Review: Louis Vuitton Petite Malle

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A review of Louis Vuitton Petite Malle in English (I hope you guys understand my accent). I’ll show details of the bag, how much it holds, how it looks on me (163 cm) & what I think about the bag.

Thank you very much for watching 🙂


Samantha-Jade xx says:

Hi, do you have luggage packing tips for travel?

Rochelle Jones says:

beautiful! cute accent

pursejunky says:

very it as a clutch

EddaElid says:

This is a unique bag. I am not sure where you would wear it to. It is not classy enough because of the monogram print. It is not practice to wear to work. Forget shopping with her. You need to sell us what can be done with purse.

Rachiella says:

Thank you so much for showing us your beautiful petit Malle! I am in love with it and I would love to own this myself! Great video! X

Mag's Antiek says:

Thanks for the review! Very helpful to decide about the bag!! 🙂

Ariel Zhu says:

I think YouTube is also a very dangerous place. After watching your review video I want to have one of this bag too

Vicky G.C. says:

Awesome video! Thank you do much for taking your time to do this. I love it especially when you try to put in several combo of stuff inside. It look super cute on you! 🙂

dearmatt says:

Lovely review Sira! I loved the Thai one too – I played it to Beethoven haha. You love beautiful 🙂 hope to see you soon.

rice gum says:

Are you smiling or just that your mouth is big?

Jennifer l c g says:

To me this bag is useless because it holds hardly anything. I don’t care how cute a bag is if it’s impractical.

daad abdullah says:

I have liked your video but , I think you forgot the price in this review

Mag's Antiek says:

Ah….much better now in english! Thanks!!

Muhammad Fazli says:

Sawadeeka its beautiful!!

Darren Tan says:

Gorgeous clutch! A red carpet worthy piece, but I ain’t got no red carpets to walk haha! Love your videos x

lovehermadly50 says:

Love it!!!! I’m cinderswazhere on Instagram!! Great video!!! I really enjoy your Instagram pictures!!!!

cantabileloves says:

great review! very informative. was thinking if i should purchase it cos i own an samsung note 4 and wonder if it would fit. this review helped!

Ms Stanleydragonjr says:

Thank you for doing this

Leona T says:

Great review! What would you choose? A Chanel medium/jumbo classic or the Petite Malle? I am thinking of getting one as an heirloom piece where I can pass it down but I also feel like maybe I should go with a bag I can use everyday like the Chanel classic (which I have yet to own), what are your opinions on that? I would love to know!

Justice J. Srisuk says:


Samantha-Jade xx says:

I am subscribed to you, love your channel! !

Rochelle Jones says:

beautiful! cute accent

achiing soull says:

such a great cluch

fengtianyuseven says:


Tommy CKS says:

The clutch is too small.

Givenchy Homme says:

Basically a $5,000 lipstick case. It’s fabulous though. It’s definitely not for utility but who cares? It’s gorgeous!

Mylene B says:

Great review! And love your top – where is it from?

cortez says:

That’s not even a practical bag to spend over $5000.00. Louis Vuitton can sell you guys anything with an LV Monogram and some creative designing without it being functional. Return it.

Leo Lion LV says:

Love this Malle. I ordered the same one. Thanks for the wonderful review sweetie pie ♥

cortez says:

LOL. I see how you struggle in placing any of your useful items in such an impractical bag. Get your money back. That bad is a waste of money.

missfrasier1 says:

Beyond classy and beautiful as always .

สิริกานต์ ทัพหงษา says:


amv240388 says:

i love your reviews!!!! Especially the ones with your WOCs…. Can you do an updated what`s in my bag video?

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