TOP 5 WORST Louis Vuitton Bags

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tracey ellison says:


Fashionable Lena says:

That $14,000 patchwork bag that Beyonce had a few years ago was horrifying. Ugliest bag II’ve ever laid my eyes upon.

Landfantasia says:

i need that fanny pack <3

Arjel Brian Agustin says:


Debbie crispin says:

I agree with Your list !! lol thanks for sharing

Kimberly Lambert says:

I love the papillon. It’s one of my favorites. It’s classy and stylish. I get complements all the time. But I admit everyone can’t rock it.

BleuSaphir says:

I love the Rei Kawakubo bag. You missed the patchwork bag that Beyonce worn. It on Google. To me that the absolute ugly I have ever seen. *Barf*

vamps4me says:

I agree. I never saw the bag with the holes. What were they thinking?

Jennifer Harris says:

Papillon pronunciation is PAP-pee-yawn. Means “butterfly” en Francais.

mb lvoe says:

ha! I have to agree with you except on the Papillon – it was my first ever LV gifted to me when I was a teen – I enjoyed it and I just recently got a Papillon brown watercolor and I am so excited about it! BUT you are of course entitled to your opinion 🙂 just sharing where my opinion differed from yours but I am SO right there with you on the rest of the list AND love that you did this video 🙂 thanks for sharing your opinion on some LV history!
SMDH –> bag with holes all in it …? what were they thinking??!! haha

Kadelle says:

HAHA the huge fanny pack made me laugh 😀 ridicuous!
loved this video!!

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