me want the 25, 35 and 40. However from reviews and research I did, I think I would be happy with the 35. 40 might be waaaaay too big.

Lee Lee LV says:

I love the colors you chose that’s the colors I would choose on a Mon mono for sure my son is 24 so I def don’t need one that size I would go for a size 25 but I feel like I already have a mono 25 bandouliere so if I were to get a mon mono it would surely be the size 30 in the bandouliere

Skye525 says:

Nice bag and custom details!
Suggestion: Put a bag board in your bag to maintain its shape and structure. The weight of the contents wjll not make the bag sag with a bag board.

Latifa Loulou says:

Amy plyse suscreibe in my channel . i love your videos sooow match

Estrella Perez says:

That’s one big bag!!!!

Grace Y. H. Cho says:

Hi Amy. Just got a chance to watch this video! I’m a mom of soon to be 3 boys (2.5yr, 1 yr and I’m due with our third in June). I’m wondering which would you recommend as a diaper bag/personal use. I tend to pack on the side of caution when I go out with my boys so I do prefer the bigger bags. My other concern is chasing after 2 very active boys I’ve always stuck with a backpack but would love to get something nicer that’s also easy to carry while running after my kids! Thanks for your advice!

Authentic127 says:

Great bag

mb lvoe says:

what a chic look to have the speedy 40 hanging from the double stroller! when I had a double stroller I would have loved to have it going on like that! 🙂 such a gorgeous big bag, and sometimes you do need a really big bag, I have been debating between a 35/40 for a gym bag type of use but still not sure yet TFS xoxo

marcy macpherson says:

I have the Speedy 40 & 35. For the strap issue I use an actual gym bag black strap. It let’s the bag sit above my hip which I like. The other bonus to the gym strap is my Louis strap is free from rain stains & any other stain. I use to use the original strap in the fall but the gym strap I use is so comfortable that that’s the only strap I use on my 40 & I have a luggage piece in 45. Makes a huge difference in my daily life having the bag hang ware I need it to hang. The replacement strap ware I live would cost 2 to 300 bucks to replace which makes the gym strap for daily life seem more ideal. At least for myself. I love my Louis bags.

Kaye Living says:

Looooove the yellow interior <3

Tina D. says:

Hi, new subscriber! Love your videos. I’m having the same dilemma with my neverful gm. Hubby got it for me and I don’t know if it’s too big for everyday. I don’t have kids but I do carry a lot and I love the bag

Madhu Punjabi says:

Do you like the speedy 40 or do you think a 35 will do as a diaper bag? I’m trying to figure out if a speedy 40 will be too big / bulky to carry. I think the 35 might be more comfortable but I’m nervous it may not be big enough. Please let me know!

Imani Diamondz says:

This looks like a duffel bag…I’d definitely will use it as one

MindofIris says:

Your decor is so pretty! =)

Blessed Bythebest100 says:

Too much talking. Next

Aminah A says:


Amy hong says:

Hi Amy,
I watched this video of yours about 40 times now, and I finally made mind that I want the speedy 40. I am now not sure if I need to get it in mon mono or regular mono. I definitely like the stripe adding something to the bag, but I am a little worried that it’s a bit too casual with stripes and letterings. It looks really really great on you with those casual outfit, but I will have to be wearing a bit more boring clothes like a black blouse or a black dress, not a full-on suit though.
Do you think it will work with a bit more formal style of outfits? Let me know what you think! Thanks!!

frankf198 says:

I know I have a regular mono 40 knew it was to big so got the mono mon in 35 love did one in band one without love both

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