Wear and Tear: Louis Vuitton Empreinte Leather Review

Wear and tear review for my Louis Vuitton Empreinte handbags and SLG.

Louis vuttion lumineuse PM
Louis Vuitton montaigne bb
Louis Vuitton Speedy b 25
Louis Vuitton Zipper coin purse
Louis Vuittion Cureuse wallet.


yo yoli says:

I love your enthusiasm with the empreinte LV line! Wonderful review! I think I’m gonna go for the speedy b in cherry since they have it available. 🙂

stylious says:

thank you for sharing.xxxxx

Halo Mackey says:

Great review!!! Can’t wait to get one too!!! >.<

Elfira Dala says:

What do you use the treat the leather? Do you recommend any brand? Thanks!

distressink says:

fabulous review I see that LV re-released the taupe color and now I want another empriente bag but I don’t know which purse to chose

Brandi N Company says:

Hey! How are you?? I love Empreinte bags from LV. Check out my videos. I have 2 of the ones you have as well. What camera do you use. Your videos are so clear…they look great!

resa ling says:

Hi coka rabbit new subbie here just love ur style.great reviews…anyways may i ask what dress ur wearing?im so interested.a fan here from California.more power.xoxo

Puretulip says:

Love your collections.

Steffys Style says:

Missed your videos, welcome back!

AdoboLifestyle says:

Glad you’re back! I missed your haul videos. =)

S2Tea says:

Hi! Can u do a updated LV Louise pm? Please!!!! Love your collection! Can wait to see your next videos!!!!

Jenny Li says:

Hi could you tell me whether your empreinte speedy sag when it is full of items? I really HATE the sag!!

Laymona83l says:

really useful information can’t wait to buy one

Ada Solly Styling says:

Great video. The bags are gorgeous. You are looking so pretty.

Gavino Tortu says:

Whats the name of wallet? Thanks <3

Right Rudder says:

What color is the montaigne bag?

Lipglosslovr27 says:

Great review. I have several Empreinte bags and SLGs. It is my favorite from LV. I’d buy more if they weren’t so expensive!!

Cam C says:

Love your collection! And your braces are off! You look prettier 🙂

mb lvoe says:

thank you so much! I had an SA talk me out of a Leather SpeedyB in Dune saying that I would get color transfer from jeans if I used it crossbody (which is what I wanted to do) also, I want a speedy but don’t want to need a base shaper or bag organizer but don’t like the slouch, thank you for showing me that it has feet and a reinforced bottom! and about the glazing too!

Check out my LV videos too please 🙂

thank you for sharing — how long have you had the SpeedyB?

Ella May says:

Yay!!! Ur back and looking super gorgeous!!! I missed you! <3<3 Great vid!;)

Patti Tan says:

What a great collection you have!!! Such high quality bags!!!

Eli Bakshi says:

So glad to see you back! I love your videos!!!

Jenny Li says:

Hi could you tell me whether your empreinte speedy sag when it is full of items? I really HATE the sag!!

Caluxy L says:

omg your empreinte collection is so beautiful!!! Your bags seem to be very well taken care of. 🙂

inesa NR1 says:

Have you seen this review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iqJJbkUySg? horrible!!!! I have the same bag for two years and mine looks like yours! People really should take better care of the bags ….

putrikalimantan says:

Awwww. You make me miss my Lumineuse! But I’m getting the Mazarine soon so that should be ok. Thank you for the informative video!

Sabrina Patterson says:

yes, look at m my i instagram! Sabrinalp1

Blackangel5381 says:

in tropical countries the glazing cracks or melts, there have been a lot of issues and returns on the Empreinte line, i still love the bag so much for as long as there is no cracking on the leather i guess it’ll be fine. only repairs on the glazing. My friend’s luminous is much worst (cracking on the leather) so Lv replaced it with any brand new bag she likes with the same price range of the defective bag.

Sibling Duel says:

nice review =)

Archdale - says:

Hi, May I know how long is the measurement of the strap?

Sabrina Patterson says:

I think I will soon be getting the new Boetie bag in black. my lumi in orient died (her straps melted after 2 years) and they gave me a store credit

Dennis Mojica says:

Hey I love your videos if you have any Burberry pieces I would love to see those in a video thank you very much

Stanleydragonjr says:

I love empriente leather,great review great pieces,I love this leather,mine looks new after years of use, take care xoxo MJ

Lilly Rose says:

Thanks for coming back, i missed your videos! My favorite is the first one.

Cara Lynn T-R says:

What color is the lumineuse Pm? It’s gorgeous!!

BleuSaphir says:

Great review! ^_^

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