What’s In My Bag 2016 ♡ Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM Damier Ebene Review | Fashion, Beauty, + More!

What’s in my bag?! Check out what’s in my bag Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM Purse for Winter 2015. I also give some insight into how to find designer type items for super cheap:) Here’s What’s In My Bag from beauty to fashion and more!

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Last What’s In My Purse Vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEOnf7_sPic

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Melissa Vallejo says:

you are so pretty! this was a fun video!!(:

RMM_90 says:

hey hun..please do a video review on all the replica products you have purchased from bagsmetoo..thank you..xxx

Indomitable Tice says:

Im interested in those beaded ear buds/head phones, may I have the site address,

Paige Watts says:

I would send a holiday card to my husband just to let him know how much I care for him and love him and to let him know how appreciative of him I am and I’m proud of everything that he is doing and how wonderful of a father he is

Nefeli Charispapa says:

How much does the bag costs and where did you bought it

Diaryofari says:

Omg your so pretty! Loved your video

Jasmine Jones says:

I would send the card to my grandma because. She always been there for me

Markeia Rose says:

Omg I need that bag!!

Pardon_My_DoPE_DNA says:

I like that you actually respond to questions…I want to start making YouTube videos is there a special app that you use to edit the video?

Nikki Witt says:

I just posted a “What’s in my bag?” video on my channel! If you want to hear me say crap about a thousand times and watch me almost die you should check it out! lol xoxo

All_mine123 says:

I don’t know the name of it but there is an app you can get to have all of your pictures on the phone printed.

Alexis Galindo says:

I would send a holiday card to my mom in California . I’m 18 and currently moved to Texas. I am an only child who was raised by my single mom so leaving her was definitely one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I am currently going to school here in Texas and working 2 jobs so that i can save up money to fly to california to visit my mom. This giveaway would also be very helpful because I would love one of her planners to manage all my school due dates and also my work schedules. Hope to win! and by the way I really love your videos. Thank you for the opportunity to win something so great!:)

Tiffany Davis says:

hey so I’m stuck between the Neverfull and the Speedy 30.. Which would you prefer?

Sydni Thomas says:

Damn, that is one big ass phone! Btw nice purse. 😉

Brenna Covington says:

Can I have your old iphone

BashYT says:

Love your bag :). I got the one in the monogram print and I love it , I also did a what’s in my bag video check me out if you get a chance !

Donna Gabbana says:

“Those are headphones?”
“YE they’re headphones.”
Hahaha I love it!

ItsDaniLEE says:

where did you get your sweater from and can you do a video on the quality of the gem phones ?

COCO Lve says:

I went out and bought this bag because of you. Can’t wait till it’s delivered had to have it. Your home is beautiful. What is it you do?

tarie ruvibez says:

Lol makeup nice hair untidy house says a lot hey

Vivien Ho says:

Stumble over your chanel and already just love your style and fashion scent!! <3 do Outfits videos love your taste!

blueberrycandyfloss says:

Giiiirl I love the replicas and the pearl ear phones !! See pavigne sent me here haha new subscriber 🙂

Mans Worst Day says:

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It's Immanie says:

i bet i have watched this video over 124 times since last year. and i’m back again.

Marina P says:

Me encanta tu canal , congratulenchion l love

Candice Sandhu says:

Hi! Love the video first of all 😛 And I had a question.. When you put the cosmetic bag and your purse side by side I noticed the color difference in the replica. In person would you say that the color difference is really noticeable? Because I was considering getting the neverfull mm from that site as a travel bag. But on the site, the bag actually looks like a much darker brown…

Tiffany Davis says:

Is this replica site safe to use our personal credit card? And how long is shipping?

MonaNaturally Me says:

new subbie. you’re so girly but I love it. if I had to send a holiday card to someone to send it to my sister and my niece because I don’t get to see them that much I just want them to know that I love them and that I care and I hope they enjoy their holidays. I’d also include a gift that is Bible related to keep them in the right spirit. yeah as a kid it was great reading Bible stories so I want my nice to have that same experience and I wear her mother to share them with her I think that’s a great bonding experience.

Morgan S says:

i looooved your vid! these type of videos are what inspired me to make my own videos 🙂

michyyy says:

cute bag cute agenda

50PLUS2013 says:


Sophia Bryan says:

Your so pretty!

Krazytata Krazytata says:

Hi ciara where did you get your iPad wallpaper from

Erin Dacus says:

it’s ebony say it like that lol

Sheila Folan says:

Love them bags

Roxanne Rod says:

Hwy long did it take for the replicas to ship?

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