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Hi guys! I wanted to get this pros and cons review out there for everyone who wanted an update on this bag 🙂 The noises in the background are my toddler playing. I’m also looking down at my notes and trying my hand at a new style of editing. Please subscribe if you like my videos! I am trying to post once a week.

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boarding711 says:

think the stitching looks more finished but unfinished looks cooler. Not sure it affects its use. I’m curious too.

Chris Spiter says:

HI Christie..your review is very good that I have decided to buy one next week for my upcoming birthday!. I watched a few reviews but yours was definitely the best. When I looked at this bag on the LV website I dismissed it, but after watching your video I am sold and am so in love with it. So excited to be buying this over the Alma or Speedy . Thank you again..I just wanted to let you know you made a great video and covered all the relevant points. I’m 5’9 so am happy to know it has a long strap for us tall girls too. LV should be grateful to you…you are a great advertisement for this beautiful bag! C..

Kale SwissChard says:

Very nice review.

Mia Mae says:

Just subbed so glad I found your channel

Eunmi Hughes says:

hello, im not sure if it’s too much to ask but I’d like to know how tall you are. since I’m not so tall and was wondering about crossbody possibility. thank you !

AnykTerio says:

Place in cart is available on the Canadian website…. it’s the black that isn’t…

Tanya Mondragon says:

You convinced me!

Noe Nazer says:

I wanna get this in this color but I’m afraid that the straps will get tainted quickly because I wear a lot of black ( like I’m afraid that it won’t come off) 🙁 I might just get it in black instead

Brittany Elder says:

Love your channel! Please do a bag collection video:-)

Andri says:

Loved your review …

Aminah A says:

Omg soooo cute I want that but in white

Fark Que says:

Thanks for the review. I was wondering which bag to get, either from Gucci or LV. But this is the one for me! And in Pink!

Magical Kid says:

Thanks for the great video! You convinced me 🙂

Vanessa Thomas says:

love the video! I bought the neo noe in black and this video made me so happy that I have it 🙂

Stephanie Olynyk says:

Thanks for the awesome review! I love the idea of this bag as a cross body. How tall are you? I’m only 5’0 and I’m afraid of running into the same issue.

Yazni B says:

Awesome video!!

Shauna F says:

I saw this beauty in person and fell in love with it instantly. Unfortunately, I was in store to get other things from my list. Kicking myself for not getting this! My SA tells me there are only 4 left in the country (in the pink) and I’m the 251st person on the wait list *sad face* I am hoping for a miracle. I have the emilie wallet and 6 ring key holder in rose ballerine, this bag would be so perfect!

R Rumzis says:

I agree about the future price increase too. I’ve been thinking about the pochette metis for a while now and I always thought in the back of my head that it’s not too expensive ($1400-1500 or so), but then I checked the website a month ago and it’s over $1800! Where have I been?!!
Price increases definitely sneek up on you!

Trish says:

I like the fact that you addressed the NON sagging issue.  I had to buy a base shaper for my Neverfull.

Narnia 13 says:

I’ve never heard anything more stupid said from a sales associate before…the use of the bag is the same?Would you take a brand new car without a bumper just because it still takes you from A to B?

boarding711 says:

like your comparison and about how useful it is as a mommy! thx!

Lilibeth the Mommy says:

That’s so funny, because I think it’s perfect length as a cross body! To each her own! 🙂 I’m 5’2″. Great review lady!

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